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9/11 and Vietnam War

In an effort to reclaim the meaning of highly-charged words, the word "defense" is replaced by the word "war" in all US Government department names, position titles, and policy boards; for instance, "Secretary of Defense" is retitled "Secretary of War" to more accurately reflect the true nature of the position.

Dick Cheney - former PNAC member; guilty of war profiteering, treason; was in bunker on 9-11 directing several "war games;" lied to 9/11 Omission Commission about riming of 9/11 activities.

Donald Rumsfeld - former Secretary of War and PNAC member; close friend of Cheney; was at Pentagon on 9/11; once slipped and said "when that missile hit the Pentagon."

George Tenet - Director of the CIA on 9-11; was awarded the "Medal of Freedom" by Bush for his fine work on 9/11.

Robert Mueller - FBI Director on 9/11; under his "leadership," FBI field agents' warning of an imminent attack were stifled.

Richard Meyers - in charge of USA air defenses on 9/11; lied to 9/11 Omission Commission about reasons for air defense failure on 9/11; promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Jerome Hauer - "terrorism" expert who put John O'Neill at the WTC on 9/11; lied to Dan Rather on CBS News on 9-11 about the controlled demolition of WTC buildings.

Jack Abramoff - ardent Zionist; entertained USG "terrorist" patsy Mohammed Atta on his yacht just before 9-11; convicted criminal lobbyist.

Philip Zelikow - led the 9-11 Cover-Up Commission; personally wrote the 9/11 Omission Commission Report, a best-selling work of fiction; appointed Counselor of US Department of State

Porter Goss - former House Intelligence Chair; was meeting with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9/11 financier, on 9/11; promoted to Director of CIA, resigned after "hookergate."

Bob Graham - former Florida Senator; was meeting with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9/11 financier, on 9/11; ran for President in 2004.

Marc Grossman - Under Secretary for Political Affairs on 9/11; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9/11 financier, on or shortly after 9/11.

Richard Armitage - former member of PNAC, Deputy Secretary of State; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9/11 financier, shortly after 9/11.

Condoleeza Rice - National Security Adviser on 9-11; promoted to Secretary of State; lied to 9/11 Omission Commission while under oath.

Colin Powell - Secretary of State on 9/11; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan's ISI and 9/11 financier, two days after 9/11; former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; helped cover up Vietnam My Lai massacre.

Jeb Bush - brother of George Bush; PNAC member; former Florida governor; guilty of election fraud in 2000; declared Martial Law in Florida four days before 9/11.

Wirt Walker - cousin of George Bush ; principal at Securacom, US-Kuwaiti joint-venture that managed security for WTC, United Airlines, and Dulles Airport, all of which figured into 9/11.

Larry Silverstein - he and partner Frank Lowy obtained 99-year lease on WTC shortly before 9-11; made several billion dollars on 9/11 insurance fraud; admitted to "pulling" WTC 7.

Bernard Kerik - former NYC Police Chief; "sidekick" of Giuliani; allegedly involved with FEMA in WTC demolition "war games" called Operation Code Angel.

Benjamin Chertoff is the 25-year-old cousin of Michael Chertoff, and senior "researcher" for Popular Mechanics' hit piece on 9/11 Truth Movement.


July 7 in London

Tony Blair - British Prime Minister; ally and partner in crime of George Bush ;London 7/7 bombings were also "false flag" operations.

Editor's note: All of the foregoing information was posted on The Illumimati listserv, a listserv, on March 12, 2007.


General Leonid Ivashov, Russia's armed forces Chief of Staff when 9/11 occurred, made clear his conviction that the entire war is a manufactured ruse and that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by the new world elite, who he calls 'the Atlantists,' designed to create a global government and the elimination of sovereign borders.

Operation Gladio, the Neo-Nazis in Germany, the London bombing mastermind in which Aswat was an MI6 asset, and Israel's creation of Hamas are all from a pattern created by these forces.

Provided by Paul Joseph Watson, January 25, 2006


Scientology, A secret Satanic cult and the Hollywood movie industry

The Hollywood movie industry has long been accused of corrupting the young with its glorified images of violence, sex, and decadent lifestyles. Now there may be another cause for concern. Many Hollywood people like John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Ann Archer, Jenna Elfman, and Nicole Kidman have been drawn into a secretive Satanic, anti-Christian cult called Scientology. These stars and others in the industry are engaged in a heavy recruiting program to lure your children into their cult.

This is not a simple issue of Scientology's right to practice its religious freedom and forward its secret occult goals. This cult presents serious dangers. Scientology is notorious for human rights abuses, suicides of its members after bizarre initiations, intimidation, and persecution of former members and critics, censorship raids on the Internet, and concentration camp-like punishment for high level members who show signs of defiance or defecting.

Scientology was hijacked by Cabbalistic Jews in the early 1990's.


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