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The Socialists in Sweden have been able to ban all of J&uuml;ri Lina's books from Sweden's public libraries. Why? Mr. Lina's books contain the truth and will clear the cobwebs from people's thinking. As the publisher of this publication, I encourage you to buy Mr. Lina's books. He has lived in asylum in Stockholm, Sweden for 27 years. He is from Estonia, and should have the support of the Socialist Party in Sweden. This is censorship of the first order. <p> J&Uuml;RI LINA'S IMPORTANT BOOK <p> "Architects of Deception:<br> The Concealed History of Freemasonry" <p> IS NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH <p> The world we live in may seem frightening and confusing. The politicians and mass media claim that there is no pattern for the turn of events. The idea that there is a hidden connection between various destructive phenomena is usually ridiculed as a "conspiracy theory," which does not fit in with the official world-view. To create order out of this apparent chaos, a key is necessary. That key is in this book. J&uuml;ri Lina's revealing book provides an insight into the concealed network behind past and present events. This political system has been built up by forces working behind the scenes - an all encompassing deception by the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, and today the freemasons, clearly evident in our present lives. <p> J&uuml;ri Lina has collected information and rare documents from many sources to create a record of the devastating activities of the secret societies. He reveals the connections between the concealed organisations and shows how these have affected history with the aid of puppets such as Napoleon, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt, and Truman (all high-ranking freemasons). He examines the magic rites of freemasonry and traces their origins. The reader is shown the real reasons behind several major wars and revolutions, from the French Revolution in 1789 through the Gulf War in 1990 and the bombing of Serbia in 1999. <p> Finally the author reveals how these evil forces manifest themselves today and what plans they have for the future of mankind. This book exposes many dangerous myths and paints a different picture of the world, a picture, which may be less fair to behold, but which undoubtedly describes the real conditions with which we are faced. <p> Hardcover, 592 pages, the price is $45.00. <p> Send cash to:<br> J&uuml;ri Lina<br> Referent Publishing<br> Box 15149<br> 104 65 Stockholm<br> Sweden <p> Editor's note: Scroll down to the end for the American Distributor's contact information. <p> CONTENTS <p> Introductory Explanations <br> 1. Consensus Trance<br> Myths as a Base of Power <br> Gagarin Was Never in Space <br> 2. The Dark History of the Knights Templar <br> The Origin of the Knights Templar <br> The Vast Influence of the Knights Templar <br> Philip IV Strikes Back <br> The Curse of the Grand Master <br> The Discovery at Rennes-le-Chteau <br> 3. The Rise of Freemasonry <br> The Infiltration Begins<br> Secret Societies Take Over the Craftsmens Guilds<br> Development of the Masonic System<br> The Highest Degrees<br> Other Masonic Rites <br> The Symbols<br> Masonic Magic <br> Masonic Ideology <br> 4. The Powerful Financial Sphere<br> Interest as a Weapon <br> Economic Slavery<br> 5. The Global Power of Freemasonry<br> Freemasony and Politics <br> The Illuminati <br> We Are Ruled by the Freemasons<br> The United States - the Masonic Base <br> Harry Shippe Truman<br> The Case of Kissinger<br> Sinister Plans<br> The Expansion of Freemasonry<br> P2 - Europe's Most Infamous Masonic Sect<br> Club 45 or "The Red Lodge" in Vienna<br> Masonic Influence in Sweden<br> The Carbonari<br> Resistance against Freemasonry <br> The Masonic World<br> 6. The Red and Bloody Nature of Freemasonry<br> The Historical Background of Grand Orient<br> Masonic "Justice"<br> Masonic Corruption <br> The Destruction of Russia<br> Blood-red Support of the Communists<br> The Masonic Contribution to Soviet Russia <br> Stalin's Struggle against Freemasonry<br> The Secret Masonic Archives<br> The Hidden Influence<br> 7. How the Freemasons Helped Hitler to Power <br> Hitler's Meetings with His Financial Backers<br> Advertising for Hitler<br> Attempts to Investigate Hitler's Secret Income <br> Hitler's Goal<br> Secret Manipulations<br> The American Contribution<br> Close Collaboration between Nazis and Zionists<br> Who was Hitler?<br> The Magic of the National Socialists<br> Nazism and Freemasonry<br> Nazi Plans for a European Confederacy<br> Secret Plans Behind the Scenes<br> Aid Continued During the War <br> Holocaust Hysteria<br> 8. The Crimes of the Masonic Elite<br> Unlimited Evil <br> The Double-Dealing of the United States<br> Conflicts in the Balkans <br> Resistance against the New World Order <br> 9. The Hidden Knowledge <br> Undesired Inventions<br> Vaccination Inj&uuml;ries<br> Dangerous Substances<br> Damaging Phenomena <br> The Importance of Energies<br> More Effective Weaponry<br> Essential Conclusions <p> "If you shut up the truth and bury it beneath the earth, it will only grow and gather itself to such an explosive power that it will destroy everything in its path the day it breaks free." <p> Emile Zola <p> INTRODUCTORY EXPLANATIONS <p> When the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" was published, I did not expect it to be a great success, because I knew that most people, due to the enormous influence of the freemasons over the schools, the mass media and other key institutions, had lost their ability to think independently. It became clear, however, that there were some who had managed to stay clear of the influence of all these lies and understood that something was wrong in contemporary society. These people found answers to their questions in "Under the Sign of the Scorpion." They had already surmised that a malicious power was behind the process of destruction, which affects us all, but they needed more facts. <p> People in different countries have read "Under the Sign of the Scorpion" and have become curious about the background of international freemasonry. But they knew too little about the frightening history and essence of this secret society. This showed the need for a comprehensive book about the dark history, ideology, and activities of freemasonry, which would act as a complement to "Under the Sign of the Scorpion." Thus there was a demand, which led to why this new book about freemasonry was written. <p> During many years, I have gathered large amounts of important facts, documents, and rare source material, which have never been published in ordinary (that is, officially sanctioned) history books. With the