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Every evil and destructive thing that has happened to Britain since the end of WW2, like the dismantling of British industry, the surrender of the Empire and massive coloured immigration must be laid at Churchill's door. He set the scene by obsequiously serving the Jewish Money Power and promoting and advancing THEIR WAR to win back control for them in Germany which Hitler had confiscated.

Today, the lineal descendants of these same Jewish Money Leeches are the real rulers and wreckers of Britain. The Westminster Parliament of paid traitors and hirelings is no more than a rubber stamp for endorsing Jewish policy for Britain. Elections are a mockery and a total waste of time as all the parties serve the same masters. Banker's men win every time. MP's of all parties are guilty of the greatest treason in our history and should be publicly executed.

Let everyone far and wide understand this simple fact: International Jewry, headed by the big banking houses of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and their Associates are carrying out the destruction of Celtic-Anglo Saxon Britain by deliberately contrived wars, abortion and now race-mixing, and mongrelisation. Their plan is no less than our genocide and the incorporation of Britain into first, a European Super State, and then One World Government. The plan isn't just evil; it is Satanic and people of good will, especially those who call themselves Christians, should fight it.

There is literally masses of evidence that Jews are behind every subversive and evil influence which is presently downgrading and destroying Britain, International Jewry, headed by the Money Changers is, and always has been, the real enemy of Britain and her people. The Jews have no morality in their dealings with non-Jews, they are masters of lies and deception as taught and endorsed by their religiious book the Talmud. Through their control of the Press, Book Publishing Houses, Advertising, Radio and most importantly Television, which gives them a window into every home in the land they control the thinking of the British. Unless the British soon take action to stop the rot this nation and its rightful inhabitants will perish from off the face of the Earth.


In the book, "The Invasion Scare 1940" Michael Glover shows that Hitler never had any serious intention of invading Britain. But the public did not know this at the time and Churchill used the threat of invasion to "galvanise Britain to action and to stir up a national spirit of resistance." In other words, Churchill used the invasion threat, which he knew to be phoney, as a means of promoting his war against Germany. Leonard Cheshire VC wrote that he "joined up, not because he wanted to fight, but because a lot of important men made a lot of impressive speeches telling him that it was his duty. He did not know that had these men so wished there would never have been any war...seeking their own advancement." Bomber Pilot. Sir Frank Roberts who was Chamberlain and Churchill's Private secretary and advisor intercepted a phone call from the Swedish Ambassador accompanied by Goering who had peace terms to put forward. Roberts told Goering bluntly that Britain was not interested in peace moves. When all the weight of lies collapse, it is clear that Britain could have ended the war with Germany at any time, but Churchill and his clique lied repeatedly to the British and waged war against a nation that only wanted peace with Britain.

Editor's note: It is my understanding that Hitler wanted to join with Britain for world dominance. It certainly is true that Hitler, therefore, did not want to war against Great Britain.


In the book "Dieppe" by Jacques Mordel, it is made clear that the disastrous Dieppe Invasion which cost the lives of some 2,717 Canadian troops alone and 83 planes was recognised at the outset to be impossible of success. Once again, British Military authorities had to bow to the disastrous policies of Churchill. The Dieppe fiasco and its resultant great loss of life came about because Churchill had pledged himself to the butcher Stalin to make a show on the continent.

Churchill had a total disregard for human life and promoted a totally unnecessary war which left many of Europe's finest cities in ruins, millions dead and the Red Army in possession of half of Europe, not to mention the complete impoverishment of his own country. He set the scene for Britain's ruin.

Cromwell, William III, and the warmonger Churchill all made their contribution in putting the Satanic Money Changers in control of Britain and her affairs. this is the real reason for Britain's decline. the real reason why Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Britain is now being rapidly mongrelised, negrolised , and destroyed. Converted into a Babel state of the Jewish New World Order.


At 2:11 PM on May 7, 1915, the British Liner Lusitania went down just 11 miles out of Kinsale in Ireland. 1,198 people perished. 124 of them Americans. This event helped to bring America into WWI on the side of the Allies. It is known that the liner was carrying a large cargo of munitions and explosives and, it is even claimed, that she was armed with twelve 6 inch guns. The Germans had placed advertisements in American newspapers warning people not to travel on British ships as a state of war existed between the two countries.

