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Robotic Insects with Camera Spy on Patriot Groups,
Part 2 of 2

By Alan Van Arsdale

In response to the previous post about flybots. I have seen one; they exist. I doubt they are common, and there are probably better ways to spy than flybots. I think they are experimental. For example, for use in territory not under the direct control of whoever is using them. I suspect their range is still fairly limited.

Imagine, if flybots are developed, with ranges of hundreds of miles. Which can sit dormant for decades, even centuries. Which can deliver enough explosives to kill a man when hitting him on the temple. Which can deliver enough biotoxin to kill an entire convention room of people.

Weapons scientists not only are imagining it, they are developing it. Technology like this, early this century, will greatly reduce the role of humans in conflicts between technologically advanced powers. The NWO is real enough, that anything one power develops, the other major powers steal, soon enough. Edges are measured in less than one decade, in any area, as has so often proven to be the case.

In the 1980's, shortly before I was attacked and implanted surgicially (gassed first), I was making public warnings about microtechnology (now you would call it nannotechnology, such as flybots, they are composites of nannites and microcomputers). I have often wondered, if that might have been the reason, for the attempt to force recruit me. I was just a junior college student then, but I was in the top of every one of my hard science classes, my chemistry teacher said I was the best he had ever seen with unknowns, the fastest and most accurate (he was a University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. in chemistry), and I had just been honorably disharged fromt he USAF, I was in there for cryptographic calibration, and asked twice to take the language school exam (declining both times).

My own life expeience leads me to conclude, at some periods in America, maybe even now, if you become aware of certain "government" (organised crime infiltrating government and our military) programs, you can be targeted, for implants and mind control.

Another thing about flybots. They can be loaded with implants for humans, and fly right into your body, delivering implant pay loads. They are tipped with pain killer; it just feels like someone has rapped you with their finger. Also coagulents and wound sealant, barely leaves a mark. And they can be tiny now, about one fourth the size of an ordinary house fly. There were a lot of secret military studies of insect flight (I have known a few entomologists in my life, some of my professors and one of my academic advisors were entomologists). One of the hardest problems they faced, was to get the things to fly well, all the rest, they have now, and is no problem. I know they overcame the problems of getting them to fly well, because I have seen one myself, clearly, but have never captured one.

To capture a flybot, do not give them any warning, just hit them without warning and without any wind up. They should not be so advanced yet, as to be able to take a very hard blow. Anyone fighting technologically advanced powers in wars, should be aware of this technology. I can not confirm, or deny, this report of a flybot to this list. I can only confirm, that I have seen evidence personally, and am aware of evidence, that they exist. Flybots are one fo the key things I was referring to in my warnings in 1982 to the public, before I was attacked, under the heading of microtechnology as I called it then. They were only developmental then, I am sure they are highly operational by now. If not already, soon, the best flybots, upon close examination, will look just like flies. Keep in mind, in the harassment of patriots and others, such as by illegal spying, they do not generally risk their most advanced equipment, to exposure, in field work. It is best now, to just assume you have no secrets, except those encrypted within your own brain, which you never "speak" about in your mind voice. If this is not true now, it certainly can be true, in the near future, given the current state of "microtechnology." I am sure it is true now, but I can not prove it.

I can prove, that I have advanced implants in my own body, which are showing up on X-rays even recently, if given the chance. If my testimony is believed, that my implants are all from 1982 or before, one can roughly predict, what related technology, is like now, some 23 years later. Even today, the technology of my implants, is such, that it is impossible anyone except a technologically advanced nation, or some sort of secret order, could have placed the implants in my body. I could not possibly do it on my own (and in 1982, upon examination by a professor of medicine at UCLA, he concluded, and his students agreed, I could not possibly have victimed myself in these surgical procedures, that it demonstrated governmental or "higher" (his word, not mine), technology.

Right now, we are not in a lot of danger of becoming a fully enslaved society in America. This is because when they made the grab, too many people got loose from them. Modern warfare is such, that if they failed to grab too many people, they could not win a civil war to enslave the American people fully. Biochemical warfare, for example, is too cheap and easy, once you know how, and too effective. Would not be easy, to enslave America into a nation of robotised workers and pacifists, if you were facing an American people with advanced bacterial cultures in their hands, for use in advanced biochemical warfare (which is nothing like the American people have been led to think it is). Just too expensive, with a collapsed American economy, to keep your robotised slave herders suited up all the time. No way to alter a human, so they could tolerate even microscopic doses of advanced biotxins in their systems.