help of these facts, a completely different picture of major world events emerges. Without details about the true history of freemasonry, it is very difficult to orientate oneself in today's world. For this reason, I chose to collect all the "forgotten" and concealed information and thereby re-created the true history that our masonic leaders have stolen from us. <p> Our civilization has failed in many crucial areas. These failures have been aggravated by the fact that those who have understood the reason for our troubles refuse to speak out. Others have failed to realize the obvious - that hidden economic forces have acted behind the carefully painted scenes and, virtually unopposed, manipulated us towards our present desperate situation. We have been frightened and weakened, and for this reason the enemies of humanity have succeeded with their treacherous conspiracy. The hidden forces were unable to act freely without first removing important facts from our history. By referring to this concealed information, it has been possible to clearly identify the masonic forces, which have done everything in their power to transform our world into Hell on Earth. <p> We have been damaged mentally, physically and genetically. We have begun to prefer darkness to light. Most of us have chosen to believe in the illusory myths of the freemasons and assisted in the fight against those who have attempted to reveal the true facts. Far too many of us choose to defend these dark forces. The evil forces are close to victory. <p> Those who defend these forces must also share the responsibility for their crimes against humanity. Many of us have become victims of the freemasons and our personal greed. <p> This book attempts to give an overall picture of the circumstances that have led to the distressing setbacks, which have afflicted us, especially during the last 300 years. <p> In order to orientate ourselves, we must finally dare to call those events and these persons by their real names, despite the fact that those responsible have become stronger than ever and officially deny their involvement in all these serious and unforgivable crimes against humanity. The freemasons' internal sources, however, do not deny these crimes. <p> I present such concealed facts to make it possible to draw some amazing conclusions and to reveal to every seeker of truth who our tormentors really are. Not being aware of these facts is in itself an evil, because ignorance serves evil. It is for this reason that our rulers want us to believe that a lack of historical knowledge and ignorance about the secrets of nature constitutes true knowledge. <p> Those who do not examine the different aspects of the conspiracy will remain incapable of understanding the world. To them everything appears dim and mysterious. Even the ancient Romans said: "Magna est veritas et praevalebit." ("The truth is great and it will triumph.") <p> The freemasons have always been enamoured with large social structures and superstates. They have called the violent social upheavals, which were actually brought about by their grand lodges under the leadership of masonic grand masters, "great popular revolutions." The Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung stated: "The larger the organizations, the more inevitable are their immorality and blind stupidity." (Carl G. Jung, "Die Beziehungen zwischen dem Ich und dem Unbewussten," Darmstadt, 1928) We also have clues about what will happen within the European Union - the freemasons' latest creation. Jung stated in the same book: "The larger a society or confederacy, the greater the amalgamation of collective factors - which is typical of every large organization - will rest upon conservative prejudices to the detriment of the individual, the more aggravated the moral and spiritual degeneration of the individual." <p> Apparently different ideologies have been forced upon us. In actual fact, we have all the time been dealing with different aspects of one and the same ideology - illuminism, propagated by international freemasonry. Only insecure individuals and weak ideologies and religions need to resort to violence in order to assert themselves - Judaism, Islam, communism, national socialism, and others. <p> The hylozoists, who follow the teachings of Pythagoras, have never resorted to violence, nor have the Buddhists. This fact alone shows the value of their philosophical teachings, which can help those souls who seek the truth. For this reason, the freemasons despise the teachings that represent goodness and spiritual development. The socialists (the freemasons' most effective servants) are particularly prone to using violence in their attempts to murder the soul. They consider it more effective and beneficial to murder the soul rather than the body. The communists got nowhere by destroying people's bodies. Under the symbol of the Illuminati and freemasonry - the red rose - the socialists are after our souls. The French author Romain Rolland stated: "The murderers of the soul are the worst." <p> The socialists are well aware that their falsification of history leads to a society without history. The Russian-Jewish socialist Alexander Herzen stated in the 1850s: "There is nothing more repugnant than a falsification of history on the orders of those in power." Marx put his finger on the most important method of the Illuminati: "If you can cut people off from their history, they can be easily persuaded." <p> While we may ascertain that our leaders conceal facts with the assistance of corrupt "historians," we must realize that this falsification of history is part of the conspiracy, since those who control our history also control our future, according to the British author George Orwell. And those who control our present also control our past. <p> All these "isms" are just useful tools for the dark masonic forces that often use various shady ideologies to fill the gaps in their attempted construction of "a better world for us all." This is why the freemasons wish to destroy everything connected with "the old," that is traditions and common sense. <p> I have visited many powerful lodges all over the world in order to become acquainted with the Freemasons' own material and works. Original sources are the most reliable. It is my opinion that the freemasons, with their unnatural organization, stand on the brink of a vast catastrophe. This book shows how and above all why. <p> <dir> J&uuml;ri Lina </dir> <p> Stockholm, October 2004 <p> Hardcover, 592 pages, $40 in the United States, 40 euros in the European Union. <p> To order this book from Maryland, send a check or $40 to Mr. Heino Tuisk. <p> Mr. Heino Tuisk<br> 612 Dover Road<br> Pasadena, MD 21122 <p> Phone: 1 (410) 255-8260 <p>

