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Letters to the Editor

This is a treasure trove.

A new supporter in America

From Herb Jamieson, Moderator of The Illuminati listserv, a listserv to a person who posts therein:

I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Arlene Johnson and what she has managed to accomplish in the face of huge personal adversity for herself and her daughter. I feel strongly that the readers of her periodical are some of the most intelligent people living today worldwide. Arlene has a huge amount of very positive influence. I do not think arguing with her is constructive, even if you are right..which I personally am not in a position to judge one way or another.

I cannot speak for Arlene, but my guess is that she is not in possession of hatred for all Jews, but merely hates what a very small minority of Jews have done WRONG as a subset of the Jews who practice and observe the Talmud, which is vastly different from a generalized hatred of all Jews. They have used the Talmud to do wrong. Jesus would have constantly railed against them, as he did the white washed scepters of the Saducees and Pharisees. In any regard, I am proud to call Arlene a personal friend. I think you should make a genuine attempt to accomplish a similar relationship with Arlene.

Herbert M Jamieson

Herbert Morehouse Jamieson, II

Editor's note: The emotional feeling of "hate" only hurts the one who displays it. I rather tend to think that the word "despise" is more appropriate; this is what I feel for those who deliberately set about to deceive innocent people especially with a profit motive; thanks for sending it.


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