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The victors in WW2 put the German leaders on trial for "crimes against humanity." The real facts prove that Britain and America and their wartime ally Russia were the real war criminals. In the book 'Crimes and Mercies,' James Bacque assembles masses of irrefutable facts proving that "At least 9.3 million Germans died needlessly soon after the war." This is more than died in battle, air raids, and concentration camps. The war did not end the killing but increased it. The attempted genocide of the German people cannot be contested. President Roosevelt declared, "I am not willing at this time to say that we do not intend to destroy the German nation." The chief architects of this policy was the Jew Henry Morgenthau and General Eisenhower also of Jewish extraction. In 'Germany Must Perish' by Theodore Kaufman, published in 1940 the plan to forcibly sterilize all Germans is presented. The destruction of Gentile nations and peoples is the teaching of the Jewish Talmud. "Take away the lives of non-Jews, kill them." Christian birthrate must be diminished." Source 'Facts are Facts' by the Jewish author Ben Freedman.

It is a matter of historical record that the Red Army committed the most unspeakable atrocities against the German civilian population even crucifying German women against barn doors, and the Americans shot untold thousands of German soldiers who surrendered to them. As one tiny example, on the morning ofApril 29, 1945 units of the U.S. Seventh Army lined up over 300 German troops who surrendered to them at Dachau and shot them down. The American troops had been pumped full of lies and hate by their media all under Jewish control.It is also a matter of historical fact that the Red Army raped every German woman that they could lay their hands on from young girls to old women. Yet these were the very people who sat in judgement at Nuremberg on the Germans for "war crimes." The Federal Ministry for Expellees, Refugees and War Victims of the German Federal Republic has 8 volumes of 600-1,000 pages each of documentation available which is still considered classified and not available to the General Public.

Right at the end of the war, when the Germans were on their knees and close to surrender, Churchill sanctioned the bombing of the ancient and beautiful city of Dresden, a non-military target packed with women and children fleeing before the Red Army. On three successive nights of bombing in which over a thousand aircraft took part, Dresden was reduced to a blazing inferno, a fire storm in which an estimated 300,000 women and children perished. This is where Churchill's bombing policy so vigorously opposed by Chamberlain ended.

All we ever hear about on Jewish controlled TV is the plight and sufferings of the Jews in WW2. The people who suffered and lost the most in WW2 were NOT the Jews but the Germans. We should also remember that in the Soviet Union, the Jews themselves operated the biggest concentration camp system in history, dwarfing those of Germany, in which untold millions perished. You won't see any TV documentaries on the tortures and sufferings endured by the inmates of these camps run by Jews. Also, when you hear Jews on TV describing in graphic detail the horrors of the alleged "gas chambers" like one did recently when talking about Treblinka, you should remember what their Talmud teaches. "Jews must always try to deceive Christians." Zohar (1,160a). "A Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian." Babha Kama (113b).

It is about time the British people understood this simple fact THE JEWS HAVE NO MORALITY IN THEIR DEALINGS WITH NON-JEWS as clearly taught by their Talmud.

"A Jew may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself and Jews in general." Shulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388. "A Jew may rape, cheat, and perjure himself." Shulchan Aruch, Jore Dia.



During the Iraqi War when the Israeli State was threatened with Scud missiles, America sent their very latest anti missile system to defend Israel. After the war Israel insisted that these Patriot Missile Batteries remain on their soil. Israeli scientists then disassembled them and sold their secrets to Red China.This will enable the Chinese, not only to copy them, but to develop rockets capable of penetrating Western defenses.

Professor Duncan Clarke has presented Congress with documents proving a "systematic and growing pattern" of sales by Israel of classified U.S. Military secrets to Red China. Colossal profits have been made by the Jews out of these sales. The morally corrupt and degenerate President of the U.S. Bill Clinton has allowed his biggest Jewish financial contributor Bernard Schwartz to do the same thing through his Loral Corporation. The U.S. Government first went public about these massive transfers of top U.S. technology to Beijing in 1992 when the State Department's Inspector General reported that they had "overwhelming" evidence of unauthorised Israeli re-exports of U.S. defense secrets. The Office of Naval Intelligence reported in 1997 and 1996 that "United States technology has been acquired (by China) through Israel in the form of the Lavifighter and surface to air missile technology.