There is, however, a real danger, that robotics, including microrobotics, could give organised criminals who think God, or the antichrist or whatever, has mandated them to enslave the American people, reason to hope they could win a civil war to fully enslave America, and its vast industries and resources. The longer America goes, without reform, and exposure of various secretive "governmental" programs, the greater our risk, that we could be facing virtually unstoppable advances in robotics, in a civil war for control of America, between the American people, and organised technocriminals, who have wormed their way into the American government and military, as internal enemies of the American state.

Myself, I think if they try it, they will be screwed, just like the rest of us. That there is no way to prevent nanotechnology and microcomputer armies from mutating into self serving entities, which will sweep us all aside in war, including their former masters (after all, some cyborgs revolted successfully, myself among them, their pure inorganic robots can do the same). My problem is, I wonder how much they are listening to their own scientific advisors, and how many of their scientific advisors who are sane, they have retained as autonomous humans, so they are able to even give autonomous advice. That is, we can be dealing with an enemy, who is not only irrational, but already under the partial, or even full, control of their own equipment they have generated (artificial intelligence, and networking intelligence between artificial intelligence and humans, even animals).

I am ready to have my implants surgicvally removed, under the condition they be studied, and revealed to the public. I am ready to testify before any court, or be interviewed by any police organisation. I am ready to take lie detector tests, and undergo psychiatric evaluations.

In light of my claims, and given the level of my proven academic performance, I find it unlikely, that the American people, including many in the police, courts, military, and government, could continue to keep the claims of persons such as myself, from the American people. If there is no reform, no strong action against these organized criminals, no public disclosures, no new bodies of laws to prevent such crimes (I think there should be a general amnesty, especially for those who confess their crimes publicly), then my prediction is, we can kiss our entire civilisation goodbye, and we will be ruled by computers and machines, not humans. Anyone who imagines they will be some sort of master of machines and computers, is delusional; it is impossible, for them to maintain control. At most, one human will end up in control, and their consciousness, will be heavily contaminated by artificial intelligence.

How exactly can my peers, in weapons science, rationally propose, that under combat conditions, they can preclude the possibility of any revolt against their authority, by their weapons? They can not. Under combat conditions, microtechnology, will, become autonomous, self replicating, and self evolving. Any artificial life, under the control of humans, will be no match in war for feral artificial life forms. I am certain of this; everything I understand about these issues supports my opinion this is true.

We have to stop this silent civil war, even if it is a cold war now for most of us, since shortly after the bombing of the [Oklahoma] federal building. We need to make peace, and get everythying out in the open, and prevent this coming disaster which will deprive all of us of our humanity and/or our autonomy as humans.

Some humans, or cyborgs, may prefer to be ruled by machines, instead of by humans. I have nothing to say to those. It should also be kept in mind, it is not technology or artificial intelligence that is the enemy, it is the misuse of it, for the purpose of the enslavement of humanity. A nation in which key scientists or political leaders, are being externally controlled or robotised (often they do not even consciously know they are being controlled or altered, if you do not see the incisions, and escape, you will never even know you were surgically altered), can not by definition be a free or democratic society. The American people now, can win a civil war, at great cost, with the use of Biochemical weapons, and conventional weapons. We are much closer, to civil war, than most think. It would not be a slow build up type thing now, but more like a sudden break in the dam. At some point, it will be impossible, to hide the truth from the American people. Then we can fight a civil war, or have reform, amnesty, and conciliation.

Once the American people widely understand what has been going on, then in quick succession, if organised technocriminals elect to fight a civil war for the full enslavement of America, the U.S. economy collapses, and things get very very ugly, in an open manner. They are in a trap now. They can not keep themselves concealed from the American people, without continued criminal behaviour in the development, and illegal use, of their technology. So they create more and more evidence of their existance of their crimes, just to stay even, and not be exposed, and widely reacted against.

So far as alien intervention goes, I think it is all criminal fear propaganda, to divide and intimidate those who become aware of them, and their activities. There may well be technological aliens visiting Earth. I am familiar enough, with "governmental" technology, to conclude there is no evidence, they have any alien technology. Technology that may have been developed before independently on other Worlds, which maybe some technological type aliens might even want to keep an eye on on Earth, but all stuff that could have been developed by humans, and by computers and robots made by humans.