From: a2zPublications Address: 23207 Night Heron Way Bradenton, FL 34202 U.S.A. Contact: Dr. A. H. Krieg 941-322-2739 URLs: & New Book: VALE (The Illuminati and its plans for world conquest)

ISBN#: 0-9748502-3-3

Lib. of Cong. # 2004114577

Author: Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

Pages: 420 Indexed, and bibliography

Release Date: May 2005

Price: $22.50 (UK sterling 20.00)

Soft cover: 6" x 9" format (Aprox. 15 x 22 cm)

VALE, is a comprehensive overview of the Illuminati and their American affiliate organizations. It reviews Illuminist plans in exhaustive detail, and demonstrates not only previous successes of this secret cabal, but also their American and worldwide affiliations. Various chapters deal with the means used to implement their agenda on the world community, and of the scores of allied organizations whose leadership in most cases has no idea what is transpiring. Issues like immigration, treaties, culture, money, economics, and taxes are also shown in light of the planned use by illuminists to change you and the society in which we live, and to implement their New World Order of global governance. Communism and Zionism are shown to have the identical master plan as that of the Illuminists. It shows how Karl Marx plagiarized his communist thesis from Adam Weishaupt the founder of Illuminism in the 1780s and then re-published them 100 years later in England, but in the German language, he did not even bother to translate the document into English. It demonstrates how the Zionist movement was the prime motive force of the Russian Revolution and how the French Revolution was also manned by the Illuminati.


This demonic group of individuals is bent on world conquest by any means available, as is so clearly demonstrated in the Russian revolution that resulted in the deaths of over 66 million Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslims.* Proven is that Zionists are in fact either atheists or agnostics, and that Illuminism, communism, and Zionism share the exact same ambitions.

*Kremlin Statistic.

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