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Whistleblower Files Lawsuit Against Government for Crimes

By Tom Flocco
March 9, 2007

Whistleblower launches legal fund for imminent suit against Bush-Clinton officials by Tom Flocco Kansas City, MO
"November 19, 2006"

Long-time federal whistleblower, Stewart Webb, sounded like his time had finally arrived now that he is surrounded by a coterie of seasoned attorneys, active and retired federal agency witnesses and others unnamed to protect their safety who will help him take on what he called a corrupt and criminal administration whose key players were recruited from the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.

The former home builder and realtor told that he will soon file suit in U.S. District Court against the Estate of top-level Bush-Clinton shadow government partner Leonard Millman and several Justice Department officials linked to others more senior in government under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) and False Claims Act for obstruction of justice, violations of parental rights, forgery, perjury and slander, among other criminal acts.

Just before the 1992 election Webb's elderly parents suffered through his illegal imprisonment for ten months by Bush 41 and Clinton administration officials seeking to insure that the whistleblower would be unable to expose what he knew and what other illegally incarcerated agents told him regarding a shadow government operation referred to collectively by political prisoners as "the Bush-Clinton crime family."

With the help of agency witnesses and his legal team, Webb will also attempt to be reunited with his daughter, who he has not seen in 22 years after she was taken from him by a corrupt judicial system, but not before he introduces proof and evidence into federal court via a legal complaint encompassing the fraudulent theft of trillions from the United States Treasury, blackmail of House and Senate members, murders, narcotics trafficking, a variety of financial frauds, and obstruction of justice related to all of the foregoing. Some of the above has been previously detailed on; however, we were particularly affected by two published radio interviews involving a young man castrated in the presence of well-known officials at the highest levels of government and an FBI agent and her family who were attacked with biological agents in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1994 by rogue U.S. agency officials which resulted in their deaths; such is the gravity of the charges to be promulgated by Webb.

Patriotic Americans desiring to see the current administration held accountable for impeachable, corrupt and criminal actions will soon be able to monitor a new court action buttressed by Kansas City attorneys from two firms who firmly believe that Webb's charges against top Bush-Clinton officials will stand the test of judicial procedure when introduced into the federal court system.

Because there is a significant expense involved, Webb is asking concerned citizens to help support his lawsuit financially (address: Stewart Webb, mail c/o 4109 S. River, Independence, MO. 64055 Telephone: (913) 999-4813 / Email: / website: as he launches a legal fund to help defray filing fees and legal work: "Any contribution would be greatly appreciated as I seek to hold these government officials accountable for their criminal acts."

Since 1989 Webb has provided evidence with other whistleblowers to federal officials regarding the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Savings and Loan and Denver Airport scandals involving illegal campaign money laundering by Larry Mizel, Leonard and Elaine Millman, Charles Keating, Maurice Hank Greenberg, Jack Abramoff and others who he alleges were bribing, influencing, and blackmailing members of the House and Senate. "I have appeared on 2300 radio programs exposing the crimes of the Bush 41/43-Leonard Millman-Carl Lindner-Clinton crime families and their shadow government," said the federal whistleblower, adding "investigations of my father-in-law Leonard Millman and his wife Elaine are linked to other scandals such as the Oklahoma City federal building bombing, the 9/11 terrorist attack on America and the Enron pension fraud connected to $195 billion in missing funds now held in secret Bush bank accounts."

Webb's suit accuses the defendants of violating his constitutional and legal rights related to attempts by "current and former government officials to discredit, punish and seek revenge against" him for publicly exposing $3 trillion stolen from the U.S. Treasury, HUD, and American investors, but also for narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

The suit will be filed nearly twenty-two years after Webb's parental rights were illegally terminated regarding his only daughter Amanda Webb, aka Amanda Millman. The complaint seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorneys' fees, and costs which will hopefully be partially defrayed by the launching of his legal fund to receive contributions from citizens who agree that Bush and Clinton administration officials should be held accountable for their crimes.

The legal fund will also be used for counseling witnesses by Webb's legal team prior to cross-examination in the up-coming trial by attorneys representing government officials while also assisting Webb with costs associated with racketeering by Denver FBI Division 5 and the Denver U.S. attorney's office.