The sinking of this huge 670 feet long liner is clouded in mystery. What is known is:

1. The British Admiralty, and that means Churchill, called off the Lusitania's destroyer escort even though U-boats were known to be in its path.

2. Captain Turner, who survived the sinking "claimed throughout his life that a message in naval code had directed him to change course towards the point where the U-boat was waiting."

3. The Lusitania sank very quickly. The German G-type torpedo which, it is claimed, was fired from the German submarine U20 was neither powerful nor deeply penetrating.

4. Divers who later went down to the wreck reported that "the side and bottom of the ship were blown OUTWARDS BY AN INTERNAL EXPLOSION."

5. Lord Fisher, the First Sea Lord together with naval intelligence experts, had only recently prepared a report on the effect of a liner being sunk with American passengers aboard to present to Churchill.

6. A massive Anglo-American cover-up took place after the sinking, involving the removal of documents, like the signal register and signal log, and the falsification of evidence.

All the real facts suggest that the Lusitania was led directly into the path of a German submarine and the torpedo hit munitions on board or a time-bomb was placed deep in the hold of the ship. The ship was sacrificed to get America into the war. As First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill would have been involved in this up to his neck. Of the 1,198 who died 785 were passengers, including 125 children and one expectant mother who gave birth in the water and perished with her baby. The World's Greatest Mysteries. Nigel Blundell.

In October 1916, Germany submitted its peace offer to the British Government and only one signature was needed to end WWI. At the moment they decided to accept the offer and end the carnage, the World Zionist Organisation intervened. They told the Government that if they got the promise of Palestine, they would get America into the war on the side of Britain. So the war was prolonged with the loss of millions of lives to satisfy the Jews. According to Ben Freedman in his book The Hidden Tyranny, Jews in Britain's Department of Defence cabled Washington with the utterly groundless story that an American ship, the SS Sussex, had been sunk in the English Channel by a German submarine with loss of American lives. This, according to Freedman, provided the excuse for America's declaration of war against Germany.


 HOUSE OF COMMONS  21st June 1938


And there is no doubt in the world that bombardment of the civil population is a violation of international law. In 1923 there was a conference of government theorists at The Hague. The British representative was Sir Cecil Hurst now, the President of the  Permanent Court of International Justice. They drew up a code of rules for air warfare, in which they did not make new law, in which they applied law which they all recognised to exist. They said "Aerial bombardment of the civil population is prohibited."They went on to say, in an Article to which I draw special attention, because it relates to the point on which I wish to speak at greater length about the bombing of ships in Spain "The bombardment of cities, towns, villages, dwellings, or buildings not in the immediate neighbourhood of the operations of land forces is prohibited." That is to say, where there was not a land battle. They added, "In cases where the objectives specified are so situated that they cannot be bombarded without the indiscriminate bombardment of the civil population, the aircraft must abstain from bombardment."The Prime Minister: 4:50 PM I think we may say that there are, at any rate, three rules of international law or three principles of international law which are as applicable to warfare from the air as they are to war at sea or on land. In the first place, it is against international law  to bomb civilians as such and to make deliberate attacks upon civilian populations. That is undoubtedly a violation of international law. In the second place, targets which are aimed at from the air must be legitimate military objectives and must be capable of identification. In the third place, reasonable care must be taken in attacking those military objectives so that by carelessness a civilian population in the neighbourhood is not bombed. These are three general rules which we can all accept and which we do accept, but it is obvious that when you come to put them into practice they give rise to considerable difficulties. Let me say at once that we cannot too strongly condemn any declaration on the part of anybody, wherever it may be made  and on whatever side it may be made, that it should be part of  a deliberate policy to try and win a war by demoralising the civilian population through a process of bombing from air. That is absolutely contrary to international law, and I would add that,in my opinion, if any such policy is followed, it is a mistaken policy from the point of view of those who adopted it, for I do not believe that deliberate attacks upon civilian population will ever win a war for those who adopt them.