Israel has used U.S. technology to help China develop its next-generation fighter aircraft, the J-10, airborne radar systems, tank programs and a variety of missiles. Israel has transferred to China the most lethal air to air missile in the world: the Python-4. Also "very disturbing is Israel's transfer to China of its STAR-1 cruise missile technology." The STAR-1 incorporates U.S. stealth technology and is what one U.S. official characterises as a growth version of Israel's Delilah-2 missile which contains U.S. parts and technology.

When all of these advanced weapons end up killing British and Americans, as they inevitably will, we should all remember, just how the Chinese got them. Information from 'The Truth at Last' P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia U.S.A. 30061.

All this is nothing new. From the very beginning there has been a massive transfer of Western scientific, technological, and industrial secrets to Russia. Read 'National Suicide: Military Aid To The Soviet Union,' Professor Anthony Sutton. America even provided Russia with all the know how and materials to build their first atom bombs. Consult 'From Major Jordan's Diaries.' Even Viktor Suvorov states in his book 'Inside The Soviet Army' that Russian nuclear missiles are dependent on American parts. Years ago, the Soviet MIG-15 which was shooting down British and American planes over Korea was powered by an exact copy of the Rolls Royce Nene jet engine kindly given to the Russians as a present. It is about time that the British and American military woke up to the fact that they have been repeatedly betrayed by their political leaders who are no more than puppets in the hands of Jew Bankers. For years, Western politicians have served Jewish interests not the interests of their own people. They are all traitors and deserve the fate of traitors.


The Jewish plan to murder our race by massive coloured immigration and the promotion of mongrelization has been revealed by numerous Jewish spokesmen for a hundred years. They plan to completely replace the white Anglo-Saxon-Celtic population of these islands (British Isles) with the Coloured Races. To breed us out of existence.

In Maclean's Review magazine of September 5, 1967 Rabbi Abraham Feinberg wrote, "If anything the law should encourage, not forbid, the intermingling of bloods...ONE WORLD. ONE RACE...the deliberate encouragement of interracial marriage is the only way to hasten this process."

The Jewish World of February 1883 declared: "The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and in a brotherhood of nations, a greater Judaism ALL THE SEPARATE RACES AND RELIGIONS SHALL DISAPPEAR." This means the annihilation of our race and the destruction of Christianity.

In a letter to Karl Marx (real name Moses Mordecai Levi) Baruch Levy wrote "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. IT WILL OBTAIN WORLD DOMINION BY THE DISSOLUTION OF OTHER RACES BY THE ABOLITION OF FRONTIERS, THE ANNIHILATION OF MONARCHY, AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A WORLD REPUBLIC." Reference La Revue de Paris p. 574. We have already noted how Jews were behind the murder of Charles 1st. They have also been behind the murder of every other monarchy i.e. Czar Nicholas II, his wife and five children were shot by "Yankel Yurouvsky, a Jew...with a browning automatic pistol." Reference "The Beast marks Russia" Captain Howard.

In his Communist Manifesto, the Jew Karl Marx wrote of the abolition of the family, countries and nationalities together with "all religion" and "all morality." In fulfillment of this, today we see the Mass Communications Media, totally under Jewish control pumping out sexual perversion, immorality, race mixing, and One World propaganda.

In 1912, Israel Cohen, a Jewish Communist in America published A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century. In this he stated that they would cause the negro to rise in society, especiallyin the professions and the world of sport and entertainment and that with this prestige the negro would begin to intermarry with the whites and so deliver America and Britain to their cause.

We could continue these plain statements from Jews revealing their plans for our destruction and murder using the coloured races against us but just one more to make the point. In a speech given in Yiddish by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch and translated into English by New York Jewish Lawyer Henry Klein for which he was murdered is the following, "MIXING THE DARK WITH THE WHITE MEANS AN END OF THE WHITE MAN AND OUR MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY WILL BECOME ONLY A MEMORY." The Canadian Intelligence Service. September 1952. Full text in History of the Jews. Eustace Mullins. Pawns In The Game. Commander William Guy Carr.


Sometime in the late 1970's Winston Churchill MP (the grandson of the war leader) denigrated the coal miners in the House of Commons. When asked if he was pursuing a vendetta against the miners, just as his grandfather did earlier in the century, he dropped the subject like a hot coal, ranting angrily, "My grandfather's vendetta was not against the miners; it was against the Nazis!"

