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I was Evicted and Moved out of Florida !!!!!
(Part 4)

Editor's note: This is a continuation of a story I published in an earlier edition.

Elvira Williams paid the landlord, Mrs. NewKirt in Georgia $3,000.00; $1,500.00 was for a car and $1,500.00 for rent until HUD got things right.

I moved to Georgia knowing HUD Workers would follow me; they did. I can send that Email next. I was at Mrs. NewKirt's home after the below happened. I arrived there on October 28, 2006 and was there until November 15, 2006. Mrs. NewKirt filed a Civil action against me 06F 01776-0 Magistrate Court superior Court Georgia, GWINNETT COUNTY Brenda G. NewKirt 1989 Green Gables Cir. Buford GA 30519 Please investigate.

I have this story, and it is not good, and I'm disabled and every time I go to a hospital for help, the next thing I know I'm in a Mental Hospital. Please investigate. I'm uneducated but the below is the best I can do to tell you my story. I need a Doctor but feel danger each time I try. I'm bleeding, and only trust one doctor at this time, and don't really trust him with good reason. But he's been good to me so far. I'm back in Florida homeless because of Mrs. NewKirt. She also took my money, but only returned $1,000 in cash doing the Civil action. I gave her $3,000, $1500.00 for a car I gave mine up and $1500.00 until Mrs. Jackson of HUD in Georgia Contacted HUD in Boca Raton, Florida.

It was a nightmare; the Judge said it was a crime yet another walked away free. Mrs. NewKirt called me and told me she was buying a HUD home and that I could rent it. I knew it was a trap, but I had to follow it even if it meant my life which I have come very close to losing more than once in Georgia alone, not counting the times in Florida. Call me crazy if you like, but I only ask that you Investigate my story first before judgment.


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