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National Security Agency

 By James J Dierbeck

I was taught about NSA by deceased NSA operative Doug McAlpin, under whom I sold the Iran-Contra cocaine. You can verify his death in the Seattle Times, March 15, 2000, with the article titled "Weapons cache stuns veteran agents." It was 300 Chinese belt fed tripod machine guns, very illegal. The article says he had no priors, but that's how I can prove he was NSA.

In late 1980, his wife died, and the ambulance EMTs saw evidence, so he was busted for the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Snohomish County, and a bale and a half of Columbian herb, and 5 or 6 M-16 autos. He was on tv news then, when I worked for him. NSA wiped his record clean so he could get a federal license to sell arms.

The cocaine came via the Watergate convicts at Lompoc Federal prison befriending a NW guy. Doug was National Guard, but I never asked his rank.

My other briefings on the NSA came from my former lawyer, who advised me heavily about NSA, and negotiated between me and the NSA over the evidence cover ups I witnessed. She had a national security clearance.

I was advised that I would have a lifetime phone tap by NRO/NSA, and that all celebrities are national security cases. Had I not dropped my federal lawsuit against the government, I would have been famous, win or lose. But the media was under NSA orders to not report on my suit, yet.

If there were freedom of religion, I would be paying a billion a year taxes on the sacramental herbs, legal for members only. IRS refused me tax-exempt status, and without it, IRS would seize all church properties, claiming outrageous tax debts to IRS, as with Reverend Revere in Oregon.

The evidence cover ups I witnessed were national security coverups. I was prepped for being above the law in the dope business with martial arts training by a CIA Army Master Sgt, and was fed lots of classified info to make me a national security class guy. I have a Photo-voltaic radio from 1978, aPanasonic RF-013, which still is not available to the public, lest people realize that everthing could be powered that way. But at least the tech is not secret anymore, just limited.

We could power cars by photo-voltaics or accutron tech, or fusion cyclotrons instead of gas, IF Rockefeller said OK. Is that classified enough to show I'm a national security case?

I plan an article soon to share what I learned from a physicist that worked on top secret experiments, artificially creating monopole field effects; a.k.a. the Bermuda triangle effect, or wormholes.  Maybe that will prove I am national security league? I can debate physicists with my knowledge from Doc. 

I've been a national security case since before you were born, likely, kid.

I'm not as you put it, a "whining loser looking for someone else to blame." The buck stops with the senate intelligence committee for the coverups (which has Bohemian Grove Rockefeller in #2 seat). I learned that by trying to fight the coverups since 1984; I called the Clinton White House, and the DoD Inspector General, and the GAO, and the ACLU and requested refugee status in Canada in 1993, to escape NSA terrorism.

The terrorism continues. But, I will not whine about it. I don't consider it whining to hate government for what my daughter was compelled to endure to silence me, in the PD chief run child prostitution ring at age 10. Reporting it did no good, of course, so I used the law firms' private investigator service to send an undercover in at my expense. In the raid, a collection of mutual blackmail photos was found implicating the chief 2 officers, 2 city council members, and others. The NSA then seized the evidence into a national security vault, citing the national security immunity of the chief; and ALL went free. That proved to me that the NSA was behind the chief targeting my daughter to silence me after I had tried to expose the cover up thru an anti-porn activist who had exposed another coverup for the same mafia crime boss as tried to kill a woman soon as she left my bed, to frame me for it, (to stop legal pot). She escaped him, using her high heel as a weapon, at Green River. We delivered skin and blood evidence with the name of the perpetrator. The next night, the cops threatened us both if she didn't drop charges immediately, saying that the crime boss Norm Adams is a "friend of the SPD" (though 8
victims were last seen with him). 

Want more detail? The NSA might decide to kill you if I do. ALL police department chiefs are unelected NSA deputies, chsen from a NSA list. Cops in Milwaukee testified that the chief ordered them to return an escaped victim to gay cannibal Jeff Dahmer; naked underage, bleeding from the skull and rectum. When citizen complaints of stench blew the coverup,
cops found the remains of the witness to the coverup, which Dahmer ATE.

Ex ONI officer William Cooper exposed masonic control of DIA/CIA/NSA/ONI, and was killed. Dahmer was a masonic Baalist satanist, protected by a NSA PD chief. The chief was TRANSFERRED INTERSTATE (federal program) to Tacoma, to be chief again.

Making light of my story does not change that here you are again trying to shield the worst of evil by personal attacks on the witness to masonic corruption. I can say it's masonic because the solution to my NSA and mafia problems was presented to me as joining the P2 Lodge. When I learned I must, for initiation, ritually kill anyone they choose, "of any age or sex, be it family or friend," I refused on the spot, and attempts on my life commenced, and setups.

An SPD informant staged a shotgun "accident" on me, but the gun wouldn't fire, to the confusion of those there. Ephesians 6:16 is true thereby; I can testify. 
The rabid agenda of Virginia doesn't fool me; as she now suggests that I imagined my long fight with NSA and the mafia here, and what they did to my 10-year-old, and grandaughters, and friends and me.
Trying to legalize herb as a sacrament was foolish, but based on Genesis 1:29-30, Ezekiel 34:29 & Romans 14:2-4 KJV wording. EEG scans prove that it alters brain waves to a calmer state, as it lowers blood pressure, aiding meditation.
Now I know that my church would have been infiltrated by enemies willing to frame or setup anything. I dropped my lawsuit in 1994. The NSA had arranged for my lesbian lawyer to suddenly marry Saudi prince Raoul, to get diplomatic immunity.

Others will probably say it's all lies to protect evil, but the copyright office has "The Green River Cover Up" on file, which I wrote. The government can't sue me because it's all true.
Amendment 10 invalidates unconstitutional federal authorities; "Patriot Acts," 1947 National Security Act, FTAA & other globalist agreements, federal policing. Federal referendums = power to the people.
Rev 19:11/19, Zechariah 10:5, Isaiah 24:21-22, Psalm 110 KJV or 109 other versions, 2 Thessalonians 1:7 & Matthew 13:49-50, Nehemiah 4:14, Ephesians 6:12, Luke 12:2-7.


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