But the historical truth is that his grandfather was intensely loathed in South Wales because of his political malice towards the coal miners, which exemplified his arrogance and antagonism toward working class folk in general.

The poverty and hardships well-documented. During the first decade of the century the real value of coal miners' pay fell sharply while coal companies had become increasinglygenerous towards their shareholders.

From September 1910 to October 1911 there was a strike at the Cambrian Combine Coalmines in the Tonypandy area of South Wales. Initially seventy miners had refused the wage offered to them for working in the Ely pit at Pen-y-graig, and the management reacted by locking out the entire workforce of 950 men. Within two months all the miners at the other Cambrian Combine Mines came out in support; in November there was a riot in Tonypandy, which Churchill helped to provoke, in which a miner (Samuel Rays) was killed.

Churchill, who was then Home Secretary, had before the riot sent hundreds of London policemen to guard the pits. After the riot Churchill sent soldiers to the coal field, and for many months he subjected the Rhondda and some neighbouring valleys to a military occupation. Some Churchill apologists have tried arguing that his motive for deploying the troops was not really political but merely "to keep law and order etc." But the truth is that they were used to confront the protestors and their presence robbed the miners of a just victory. As the Welsh historian John Davies says: "It is not a myth (as some insist) that Churchill used soldiers against strikers." ("A History of Wales").


In the mid 1920's Churchill brought himself into another bitter conflict, not only with the miners but with the British Working Class generally, when he was Chanceller of the Exchequer, a job in which he proved himself an unmitigated disaster. In his first budget of April 1925 he recklessly restored, the "gold standard." This economically senseless measure limited Britain's exports and financially pressured industrialists to cut their production costs by sacking workers and reducing wages.

The coal, iron, and steel industries had already been in difficulties before this destructive blow, which aggravated their economic problems to a considerable extent. The widespread suffering and hardship which resulted, was particularly severe in the South Wales Coal field where the miners, who were already on meagre pay, were expected to work longer hours for significantly less pay. The unions protested but the government typically offered no proper remedy, leading to the General Strike of May 1926.

Far from admitting and reversing his economic blunder, Churchill obstinately persisted imposing the "gold standard" despite all the strife and misery it inflicted on the British nation. He adamantly opposed any compromise with the unions. Instead of seriously seeking a viable and fair solution, he directed much of his energy toward disseminating his very own propaganda, which was highly inflammatory and calculated to promote class hatred. Naturally, the principal target for his hatred was the working-class folk (especially the coal miners who suffered greatly), because their unions dared to go on strike; it was the only available legal weapon that stood any chance of redressing the economic injustice. Churchill seized the opportunity to edit an official 'news'-paper called the British Gazette" which he filled with malicious and bombastic twaddle. He hypocritically ranted on about the "menace" of "Bolshevism" within the Trade Unions. But the two most fundamentally important facts to realise are: (1) that Churchill's unworkable policies coupled with his socioeconomic sadism towards the working class was the surest recipe for Communism to grow in the Trades Union Movement, and (2) that with two decades, Churchill himself was to do probably more than any other person in Britain to advance the cause of Communism.

It is also important to appreciate that the economic devastation he unleashed on Britain persisted for many years after the 1926 General Strike. By subjecting the British economy to the "gold standard," WINSTON CHURCHILL BROUGHT ABOUT THE LONG ECONOMIC DEPRESSION WHICH BEGAN IN 1925 AND LASTED WELL INTO THE 1930'S, WHEN MANY BRITISH WORKING CLASS FAMILIES WENT HUNGRY.

Winston Churchill was certainly an ignoramus on the economy, a fact corroborated by many historians. The British people, therefore, could not possibly benefit from his appointment to the post of Chancellor. The real beneficiaries were the highly secretive banking interests for which he was a most willing and dutiful puppet. When any serious economic thinking was done, they did it for him. While the banks continued to prosper and wax fat, many British people were starving! Churchill did not care. After all, ordinary folk meant "nothing" to him. Churchill served bankers and banking interests, and they rewarded him handsomely. He wallowed in opulence and luxury all his miserable life and had no conception of the wretched lot of many of the working class who lived in abject poverty, poverty he helped to perpetuate.



