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Bolshevik Jews

Bolshevik Jews killed the Czar and his entire family, and Bolshevik Jews fomented the Russian revolution which destroyed a once Christian Country. It was Jewish Bolsheviks acting alone who also killed at least 30 million Kulaks in Russia and the Ukraine...A Kulak being someone who had farm equipment and hired help--a middle class that the Bolshevik Jews could not abide...these Kulak farmers knew what these aliens to good order were like and would not submit to the demands of the Jews who had taken over the Russian government. They paid for their obstinacy with their lives and the rest of the world stood and watched. Jews covered their tracks well, but the truth is available, even if such as Moseley do not know it.

By the way, the Jews in America at the same time, tried to alienate the farmers in the US Middle West, using financial tactics applied through their Federal Reserve System. Few realize just what happened to the middle west in the 1920's, when the Federal Reserve, then only 7 years established, on May 18, 1920, raised all small country Banks Re-Discount rate through the Chicago Fed, from the nominal 2%, to a huge 8%. When apprised of the potential damage to these banks by the then Comptroller of the Currency, John Skelton Williams, saying that this would break them, the reply to him was, "They ought to break, there are too many of them." When he told these bloodsuckers of the Federal Reserve that it would ruin lots of farmers, they cold-bloodedly replied, "They ought to be ruined, they are getting so prosperous they won't work." (This data is found in the Congressional Record, Vol. 64, Part V, 67th Congress and published as well in T.W. Hughes 1944 booklet, Forty Years of Roosevelt.)

Such a tactic brought about the bankruptcy of small banks, businesses and millions of farmers. It was a tactic similar to what the Jews had also employed in Russia, but there it was done with bloodshed. In the US, it was through bankruptcy and financial shenanigans.

This was a definite attack on Agricultural areas, areas independent and free of Jewish dominion via lending practices -- common to the cities. As a result of this Agricultural attack, came the Farmers panic of 1921, and as a result, 5000 country banks were closed, 150,000 small town merchants failed in business, and the money and savings of 50 million people living in rural areas was drained out of the country and INTO the big cities; and 5 million farmers were so completely ruined that to this day (1944) 80% of then had not recovered. Today, this trend continues, as the many mergers of banks and corporations is leading to more finite control centered in New York and London, where the culprits, the international banksters congregate.

Now, if you think that Roosevelt was not privy to this entire program to destroy farmers, small banks and merchants, consider this point! In March 1933, when by the removal of their gold deposits from America to England they closed EVERY bank in the Nation. And when ten days later one-half of these banks were permitted to re-open, 80% of the banks that were kept closed were the banks located in AGRICULTURAL AREAS. And again, a succession of business failures swept through the farm areas.

The data above is found in the booklet by T.W. Hughes and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and those in America were cooperating.

Congress also, then was suffering from that age old biblical malady, the "Fear of the Jews." They still suffer from it and it seems that there is no antidote for this ailment, as the ballot box does not appear to be working..It appears that the cartridge box is the alternative, if we are to follow the dictates of Jefferson, who stated that it often may take the blood of both tyrants and patriots alike, to water the tree of liberty.

The focus of our attention is becoming obvious, we now know who is determined to destroy another Christian Country, and the issue is growing as fast as the current administration can force it.


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