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Did You Know?

Founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses issuers of the Watchtower magazine

Charles Taze Russell, of the Illuminati-reptilian Russell bloodline, was the man who founded the Watchtower Society, better known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. He was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and most certainly Illuminati. His new "religion (mind-control cult) was funded by the Rothschild's and he was a friend of theirs, just like the founders of the Mormons who were also Rothschild-funded through Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. Russell and the Mormon founders were all Freemasons. In 1880, Charles Taze Russell, this friend of the Rothschild's, predicted that the Jews would return to their homeland. It was about the only prediction Russell ever got right. Why? Because he knew that was the plan. He wrote to the Rothschild's praising their efforts to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

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I greatly encourage you to read this link and the one following it at the end of this one. The foregoing is just a tiny piece of this fascinating link. Too, there are other links connected to this one that you will find fascinating as well.



The FDA knows ESAIAC, a natural remedy, has been known to cure cancer.They know of cures for almost every disease known to mankind. In their greed through Big Pharmaceutical companies, they suppress this information.They don't make money curing people-they make money when people are sick.These people are some of the most vile and inhumane people on earth, based on this information alone.


President Kennedy's Assassination

In a detailed outline of the Warren Commission's final report, President Ford addresses the lingering questions and conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination one by one, and confirms the role of the CIA in hiding and destroying information regarding the assassination.

President Ford calls on all Americans to now read the Warren Report.

Editor's note: Since Gerald Ford writes that the CIA hid and destroyed information regarding the assassination, and the Warren Commission was convened to cover up the assassination, it would be idiotic to read that report, unless, of course, you like wasting your time.

 Google and the CIA

It has been widely reported that google has CIA connections, and quite frankly, I feel deeply violated and very concerned, both for Reuven and myself, hence this public letter.


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and incorporated churches

The IRS is actually the head of all incorporated churches. This is a clear violation of the Constitution (Article I of the Bill of Rights). The Federal Reserve Bank is a registered 501(c)3 corporation. It is a Tax-exempt PRIVATE Corporation.


Adolf Hitler

Hitler was an agent of German army intelligence when he was sent to organize the Nazi party (information which is available on Microsoft Encarta). Except that the same wealthy family, (Thyssen) that helped to create Hitler and financed his rise to power was intimately connected with the Bush family.

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Socialists and the EU

Socialists backed the passing of the European Union Constitution, with only one exception, Laurent Fabius, Socialist in France.

See Reuter's article dated May 23, 2005 entitled French EU treaty battle focuses on the undecided in

france_dc_1 written by Timothy Heritage.


Summer Institute of Linguistics aka Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), which has a number of irrefutable links with US counterinsurgency operations, is a veritable empire whose missionary activities spanned

every country in the Amazon basin. It is better known as the Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Posted by Bob Dodds on CIA-drugs listserv, a listerv on May 23, 2005, who also posted at the same time the following:

Pan Am 103 real culprit

Lester K. Coleman, DIA, author of US banned book entitled "Trail of the Octopus," said that Oliver North and Pat Robertson's son were involved in a coke for arms deal to benefit the Contras, using a Syrian heroin broker who used his heroin smuggling system to place the bomb that took down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The Swiss timer fuse was sold to East German Stasi, not to Libya, and the bomb was built in Germany by a Palestinian bomber and placed by the Syrian heroin organization, the operation paid for by Iran, all under command and control of CIA, alias ROT ("Russell Opium Trust"), which desperately wanted to destroy witnesses and evidence of CIA drug smuggling ("Gannon and McKee" set up to be on the flight by ROT-controlled DEA).


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