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Soon More Black-Ops Mass Shootings

There is a reason why these mind-controlled mass shootings occur around mid-April. This date connection is based upon the power elite's blood sacrifices to Satan. Recall that they committed the Waco blood sacrifice of little children on April 19th. Recall that they did the Oklahoma City blood sacrifice of little children on April 19th. Recall that they orchestrated the Columbine blood sacrifice of children on April 20th. Now, from John D. Christian, on page 65 of his book, GLADIATOR, the thesis of which is that prophetic forewarnings of horrible future events are built into the script of the movie, GLADIATOR: page 65 -- "Much can be said about how these ancient pagan nature feasts dominate the pagan mind.

During the Second World War, Hitler changed May Day to {JD: the satanic feast} The Cerialia. At precisely 9 o'clock on the morning of Jewish Passover, April 19th, 1943, the EXACT time that the Cerialia would have been sacrificed in ancient Rome, the Nazis commenced to burn the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto to the ground. Using tanks with flame-throwers -- "a whole burnt offering of a pregnant cow" -- they proceeded to burn men, women, and children. Again, at 9 o'clock in the morning of April 19th, 1993, amazingly, EXACTLY fifty years later, to the day and hour, the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian Complex was burned to the ground -- {again} using tanks and flame-throwers, {again} burning men, women, and children. This time, not by an evil Nazi world leader, but ordered by the Attorney-General and the President of the United States." {JD: You see, America is now the Fourth Nazi Reich, which, like the three Nazi Reichs before it, will rise and fall. From The Bible, in The Book of DANIEL, Chapter 7, God is forewarning the people of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries that they shall be afflicted by several consecutive brutal empires, the first being the Lion, which is the British Empire, the second being the Eagle's Wings, which is the American Empire which God plucked up from the back of the British Lion, thus propping up the Lion to a position of great power feeding off of the God-given power of America. The Lion was given the "deceitful and treacherous heart (JEREMIAH 17) of man. Then comes the empire of the Russian Bear, and then comes the empire of the Nazi Leopard, which stalks its prey (e.g. Poland, Czechoslovakia, the World) and springs suddenly upon them. Well, that leopard has four wings of a fowl on its back. I prayed for the meaning of those four wings.

Well, Irvin Baxter and others had proposed that the four wings were the four Reichs of the Nazi empire. It became evident to me that the fourth wing of the fowl upon the Leopard's back represents the American Nazi Empire, and God gave to my mind what the wings represent. It is this realization: Wings of a fowl rise and fall. The Three German Reichs (empires) rose and fell, just as the Fourth Nazi (national socialist) Reich (empire) will rise and fall, and then will be replaced by a brutal One-World Beast System, as described in DANIEL, Chapter 7.}

Continuing the transcript from the book, GLADIATOR:

"More recently, at precisely 9 o'clock in the morning of April 19, 1995, the Federal Building in Oklahoma City exploded and crashed to the ground. "America's Kids Day Care Center" was located in one of the lower floors."
{JD: :This was clearly a blood sacrifice of children to Satan. It is also clear to me that Bill and especially Hitlery [Hilliary] Clinton ordered this blood sacrifice to their god of evil, Satan, whom they insist on calling "Lucifer." Then, on April 20th, 1998 they sacrificed many more children to Satan the Columbine Massacre in Colorado .} Continuing to transcribe from page 63:

"When Commodus called the senators together to offer sacrifice to himself as if he were Hercules, the son of Jupiter, the general assembly was held in the Temple of the Earth."
{JD: Recall that Earth Day is coming: April 22nd.} Continuing from the book, GLADIATOR:

"Standing before this temple was the Petra Sclerata, the accursed stone. Each year on April 15th, the feast of Fordicidia was held in this temple, consecrated to Tellus, the Mother-Earth goddess. It involved sacrificing a pregnant cow to Tellus. During this important ceremony, the unborn calf was burned whole. This whole burnt offering was called "The Holocaust." Throughout pagan history the major burnings of Jews and Christians have occurred on or near this date. The Roman pagan Fordicidia is the same feast as the feast of Ishtar, consecrated to the mother-earth goddess 'Ishtar' of Babylon -- that has since been 'christianized' and celebrated as 'Easter' by the apostate Christian Church. [In Babylon, Ishtar was symbolized by a lion -- that is why Commodus clothed himself in a lion's skin in the Temple of the Earth.]

The four great Roman feasts are a counterfeit of Jewish Passover and Seven Days of Unleavened Bread. The Devil is very precise! The Fordicidia, held on April 15th, is the satanic substitute for Jewish Passover (Christians know that Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb of God).
Immediately following the Fordicidia and celebrated in conjunction with this first sacred feast comes the Cerialia. This feast is consecrated to the cereal goddess, Ceres, held on April 19th every year."
{JD: This date connection is based upon the power elite's blood sacrifices to Satan. Recall that they offered the Waco blood sacrifice of little children on April 19th. Recall that they performed the Oklahoma City blood sacrifice of little children on April 19th. Recall that they presented the Columbine blood sacrifice of children on April 20th. Recall that Hitler's massacre of the Warsaw Ghetto was performed on April 19th.}

Continuing to transcribe from the book, GLADIATOR:

"Immediately following the Cerialia comes the Parilia, held on April 21st, consecrated to the goddess Pales, who is the goddess of shepherds and flocks. This day is STILL celebrated as the birthday of Rome.
Lastly, comes the greatest feast of Rome, the Vinalia, consecrated to their supreme god, Jupiter, the god of light (Lucifer) -- the sun, the protector of vines and the Roman people. His feast has a special double articulation on the Roman calendar, April 23rd and August 19th." John DiNardo

Editor's note: Mr. DiNardo ought not to say Jewish Passover; instead he should say Hebrew's Passover as only a tiny percentage of what are now called Jews comprised those who were slaves in Egypt who were freed by Yahweh's leading Moses to free the Hebrews and Israelites from captivity under Pharoah. See Notice that the Virginia Tech University massacre was also during this time period of mid April since it was carried out on April 16, 2007.


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