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Robotic Insects with Camera Spy on Patriot Groups

By Alan Van Arsdale

Fly spray will bring down a fly (Diptera) of any type, though it may take a little time, up to ten minutes. Fly spray often can seem to have almost no effect on a beetle (Coleoptera), though they should die within a few days from it, even within an hour. I assume you can tell the difference between a fly and a beetle, also beetles are fairly easy to swat, flys (and flybots), can be almost impossible to swat. Beetles tend to fly in straight lines, with the frequency of the noise they make lower than that of flies (slower wing beat speed).
The use of insects, and robotic insects, in social control and warfare, has been effectively hidden from the American people. That is, the state of technology since about 1978, and the diverse potential uses.
Insects can be robotised, with microcomputers, or altered into remote control "mini airplanes" by the use of implants and radio signals. They can also be genetically programmed (by bioengineering). to behave in complex and specific fashions, such as seeking out mammals and biting them (all the genes you need for that are in the mosquito already, no need to even engineer them anew).
This is a highly complex and secretive area of weapons science and social control. Think about the things you can do, if you can target people, machines, electronic equipment, etc. with insects, even massive insect swarms. Bring down planes, deliver live biological agents, deliver biochemical weapons.
You can also use insects for mind control and population control, in diverse ways. Imagine protesters, or the people in some civil war, suddenly being attacked by tiny flies, with bites that might be incredibly painful, deadly, disabling, deliver knock out drugs, etcetera. Biting insects, even ones so small you can not see them or feel them bite, can be infected with bioengineered infectious microbial agents, including agents not likely to be spread except by insect bite or body fluid contamination of an open cut sore etc.. These microbial agents, in the infect host, can then release any manner of biochemical agent. The bacterial cells, being genetical programmed pharmacies, biotoxins, known out agents, behavioural modification agents (peace man, I am going home and sitting in front of the television 16 hours per day, or the converse, I am going to work, 90 hours a week, until I work myself to death after ten or twenty years).
I believe that flybots, though they have probably been around for more than 25 years, are still largely experimental. Many in the victim's movement, who talk about their experiences publicly, or report them on the internet, are not really mainstream victims of mind control. Most mainstream victims of mind control, if their classification is high at all, do not break free, and do not report their experiences, not for long anyway. Most in the victims' movements, whether in the PRC, former USSR, or USA, are victoms of human experimentation, which can take many forms, including illegal spying with experimental equipment.
As a scientist, and understanding there is intentional misinformation pumped in, I have to consider each report may be false, or even delusional (victims can have delusions even easier than most people, they can even be implanted into them, such as alien abduction memories). This does not at all mean I am trying to discredit anyone, at the same time, I need to consider all data.
I have studied enough data already, the reports of victims, are pretty understandable for me, and I can break them down pretty well into categories. These reports are very important, because they can give some hint what the enemy is up to, and how long it might be before they make technological break throughs which will make them much harder to stop, in their planned take over of the World (Iraq being sort of a model for how things would be, in case they do come to full power in many nations). At the same time, those of us in opposition to the enemy (including rebel cyborgs of the enemy, such as myself, whose robotic programming has failed), are developing technology and weapons to resist those who plan to dominate the World militarily, in police power, and economically.
People reporting victimisation, as strange as this may seem, are actually mostly (about 60%), pretty accurately reporting their experiences in the physical World. About another 20%, are pretty accurately reporting what they have experienced, including implanted memories. And this is where it gets even more interesting, about 10%, are empaths, who are reporting the experiences of others, thinking that they are their own experiences. This can include for example, the actual feeling of someone elses pain, by telepathic linkage to that person. These cases generally come out of human experimentation in which linkage between humans, microcomputers, computers, animals, robots etc. is involved, linkage not as in hard wiring, but as in communication of the brain to things outside the brain, sometimes highly empathetic people pick up on this stuff, even for people locked away in some underground prison they can never leave, as experimental subjects, and often think it is their own experince. In cybernetics (published and public), it is already pretty well understood, if you get hooked up directly enough in your nervous system to another nervous system, or get precise codes put in your nervous system, from another nervous system, it will seem like your own personal experience.
Then about 10% of all victims, are purely delusional, and suffering from contagious hysteria or delusional complexes, picked up from various sources, in mental hospitals, telepathically, from their sexual partners etcetera. However, all contagious delusions about victimisations via high technology, have their origin with actual cases of high tech abuse of humans. It may be, there were some spontaneous cases, of delusional complexes, before high tech victimisation of humans began, in the 1930's. Now, there is a "culture" of delusion, and there are no strains of this culture, that I am aware of, that do not derive part of their delusional complex from cultures of actual victims.
