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Cellular Medicine/ Alternative Therapies

Just received by email, thanks to Frank at the Alternative Medicine Forum - a recent Newsletter of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation in South Africa - an account of the situation from the man at the center of this controversy:

Cellular medicine achieves breakthrough in fight

By Dr. Rath

May 23, 2005

Cellular Medicine, it has become clear, can also control AIDS, the illness which attacks the immune system. Not only can Cellular Medicine decisively improve the immune system of AIDS patients, but in many cases it even reverses AIDS symptoms.

Following its conquest of cardiovascular disease and the death sentence of cancer, Cellular Medicine has now declared war on the third great epidemic of our age, the immune system-weakening disease AIDS.

In a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation has developed a successful vitamin programme for AIDS patients in collaboration with local doctors. So breathtaking were the results that they were immediately publicised throughout the world.

Publication of the success of this natural AIDS remedy in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and other international newspapers makes the breakthrough irreversible. Now the whole world knows that Cellular Medicine offers the first natural, highly effective means to combat AIDS, without incurring side effects: a powerful weapon in the battle against the AIDS epidemic.

It goes without saying that this breakthrough has drawn a fierce response from all those who earn billions from the continuing ravages of the AIDS disease. These are the same vested interest groups in the pharmaceutical industry which have already fought so vehemently and with all means at their disposal against the eradication of cardiovascular illnesses and other endemic diseases.

As before, when it became known that cancer was no longer a death sentence, the pharmaceutical-dependent media are again attacking this breakthrough with full venom. In view of the political impact of the AIDS epidemic, the pharmaceutical cartel and its media henchmen are becoming ever more desperate.

The pharmaceutical cartel now finds itself faced not only with this scientific breakthrough but also with the combination of this medical advance and a government - the government of South Africa - that has the political will to use this vital information at all costs in the service of its country's people.

Effective Cellular Medicine replaces a deadly cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs

The significance of this Cellular Medicine breakthrough is all the greater since the toxic cocktails so far available from the pharmaceutical industry usually have severe and often fatal side effects. These so-called "antiretroviral" medicines (ARVs) are reject products from chemotherapy research, which have proven too toxic for treating cancer. It is hardly surprising therefore that in industrialised countries, more AIDS patients are dying from the side effects of these "AIDS-chemo" drugs than from AIDS itself.

While this news is a message of hope for millions of people in developing countries, it is a catastrophe for the pharmaceutical "AIDS industry". Alongside the risk to its billion-dollar profits, the international reputation of an industry now exposed as unscrupulous is under threat, and with it also the reputation of all those scientists and organisations that have built their personal careers on the supposed blessing of toxic cocktails.

International cartel media going berserk

The news of Cellular Medicine's breakthrough in the fight against AIDS has found the pharmaceutical cartel wholly unprepared, and currently engaged in the process of pumping billions of dollars into health insurance companies, via Africa, to subsidise the pharmaceutical business with AIDS. This subsidy programme, using billions in tax revenues, was sold to the populace at home under the banner of "humanitarian aid" - a slogan that covers George W. Bush's 15-billion dollar AIDS programme for Africa and Tony Blair's "Marshall Plan for Africa", as well as the billions in World Bank funds supplied under cartel hawk Paul Wolfowitz.

Then came the news: with publication of the results of the vitamin programme in South Africa all this was blown to the winds. Indignation knew no bounds in the cartel's upper echelons, and in the Rockefeller/JP Morgan pharmaceutical finance empire. Via its international network of media henchmen it has not only attacked Dr. Rath and his Foundation but has tried to put pressure on the South African government too.

Just as last year when it became clear that cancer was no longer a death sentence, a regular media frenzy and counter-attack has begun - but this time on a worldwide scale. The truth was turned upside down and a free, life-saving vitamin programme for malnourished AIDS patients was denigrated as nothing but a "medical experiment".

The international pharmaceutical cartel has its own paid-up street gangs in South Africa who rampage through the streets and, using SA-type methods, demand that the government implement mass pharmaceutical drug use. Like the SA too, their ringleaders come from a suspect drug and prostitution milieu, and strike fear into the hearts of all those who oppose the pharmaceutical cartel. The so-called "Treatment Action Campaign" or TAC is supported by the pharmaceutical-dependent media in South Africa - and in Germany, not surprisingly, by the Springer tabloid press.

The Dr. Rath Foundation has publicly exposed the machinations of the TAC and its funding by the pharmaceutical cartel. Driven into a corner, and after several demands to fight the accusations in court, the TAC has now finally given in. In court proceedings pending in Cape Town the matter at stake is not Dr. Rath but solely the question of cartel funding for this group of hooligans. Dr. Rath and his Foundation await the outcome of these proceedings in Cape Town with confidence. On the first day of the hearing, Dr. Rath gave a public talk in Cape Town in front of the parliament building, before hundreds of members of the "Traditional Healers Organization" and the "National
Association of People Living with AIDS" - the largest AIDS-patient organisation in South Africa - in which he clearly outlined the scale of this confrontation and its significance for the whole world and all humanity.

One can feel equal confidence about the outcome of the civil and criminal proceedings now pending against the Springer press. These proceedings are necessary in order to put a stop, once and for all, to the lies of this pharmaceutical propaganda machine which has been misleading millions of readers.

Read Dr. Rath's open letter "Stop AIDS Genocide By the Drug Cartel!"

and support the South African government in its fight against the AIDS-epidemic with natural means! 


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