"My chief concern will be to repatriate to the U.S. Treasury $3 trillion stolen by Mr. Millman and his organized crime family linked to members of the Bush and Clinton administrations. My time will be dedicated to insuring damages are collected and that illegally gained Millman assets are confiscated on behalf of the United States of America," said Webb.

Webb's suit also has personal implications as it further alleges obstruction of justice, kidnapping, perjury, and forgery by the Millmans, who Webb charges used government connections to the court system to keep him apart from his daughter for her whole life thus far, denying them both of their rights to have a father-daughter relationship because his in-laws were in partnership with high government officials and that these illegal acts violated both United States laws and those in other states where Millman allegedly operated.

The imminent filing of Webb's complaint specifies that Amanda Webb and her father have been deprived of First and Fifth Amendment rights and that Stewart Webb has suffered a gross invasion of his privacy and has been impaired in pursuing professional opportunities while he fears for his daughter's safety resulting from the necessity to file his case in Kansas City District Court. "My father-in-law Leonard Millman was a partner with Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Neil Bush, Jeb Bush and others allegedly committing criminal acts involving various scandals related to narcotics importation, Iran-contra, oil and gas frauds, junk bond daisy chain frauds, HUD frauds, savings & loan and bank frauds, real estate loan frauds, securities frauds, stock frauds, government contract frauds, pension fund frauds, obstruction of justice, bribing and blackmailing government officials, and murders," said Webb.

Webb said his parental rights were terminated when perjury and the forgery of his signature were employed to falsely state that he gave up his daughter Amanda Webb for life accompanied by a court-ordered lifetime restraining order and the illegal changing of his daughter's name in Denver, Colorado. The complaint will allege additional forgery, perjury and obstruction of justice by the court which ruled Webb accepted $1.5 million after agreeing to give up his daughter-all of which was illegal and never occurred, save for the falsified documents claiming the contrary.

Should the civil action result in a payment to Stewart Webb that is in excess of costs associated with his legal activities, the equivalent of all monies contributed to his legal fund will be returned to contributors seven-fold, he told (For example, $100 contributed will pay back $700 to the contributor.) Webb also told us he will "contribute part of his civil award estimated by his attorneys at $3-5 billion and false claim awards of 15-30% of an estimated $3 trillion to a trust for his daughter Amanda Webb, which will also be used to assist other federal whistleblowers whose rights have been violated from retaliatory actions by the United States government, specifically including whistleblowers currently seeking claims for damages resulting from Bush Millman-Lindner-Clinton crime syndicate actions."

Those wishing to contribute to Webb's legal fund may contact him at (913) 999-4813 or use other contact points listed above. A copy of the complaint will be posted at and immediately after it is filed in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Missouri.

Message from Stew Webb November 20, 2006 The American Revolution Continues to insure Bush, Cheney and others are held accountable for their crimes against America when the New Congress takes over in early January 2007.

1. Demand George Bush and Richard Cheney be Impeached, arrested and tried for their massive crimes. The new Congress in January will start the Joe Biden investigations into the Cheney-Haliburton-Energy Policy-War Crimes.

2. The Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald investigating the Valerie Plame case and the National Security Grand Jury investigating other Treasonous acts of Bush, Cheney and others. The Franklin-Bush-Millman-Mizel-Abramoff-Israeli spy case Grand Jury. All the evidence and indictments now under seal must be released. Demand it of Fitzgerald and the New Congress. We as Americans must continue to insure to the world that we will never again allow a crime syndicate to control the American Presidency again.

3. Yes Nancy P, will become president until new Presidential elections would be held; that is Constitutional protocol. Every American must telephone and demand these three investigations be completed and all the existing indictments be released without any Obstruction Of Justice or massive cover-up.

4. You voted for change 1. corruption 2. war 3. economy. There are many of us in between the US and few of them.

5. Get involved in early January demanding the above investigations and indictments now under seal be released and Bush and his administration be arrested that Justice may prevail.

Editor's note: I received this Email on March 9, 2007.

6. Keep in mind Bush and Israeli Answar Bin Shari-head of the Illuminati-Council of 13 will try to start World War 3 by attacking Iran before or near Jan. 1, 2007 to initiate Martial Law in America. The American Revolution Continues, March On.--Stew Webb November 20, 2006

Editor's note: Even though Stewart Webb's Emails arrive in my Inbox, when I reply, I receive a fatal error as though his Email address is not operational.


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