In modern high tech warfare, in any given society, there are a very limited number of real players. Persons holding such technology, trained or experienced in its use, and scientists who can or have contributed to its development. Same with capital, military power, intelligence power, court power, and political power, only a very limited number of players. To take over power bases in modern societies, you only need bring a small number of persons under your control. The U.S. can likely be dominated, by control of about 10,000 people. Why I would be selected to be one of those 10,000, readers can take my word for it, or not. In any case, if I am correct, I am one of those, they failed to take control of. That I am writing this, is evidence in itself, the first big push, to ensalve America, was not fully successful, and adequate martial assets remain, to deter a complete takeover. I do not consider, I was allowed to live, out of charity, I do not consider, there is a charitable bone, in the bodies, of even one of these monsters. I consider I, and others, surviving the first waves of attacks by the internal enemies of the state, have survived because the enemy, is not prepared, to take the consequences, of engaging in full combat with us, as an international WMD power. I consider that we, are one of the fragments left, of the American State, which is not much.

I consider our position, is similar to that of Colonel Fertig, in the Phillipines in WW II. In that action, more than 90% of the U.S. military assets in the Phillipines, followed the illegal surrender order from Corregidor (under duress, a pistol held to the general's head who gave the order, by the Japanese), and most of those who did not follow the initial surrender order, were killed, captured, or surrendered, within 30 days of the illegal order.

Who our Colonel Fertig is, our highest ranking remaining military officer in America, I do not know, nor should any of us know, as it would place them in danger. Our relative ranks, before our nation was stolen by internal enemies, has little meaning now. How many soldiers are still under your command, how many recruits have you gathered, what weapons do you hold, what technology can you contribute to any future war effort against the enemy are the measures of your current rank and significance.

If we are patriots, then our duty is very clear, we should fight this enemy, to the death. I am afraid, I am a bad patriot, and I have agreed to a truce with the enemy. I have not agreed, to be silent about what I know, or to not fight politically or legally. Nor have I accepted any bribes from the enemy, and they have offered me bribes.

The enemy of course, when asked, will explain that I am delusional. My KGB ex wife, now working for the enemy in the US, MD/Ph.D. research scientist with her U.S. medical license, Yana Van Arsdale, if asked, will explain I am delusional (she knows better, we understood who we each were before we married, part of the peace process and of the building up of stability within the NWO). My answer is, how can they explain the high tech implants in my body? How can they explain, that law enforcement, the courts, the American people, can not gather the resources, to remove and study these implants, in a public manner? How can anyone, rationally claim, that if I have implants in my body, for the purpose of mind control and to robotize me as a slave scientist, how can that not be a threat to U.S. national security? If my claims are false, then why not prove it, in a public manner, and put my case to rest? Is not my claim in itself, if false, not a threat to U.S. national security, as thousands now, believe I am telling the truth, and might even be inspired to take action in defense of my false position?

I am an advanced weapons scientist. I have no problem to prove this, in the lab, or by interaction with my peers in weapons science. This, also, makes my allegations a threat to U.S. national security, whether my claims are false or real. It is impossible, for anyone, to have any legitimate basis, to justify my claims should be ignored. I am not claiming some sort of abuse without physical evidence, I am claiming, I have technologically advanced objects in my body, which show on X-Rays, and that I was exmained by UCLA medical staff, shortly after my surgery in early 1982, who confirmed my allegations based upon their own independent examination of my incisions and injuries.

The current position, of concealment from the American people of these types of crimes, can not be maintained. Without reforms, and public disclosures, and strong legal defenses of the American people from such crimes, we have only one future, a bloody civil war. I can write this, without the commission of any crime, because I am part of a truce, and have agreed to take no criminal or violent actions for our cause, with the enemy, and my word is good on this. This truce, which many survivors agreed to, only delays the inevitable, only by bringing this out in the open, can we prevent civil war. I know for certain, many among the enemy, are reading. I appeal to you, end this now, confess to your crimes, report the crimes of others, I know many of you are under the control of your own wills still. If we do not end this silly game soon, the American people will pay a terrible price, and reconciliation will become more and more difficult, the longer these crimes are concealed.