After Britain was tricked into declaring war on Germany, Germany did not wage war on Britain and we had what has become known as "the phoney war." As long as Neville Chamberlain remained Prime Minister, he meticulously followed the above policy, clearly stated to the House of Commons in June 1938, about not bombing the civilian population in war. This was in compliance with International Law and Chamberlain's personal abhorrence of targeting civilians in war. Britain did not bomb civilians in Germany, and Germany did not bomb civilians in Britain. The fall of Chamberlain and the emergence of Churchill quickly changed all of this. In total contravention of International Law (which Britain played a leading part in formulating) Churchill, the very first day he became Prime Minister, authorised the RAF (Royal Air Force) to start bombing civilians in Germany. WINSTON LEONARD SPENCER-CHURCHILL, INITIATED AND SET IN MOTION A CHAIN OF EVENTS WHICH WOULD KILL, MAIM, BURN, AND INJURE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT CIVILIANS, MANY OF THEM LITTLE CHILDREN, IN AERIAL BOMBARDMENT. The first victims, included a number of German children playing in a park. Hitler did not immediately retaliate, but warned that if the raids continued, he would strike back. According to David Irving in his book, 'Churchill's War,' this is exactly what Churchill wanted. He wanted to stir up waning war fever and convert "the phoney war" into a real hot war of savagery and merciless killing. He got what he wanted. He even put a Jew called Zucherman in charge of "British" bombing policy. He, and his Zionist friends, ignored and rebuffed all of Germany's repeated proposals to end the war. When Hitler turned East against Communist Russia, Churchill threw all of Britain's vast resources and military power in defending the deadly menage of Jewish Communism. Churchill's post war stance of anti-Communism was entirely phoney, like everything else about the man. He, more than anyone else, helped to preserve the deadly menace of Jewish Communism. In starting civilian bombing and, later sanctioning the leveling of whole German cities, in defiance of International Law, Churchill is exposed as one of the greatest war criminals, not only, of WW2, but all time. The real facts prove Churchill, like his wartime ally Stalin, to be one of the greatest mass murderers in the whole of human history. At a meeting with Churchill discussing some forthcoming operation during WW2, it was pointed out that it could result in great loss of life. Churchill responded, "Do you know any of the people involved?" Receiving a negative answer he added, "Then it is nothing to you." The countless multitudes who died as a direct result of Churchill's adventures from Galippoli to Norway, from London to Berlin who perished in the icey waters of the North Atlantic or were incinerated in the blazing inferno of Dresden were "nothing" to Churchill. He and his family lived handsomely all their lives and are still profiting today out of his zest for human destruction and misery on an unprecedented scale. Note. Millions in lottery money was recently paid out to Churchill's descendants for his wartime papers.


According to Viktor Suvorov in his book "Inside The Soviet Army" during WW2 Stalin virtually emptied all the prison camps to form penal battalions. These were taken to the front, a rifle placed in their hands and told to advance on the German positions. Behind them were placed "a retreat blocking mechanism," regular troops with orders to shoot them in the back if they refused. Red Army Corps Commander Rokossovsky was under sentence of death and underwent appalling tortures. "Nine of his teeth were knocked out, three of his ribs were broken, his toes were hammered flat...he was subjected to mock shootings, being led to the place of execution at night, and made to stand at the edge of a grave as generals on his right and left were shot, while he was executed with a blank cartridge fired at the nape of his neck." On the eve of WW2 he was let out of gaol (jail) given the rank of Major-General of Tank Forces and command of a mechanised corps. Not revealed by Suvorov is the identity of the sadists and torturers who ran the "Russian" State Police System variously known as the Cheka, NKVD, and KGB. They were ALL JEWS. Amongst their many crimes was the cold-blooded murder of 4,300 Poles at Katyn and thousands at other locations murdered with a bullet in the back of the neck. The flower of the Polish Army and civilian population liquidated on the direct orders of Stalin and carried out by his Jewish henchmen in the NKVD. It has always been the policy of Jewish Communism to murder all the natural leaders in a country to prevent any revolt against their rule. At Vilmsee, near Naustettin on the morning of February 16, 1945 an estimated 2,000 German girls who worked at a uniform factory were slowly tortured to death my mutilation. Ilya Ehrenburg, Jewish propaganda minister for Stalin said that even unborn Nazis were not to be spared, and the Red Army literally carried this out. Beriya, the Jewish wartime leader of the KGB committed the most appalling atrocities, sometimes cutting the frontal brain lobes of anti Communists, reducing them to imbecility. It is time that the British understood that Communism was conceived and organised by Jews. Financed by Jews like the Rothschilds, Schiffs, and Warburgs. Forced on the Russian people by Jews like Lenin, Trotsky, and Zionvieff. Bailed out, rescued, aided, subsidised and kept going by New York Jewish Bankers who have robbed the West of its resources, technology, and expertise to build up the Red War Machine (in China and Russia) into the biggest the world has ever known. In spite of all cosmetic changes in Russia today, this monstrous system of repression and mass murder is still under exactly the same control. When all the lies collapse under their own weight the real facts of history prove the Jews to be the greatest mass murderer, torturers, slavers, and lie mongers in all the wretched annals of human history. If you refuse to believe this then perhaps you will believe an extract from an Official British White Paper: "BOLSHEVISM (another name for Communism) IS ORGANISED AND WORKED BY JEWS WHO HAVE NO NATIONALITY AND WHOSE ONE OBJECT IS TO DESTROY FOR THEIR OWN ENDS THE EXISTING ORDER OF THINGS." See full quotation in 'Secret Societies And Subversive Movements' Nesta Webster. This extremely astute woman stated long ago that Britain was under exactly the same control. That is why we have had two world wars, depression, economic collapse, and now the destruction of British industry, massive coloured immigration and the promotion of degeneracy. Communism and Finance Capitalism are different sides of the same coin. The International Jew Bankers rule in both camps "and propose to achieve their objectives through the clash between these masses." This was stated by brilliant in-between war Foreign Correspondent of The Times, Douglas Read. Far and Wide. The Controversy of Zion.


