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by Michael A. Hoffman II
September 18, 2006

International Law Professor Francis Boyle: "This Pope Benedict, while he was Cardinal Ratzinger, helped elect Bush in 2004. In return, the US got Ratzinger, when Pope, cleared of the clergy sexual-abuse-of children lawsuit in Texas, on grounds of " Head of State Immunity."

The Vatican ran the Bush election campaign through Archbishop Chaput of Colorado.

One of the heads of the child molestation ring in the US, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, fled the US to avoid prosecution
(Massachusetts is not Texas and in Boston the prosecutors could not be bought off by the Bush administration; too many children had been destroyed and a large book documenting the damage ("Betrayal") was published and became a bestseller). Cardinal Law was named Archpriest of a prestigious basilica in Rome by Pope John Paul II. Pope Benedict XVI has awarded this creature even more prestige and privileges.

Ratzinger's theology is more Talmudic than even John Paul's. John Paul was merely a shameless opportunist in this realm. Ratzinger is firmly committed theologically to Judaism. Another comrade in arms, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, archbishop of Bordeaux and president of the bishops' conference of France, is, after Cardinal Lustiger of Paris and the pope himself, the chief rabbinic infiltrator in the hierarchy of the Church. Ricard takes his orders directly from one of the most sinister, gentile-hating rabbis in the west. I have time-stamped documentary photos and other evidence to prove this, which will appear in a new book on Judaism I am hoping to publish in January [2007].

According to a press release by Zenit News in Rome, dated September 11, 2006, as a gesture of good will toward traditional Catholics who cling to Old Rite, pre-Vatican liturgy and beliefs, Pope Benedict has placed none other than crypto-rabbi Cardinal Ricard in charge of their "reconciliation and full communion" with Rome. This is a calculated, macabre jest worthy of Sir Francis Dashwood's Hellfire Club, on those who seek to revive the old church with whom the rabbis clashed for millennia.

Does anyone believe that Pope Benedict 's calculated insult to Islam, which he made in a German University, coming just days after Iranian President Ahmadinejad offered, in a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to help the Germans lift the corrosive, soul-destroying mental genocide that is "Holocaust" propaganda, and just weeks after the conclusion of the (now mostly forgotten) thirty-three days of carpet-bombing in Lebanon by the Judaic military, was not a deliberate act of a Zionist agent and a brilliant Machiavellian operator?

"But he apologized," you say? Indeed, the apology institutes Act II of the operation, whereby neo-cons and conservatives howl in righteous anger about how "political correctness forced this great pope to withdraw a truth he had rightfully uttered."

These strutting defenders of churches assaulted by Muslim mobs had not one little feminine squeak to utter when the Israeli government machine-gunned and set fire to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002, or detonated a bomb under the communion rail during services at a Maronite Church in Lebanon in 1994 (how soon facts about anti-Christian Judaic outrages go down the memory hole).

Upwards of a combined total of 100,000 Muslim civilians have died at the hands of US and Israeli forces in Iraq, Afghanistan,Lebanon, and Palestine in the past three years. Victims of mind control can be detected as those who, in the midst of this mass murder by "Christians" and Judaics, bewail only "Muslim violence," without vigorously exposing and condemning Israeli and US violence, some of it spearheaded by neocon, conservative, and Catholic members of the US armed forces.

Judaism and the Vatican are past masters of hypnotic deceit and intricate games of Machiavellian camouflage and black ops. Now that they have switched sides (the rabbis formerly favored Islam against the Catholic Church) and joined forces, we are witnessing one of the more virtuoso mind control processes and mafia statecraft of recent history. Pope Benedict 's Act II is what is known as an "anticipated reaction:" The West chafes under the "imposition of a stifling political correctness implemented against the pope by wimps too craven to confront the truth of Muslim violence," who "persecute a pope who has the courage to speak up about it."

By this means a facilitator of clerical child molestation, sodomy and the Talmud of Babylon, becomes a beloved/besieged knight of the Christian faith, with fanfare and trumpets! Forward, march!

What's next, Act III? Yes, certainly but for the word "act," substitute the words "world war." Pope Benedict is part of the build-up as much as any odious American neocon from the talk radio blathersphere. Anti-Muslim hatred and resentment are being consciously stoked. World war is no longer seen as a scourge but an opportunity, induced war hysteria is moving from simmer to boil. Bush is our war president and Benedict is our war pope: war for Judaism, war for Zionism and war for counterfeit-Israel, all in the name of Jesus.

A war, by the way, that the "male fish carrying the female eggs" cannot win. The brotherhood knows this too, of course. The purpose of their World War III will not be victory, but radical abolition.

"Of what?" you ask.

Stay tuned.

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