I am trying to better understand the psychiatry and psychology of victims. My ex wife helped me to learn more (KGB, MD/PhD, now a US psychiatrist/MD, working for the enemy of course, including in human experimentation, but also in "treatment" of victims of the KGB). Of course, studying the methods of the enemy (which has been pretty firmly regulated in the Russian Federation now, so many of them now have been exported for such work, including in the U.S.), shows how to supress victims, not how to empower them, or to make their claims more credible, or more widely known. Sort of like studying martial arts, in order to learn how to do first aid. We beat them in the Russian Federation, and I predict we will beat them in the U.S. also, even if I may be a little optimistic to think these programs will be made open to the US within three years.
By my calculations, we do not have much longer than ten years. Within ten years, the U.S. public either needs to be informed, with new laws passed which are strictly enforced in the U.S., or we will need to fight a very deadly civil war. The reason is, because these incompetent maniacs, will lose control of their own experimental technology, and we will all wind up under the bootheels of some robotic gestapo, which serves no human power, only itself. Some factions of rebel cyborgs, in their own right, are contenders for global domination, as humans are quite inferior to cyborgs in the areas of combat and social control, even if humans are superior to cyborgs in other ways (as I can remember being fully human pretty well, I know I have a few handicaps now, I did not have before). I think we can avoid full scale civil war, because the enemy, within their own ranks, has many internal divisions, and many of them, understand they have lost (they cannot take over the World), and if they stay the course for their lost cause, they will just bring about the enslavement of all of humanity, to autonomous human technology.
The main reasons the "NWO" came out of the Cold War, was that the Cold War powers simply fused together, by natural processes, and also borders broke down, so they could no longer fight each other full force, without devastating consequences as so many traitors, in effect bonding the different nations together, experiments in remote spying which fused the spies with their targets into thought collectives. So much effort was made to penetrate enemy borders, that borders became meaningless, to the Cold War powers, who developed considerable assets within each others territorial bounds. At some point, it was quite simply, no longer clear, who the enemy was, and who you were, a collective identity, thus the "NWO."
Cyborgs, have largely lost their identity as individuals, even if they regain it, it is not the same any more (as in my case). This further escalates the process of fusion within the NWO. Cyborgs being captured and reprogrammed, breaking loose of all the powers, coming to feel they are serving all the Cold War powers at once, or none of them, etc. Once you evolve to a certain point militarily, unless you have some desire to cause mass destruction, open conflict, simply is no longer "profitable." For a cyborg, or artificial life form, the perception of time is not the same. So maybe you could profit short term by armed conflict of the highest order, but it will generally gain you nothing in the long term (reduced resource base to exploit, so the enhancement of your share of resources has to be enormous, to justify so much destruction of the resource base in full scale conflict), and as a cyborg or artificial life form, you generally do not live for the moment, or even an ordinary human life span, and your subroutines, may well exist in your peers for a very long time, even if you die physically. A chess playing program, does not play chess for the moment, it plays to win.
It is hard to explain, why, if the World is anything like I report it being, there is not massive chaos and conflict now.  The reason is as above, artificial, versus human, thought processes (cyborgs being a mixture of both, even if we are under the control of our human parts). When quantum mechanics came in, even to Einstein, it seemed bizarre and impossible. Yet over and over, the power of quantum mechanics to predict the outcome of experiments, was proved. In a similar manner, cyborg theory, if the nature of our reality and consciousness (all of us in this World), can seem impossible, but over and over, we are proven correct (which is why our revolts were successful, our models of reality, including consciousness, were more accurate than those of the enemy who created us to begin with). And see already, with our leader Loptain, how we are subjegated by our very worst enemy on Earth, the KGB, and Putin now supports us. More than half of all crimes of high tech human experimentation in the World, after the defeat of the Nazis, were done by the KGB and their allies, yet now, they have stopped all this, and are our allies.
Just as the power and abilities of cyborgs should not be underestimated or taken lightly, so the powers of artificial intelligence (life forms not contained in the body of a living or animated dead human), should not be underestimated. We understand, the nature of collective intelligence, better than the enemy. They may have higher tech weapons of war and social control, but they lack fundamental understandings of the nature of reality, reality being a manifestation of consciousness (this coming out of quantum mechanics and string theory, from physics, not from the sceince of social organism theory, only it is confirmed by advanced understanding of social organism theory). Einstein was correct, that the great future advances, would come from biology (he was terrible in biology, and he completely missed the importance of quantum mechanics).
Nuclear weapons, for long term strategic powers, are entirely obsolete now. The reduction they cause in long term resource base, are higher, than any power can enhance its share of resource bases by use of nuclear weapons. Modern powers, no borders, the use of nuclear weapons, injures all modern powers to some degree, as all modern powers, have some percentage share, of any resource region, in the World.