The Normandy invasion of France was entirely unnecessary. After the successful Allied invasion of Italy and the fall of Rome when the German Army under Marshall Kesselring was in retreat, General Mark Clark was staggered that his Fifth Army was prevented from continuing its victorious march into the Balkans and the heart of the German Reich. Troops were withdrawn from Italy and Field Marshall Alexander's forces which had become "a tremendous fighting machine with horizons unlimited," was dismantled and weakened. Writing in 1950 General Mark Clark stated "as a result of orders received at the highest level, our team was broken up and the Fifth Army was sapped of a great deal of its strength. A campaign that might have changed the whole history of relations between the Western World and Soviet Russia was permitted to fade away. These were decisions at the highest level and for reasons beyond my field and my knowledge. Not only in my opinion but in the opinion of a number of experts who were close to the problem, the weakening of the campaign in Italy in order to invade Southern France instead of pushing on into the Balkans was one of the outstanding mistakes of the war." What Clark and Alexander did not realise was that it was never intended that Britain and America should liberate the whole of Germany and Eastern Europe. The plan was to allow these to fall into Soviet hands. This is why the Jewish Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower, a jumped up Colonel under the direct orders of a super-rich Jew called Bernard Baruch, as he himself later admitted, halted the Allied Armies at the Elb to allow the Red Army to over-run half of Europe. Britain supposedly declared war on Germany and launched WW2 to save Polish freedom, but at the end of it all when a reported 265,000 Britons had been killed fighting for this aim, Churchill not only surrendered Poland but the whole of Eastern Europe to the Jewish Communists. The real aims of WW2 can be stated quite simply. 1. To recover Jewish control over Germany which Hitler had confiscated. 2. To expand the Soviet Empire and its influence. 3. To create a Jewish state in Palestine. 4. To get Britain and America to borrow astronomical sums of money to fight the war to give the Jewish bankers even greater control after the war. 5. To get as many Christians as possible to kill each other exactly according to the Talmud teaching "Even the best of the Goyim should be killed." (Abhodah Zarah 26b). "Take away the lives of non-Jews, kill them" (Sofer Israel 177b). "Jews must never cease to exterminate the Goy." (Hilkhoth Akum) Note: "Goy" a Jewish word for non-Jews meaning "cattle" "vermin." The Jews have now trained Gentiles to call each other "Guys" vermin and cattle. How they must laugh. For a complete expose of the Race Hate of the Jews religious book "The Babylonian Talmud" read: The Jewish Religion. Its Influence Today. Elizabeth Dilling.

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