To anyone in law enforcement, the courts, or in politics or the press. If I am delusional, so what. I do not base my claims upon conspiracy theory, but on hard evidence. Accept my offer, and have a look. If there are no implants in my body, then we can expose my delusion to the public, and any supporters I have hiding, and armed with advanced biochemcial weapon generating bacterial cultures, will know they stand and wait for a delusional cause. If my claims are valid, then the implants should be exposed, as a warning to the American people, of a terrible threat to their security (even if my implants were put in me in some other nation, which they were not, and I am ready to testify to this effect under oath). The peace now is a sham, an unstable Pax Romani. There is no benefit to anyone, to play this game, except those criminals who wait for some technological breakthrough in their efforts to enslave humanity. A breakthrough, which will meet their expectations, and more, it  will not only ensalve humanity, it will enslave them as well, that is, those humans who survive, and have anything of usefullness to the real enemy (artificial life forms which will break free of human control), will be enslaved.

It eludes me, exactly what is so hard to understand about this. If the World, its people, and its resources, are to remain under human control, we have to expose this menace, study it, and make it public, otherwise, there is no hope for any of us, human, or cyborg. I am expert enough, to understand the nature of the menace. Einstein, was not heeded, about the danger of nuclear weapons. How many such mistakes, can humans, and human autonomy, survive? Is there not even one man or woman among you, with the resources, to assist me in my offer, to put my claim of implants in my body, before the American people, to for once and for all, be either proven or disproven? Will I really have to do it myself? Call in the press and media, and surgically remove implants on some busy city street cameras rolling, and publish them myself? Am I really so isolated as that? No, I am not looking for help for myself. I do not feel I am in any danger now, or in any unusual pain or discomfort.

What I am seeking, is assistance, to perform my duty. As a soldier, as an American patriot, and as a Christian, to show the American people, what it is inside of my flesh, that should never have been put there in the first place, under any circumstances. I do not at all relish the thought of going public with this thing, which has been a humuliation to me, all of my adult life. Everyday I think, what could I have done, to not be trusted by my own nation? Over and over it I go, the only answer I can find, is I did nothing, to merit such treatment. That if it happened to me, then it could happen to ten thousand other Americans, carefully selected in a manner to destroy American democracy and autonomy. And if persons who could do that to me, should gain enough power, then they can potentially, do the same, to every American, who resists their control power in our nation. My life is insignificant, my comforts, my security, in comparison to the magnitude of the crime I am aware of, but of which some 99% or more of the American people, are intentionally kept in ignorance. I once requested of the enemy, that they execute me, as suicide is not an option for me, as a Christian. That if they had decided I was some sort of traitor, to be treated in such a manner, that I would never submit to such authority, and that they should execute me as a traitor, as they were treating me as a traitor. They declined to execute me, though it is within the enemy's power, any time, to execute me;  of this I am sure. Now I declare, the only way to stop me, is to execute me, or otherwise impair my ability. If nobody will help me, I will, and can, do this myself.

I am not going to go to some other country to have my implantes removed, studied, and exposed. I was born in America, and the implants were put in my flesh in America; it is in America, they will come out, even if they fall out of my decomposing corpse, or are removed during some home invasion, false imprisonment, or kidnapping event. The implants are now my property, by law and custom, anyone who removes them without my consent, will be engaged in the commission of a serious crime (a felony). I agree to have my implants removed, by anyone, first come first serve, my only condition, that it be done in an open and public manner, they be studied, and the results revealed to the American people. I do not request justice to this end, I demand it. If I am not given justice in this way, then I will take it myself, or someone will have to stop me first, by criminal force of some type. I have waited 23 years already for justice. I have killed no person, I have given weapons or technology to no enemy of the state so long as I am alive and seen to be in good condition, I have accepted money from no power outside the U.S., I have worked against the U.S. for no external power, though many times, I could have done these things. I have always done my duty to my nation, even if I did not always do very well, I always did my best. I have waited long enough, I will any time, within the next three years, with no advance public warning, do this myself, if nobody will help me.

Very simple, I will go to some busy street in a major city, and invite people to attend; there will be cameras rolling. And I will perform self surgery, and publish the objects myself, after I study them myself. I am not a masochist, and I do not relish the thought, not at all, to do it without anasthesia or proper medical facilities, with my own hands, cuting more than an inch deep into the bottom of my foot, and after I heal, repeating the process for the other foot. I have no problem with my implants staying in my body, for health reasons (nerve compression etc. is all). This has to be done, in the interests of national security, and in the interests of the American people.