Under Chamberlain, both counter-espionage services, MI5 and MI6 were directed against Communism as the main enemy. Almost immediately after becoming Prime Minister, Churchill sacked the founding father of the internal security service Sir Vernon Kell and by degrees packed MI5 and MI6 with Communist sympathizers. A Soviet booklet entitled, "Russia's Enemies in Britain" devoted 39 of its 70 pages to attacking a certain De Courcy. He had worked on the editorial board of a publication called Intelligence Digest which exposed Victor Rothschild (a member of the powerful banking family) who had joined MI5 at the outbreak of war as "the patron of the Russian group of spies." Victor Rothschild recruited large numbers of disaffected students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities to act as Soviet agents. Many of these later joined MI5 and MI6 so that under Churchill and for years following the British Security Service was no more than a branch of the Russian KGB. Thanks to Churchill, and his close friend Rothschild, Communists and/or homosexuals virtually controlled MI5 and MI6. We can name just a FEW of these; Roger Hollis, in 1940 Assistant Director of "F" division, monitoring extremist political parties and later promoted to head of British Intelligence, Guy Liddell under whose auspices known traitors like Blunt and Burgess entered the service, Maxwell Knight and a host of others. Victor Rothschild is the real "5th man."


It seems that at an early stage Churchill, realising that Germany and Russia would come into conflict, had determined to get Britain into the coming war on the side of Russia. In his book, 'Hess Flight For The Fuhrer' Peter Padfied wrote "he divined that Hitler and Stalin must in the long or short term come into collision." When Russia attacked Finland on November 30, 1939 Chamberlain offered British bomber squadrons to help the Fins and the French also offered military help. It looked as if Britain and France would end up at war with Russia. But the Russians concluded a deal with the Fins so the Anglo-French help was not needed. There seems little doubt that Rothschild provided Russia with intelligence about Britain's offered help to the Fins and probably urged them to make a deal so preventing the West coming into conflict with Communist Russia.

In his book Padfied wrote of the Churchill's close relationship with the House of Rothschild: Churchill had close family connections with the British line of the international Jewish banking house of Rothschild: the first Baron Rothschild had been his father Randolph's intimate adviser at the Treasury, entrusted with cabinet secrets and relied upon for personal loans. When Lord Randolph Churchill dies, he had owed Rothschild the then enormous sum of 66,000. Winston Churchill knew the family socially as a guest at their country seat at Tring in Hertfordshire."

As we have tried to show in this short treatise for many years the real rulers of Britain have been the International Bankers, led by the House of Rothschild. All of our politicians and Prime Ministers, with few exceptions, and Chamberlain was one such exception, have been no more than their tools and creatures for carrying out THEIR POLICIES for Britain, policies which are designed to destroy Britain and the real British. Everything that has happened to Britain during this twentieth century has not happened by chance. It has happened because it was planned that way.


The Zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews formulated the Race Laws. The first Race Relations Bill was introduced into the House of Commons by the Labour Attorney General, Sir Frank Soskice, an immigrant Jew from Red Russia. In 1986, a series of amendments to the Act were introduced to the House of Commons by the Lithuanian Jewish Home Secretary Leon Brittan(ishky) now a European Commissioner. Michael Howard, another Jewish Home Secretary, saw to it that these evil anti British Laws were vigorously enforced with the full approval of Gerald Kaufman Jewish Labour Shadow Home Secretary at the time. Now we have Jack Straw, yet another Jewish Home Secretary who plans to make the Law even more draconian and make holocaust denial a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment as it now is in Canada and Germany where Jews rule the roost. This is a return to the Dark Ages where religious despots tried to control peoples' beliefs. Where Jews obtain total control as they did in Russia and the Eastern Bloc they ruthlessly enforce their thinking on the masses so all true liberty and freedom disappear.

Editor's note: Since this article was written, Jack Straw is no longer Home Secretary in the U.K.

The question is how much longer are the British going to allow a succession of Jewish Home Secretaries to destroy their God given right of Free Speech and the "Judeo Masonic" Police to enforce their anti British Laws? For over a hundred years the Police have been dominated and controlled by Freemasonry to such an extent that it is almost impossible to rise above the rank of sergeant unless one is a Mason. "Judeo Masonic" was a term coined by Admiral Domville to describe the power which controlled Britain from behind the scenes.

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