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From: a2zPublications Address: 23207 Night Heron Way Bradenton, FL 34202 U.S.A. Contact: Dr. A. H. Krieg 941-322-2739 URLs: & New Book: VALE (The Illuminati and its plans for world conquest)

ISBN#: 0-9748502-3-3

Lib. of Cong. # 2004114577

Author: Dr. Adrian H. Krieg

Pages: 420 Indexed, and bibliography

Release Date: May 2005

Price: $22.50 (UK sterling 20.00)

Soft cover: 6" x 9" format (Aprox. 15 x 22 cm)

VALE, is a comprehensive overview of the Illuminati and their American affiliate organizations. It reviews Illuminist plans in exhaustive detail, and demonstrates not only previous successes of this secret cabal, but also their American and worldwide affiliations. Various chapters deal with the means used to implement their agenda on the world community, and of the scores of allied organizations whose leadership in most cases has no idea what is transpiring. Issues like immigration, treaties, culture, money, economics, and taxes are also shown in light of the planned use by illuminists to change you and the society in which we live, and to implement their New World Order of global governance. Communism and Zionism are shown to have the identical master plan as that of the Illuminists. It shows how Karl Marx plagiarized his communist thesis from Adam Weishaupt the founder of Illuminism in the 1780s and then re-published them 100 years later in England, but in the German language, he did not even bother to translate the document into English. It demonstrates how the Zionist movement was the prime motive force of the Russian Revolution and how the French Revolution was also manned by the Illuminati.


This demonic group of individuals is bent on world conquest by any means available, as is so clearly demonstrated in the Russian revolution that resulted in the deaths of over 66 million Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslims.* Proven is that Zionists are in fact either atheists or agnostics, and that Illuminism, communism, and Zionism share the exact same ambitions.

*Kremlin Statistic.

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