There is no other acceptable course, in my case, except the removal of my implants, their study, their publication and their exposure to the American people. Whoever placed those objects in my body, should have considered, at that time, that things might not go all their way, and they might face exposure of their crimes, some day, before they committed such crimes. This is America, not Nazi Germany, not Stalinist Russia, here, in America, there are people, ready to fight and die if need be, in the defense of their nation, from any enemy, external or internal. I am not going to die of blood loss, from self surgery, I know well enough how to do it. If any criminal should elect to kill me, in an attempt to stop me, so be it. I only regret, that I have but one life, to give for my country. Someone sent me a quote in an Email, to the effect, that to be brave, is to be the only one aware you are afraid. I do not feel brave at all; I am very afraid; I have always been afraid, even before I was implanted, when I began to become aware of what was going on with some groups in our military and goverment. Just sometimes, duty, has to come above fear, even above pain, even above the pain, of high tech remote torture, such as I was subjected to for four days in 1982, without any stop. The batteries running the electrodes are still in my flesh, and still showed on my X-Rays, late last year. My flesh, my spirit, my mind, was shown no mercy. Why should we show any mercy now, to protect the false reputations, of organized criminals, traitors, and false patriots? Even if not one other person can do their duty, I will do mine. It may take me some time to build the strength I need, to do this terrible thing to myself, and cut my own flesh open, to reveal the crime against humanity hidden within (but visible in X-Rays, not so high tech are they, in 1982 at least). Maybe I am delusional some way, maybe you have to be delusional, to stand up to such a criminal invasion of the very temple of your soul, your flesh. Maybe you have to suffer from delusions like patriotism, respect for the laws of men, respect for humanity, the laws of God, to do what I have done. Maybe the enemy is correct, that to stand up to them, by definition, I am a madman. If so, then so be it, maybe in such times as these, when ordinary men fail to defend their nation against internal and external enemies, wielding inhuman technological weapons againt American autonomy and liberty, we need madmen, to serve, where sane men have failed.

It does not matter what anyone tells me, how much I am made to suffer for going public with this, even pressure from my own family to be silent, I can not accept this; I can never accept this; it is against everything any decent person holds dear and true, it can only be a work of evil. I have felt little physical pain from these crimes, since 1982. But I feel a type of pain, pain in that I have not fullfilled my duty, to expose this crime, to the American people, I have failed my people, so long as they live in ignorance of these types of crimes.

As Jesus said, judge works by their fruits. Well I have fruits by which to judge someone's works, I feel them every second, sitting in my flesh, where they were placed, without my advance knowledge, or consent, in Ventura County, California, America. When I complained, and sought help, I was tortured remotely, for four days, in 1982, they warned me to follow orders first, or else, how kind of them. Pain beyond what I can imagine now, though the memory of it, even after 23 years, is like a bright light, a scar, which can never fully heal, in my nervous system. Sometimes I shake a little with fear, just to think of it, after all these years.

I could not accept this then, even under horrific torture I refused to accept it, and I cannot accept it now. As a soldier, I am required only to follow lawful orders. I do not accept anyone involved in such crimes, as an American, they are ex-patriot traitors, or some foreign enemy imported by traitors, nor do I accept that any orders from them can be lawful, in light of their crimes. I hope for peace and reconcliation, but better we fight a civil war, in which tens of millions will die, than become a people enslaved, to hideous high technology weapons, or war and social control. If the choice is peace, amnesty, and reconciliation, I choose peace. If the choice is horrible civil war, or horrible enslavement of America, I choose civil war. In life, or from the grave. A weapons scientist, trained well enough in intelligence work, never really dies, until their work, is no longer useful in war.

I was never a threat to anyone; I was made this way, by criminal conduct and incompetence, among our military "leaders." I did not choose to be what I am, I was forced into it. I can not be made into a monster, unless I am killed much more completely than they murdered me in 1982, nor can I submit, to serve monsters, if I have any free will left. If I am a monster, it is not the type of monster into which I was meant to be fashioned, just I have at each turn, been left only one path of escape, from the enemy. I did what I had to do, to survive and remain free. God can be my judge.
Best Wishes,
Alan Van Arsdale  


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