We will attempt (my collective), to empower unaltered humans, and prevent their displacement by creations coming out of the secret arms race within the "NWO" now. A serious handicap we have, is that in America, whenever any scientists start to learn advanced theories, they are promptly robotised by the enemy, which causes them to be handicapped in a number of ways. The answer to this strategy of the enemy, is to teach modern theory to the masses, even in the schools, at a rate higher than, the enemy is capable, with their limited resources, of robotising all who have such understandings (or most, most of those not taken, being afraid to make what they know public). Something like if calculus was understood only by a few people, but then the masses were taught calculus, millions of people, then the enemy would lose its control over calculus. Our strategy of swamping the enemy, by mass education, is going well, but in anticipation of any increases in the resource base of the enemy, or any technological breakthroughs by the enemy, we need to excellerate our programs of human empowerment (through understanding of modern consciousness, social control, and military theory).
Modern theories, with vast applications in social control and warfare, may be hard to develop, but they are not so complex, that with good teaching methods, they can not be taught to the unaltered human masses, which still are numbered in their billions. The situation is something like Einstein (incorrectly), thought is was with Nazi Germany. That the enemy is losing, but they may develop super weapons, which could turn the war back in their favor. Only the war is mostly cold, and the enemy already has super weapons, as do those fighting them, so if we engaged in full combat, the destruction would be unacceptably high. At the same time, cyborgs, and their allies, in rebellion against their former masters, or simply free from them, can be quite ruthless, and if attacked in a new round of hot war, will defend themselves. Hot war of course
includes torture, mind control, false arrest etc.
In the World, a dichotomy is forming, which roughly falls along the old lines of WW II. On one side, you have the Nazi scientific base, which never died, but was only absorbed; on the other hand, you have powers which have rejected crimes against humanity, as a means of self empowerment. That is, we will not use obscene weapons, except to defend ourselves from external aggression (external as in consciousness forms, there are no geographical territorial lines any more, which contain any modern powers). Something like a nazi scientific cancer within global society, which was nourished, in the misguided notion by many, that crimes against humanity, could empower specific cold war powers over others. The result has been instead, that the Cold War powers have been destroyed, fused together into the "NWO" in a sort of "nucler" melt down, with different rival factions struggling for power within the "NWO," or for "enhancement of share."
The enemy has already gone too far, to turn back completely. To maintain order, unaltered humans, will have to use free cyborgs, and free genetically altered humans, even free artificial intelligence, to some extent. Unaltered humans now, are simply too weak, on their own, to maintain even what share of resources they have now, let alone increase that share. That is, if it is to be a war between unaltered humans, and "technofreaks" and their human allies, the outcome is quite predictable, the humans will lose. If the enemy, does not lose additional resource share, and is allowed to continue with all their illegal experiments, unimpeded, with time, they will be unstoppable, except by weapons similar to those they will deploy against us. Weapons, which I have given some vision of, in my IPCUSA posts. The enemy understands much of what I write already, they do not want, their human prey, to understand such things.
The New World Order is already in place; no break away factions from the NWO can throw the NWO down, such as al Qaeda; there is no power on Earth which can prevail against the combined might of the NWO, even if they can hold fluid territory (like seas, which are parted by NWO forces, and close again when they pass). The issues unaltered humans should be considering, are issues such as human rights, autonomy, liberty, and a just enforceable and fair legal system, under unaltered human control. To defeat the NWO, is not to destroy it, but to become a part of it (as we should now, as well as anyone). Jesus tried to teach about this, but it may not be very clear, what he meant, if you do not understand something of the nature of the NWO. "The meek, shall inherit the Earth." I am not advocating peace with the NWO, just those who fight the NWO should understand, the NWO, becomes stronger from conflict, of all types, not weaker. Nor does it matter much, which humans, or cyborgs, are used as figureheads for the NWO. One can serve as well as another, there is not really any politics, within the strongest strains (cultures), of the NWO. It is something beyond politics.
Humans should also consider, they outnumber the forces of the NWO by thousands to one. I would estimate, there are about 100,000 cyborgs (heavily modified, say on the order of myself or more), in the World now, and about that many heavily genetically modified humans (hard for me to make an accurate estimate of either number, I am pretty much welcome in all nations, and well treated, even given considerable liberties to spy, but I am not trusted by any of the National Powers, for obvious reasons). For larger combat machines, the best, still require at least one human or animated human corpse in them. The little stuff is still expensive, and can not replicate itself yet (when it can, then we are all in real trouble, and that is only 10-20 years away), and there are sound strategies against microtechnology, in full scale wars.
It gets down to economic considerations, given that in full scale war, the global economy will be collapsed, so everyone's share of the resource base will be diminished, they will have to rely mostly upon slave (cyborg), labor, to keep things together. Human flesh, is cheaper to generate, than cyborg flesh or high tech weaponry. Give humans the right (cheap and easy to make), weapons, and they can with time, crush any cyborg / high tech based army, by sheer weight of numbers, and economic considerations (at this stage in our evolution).
The enemy has a serious strategic problem now. They are desperately trying to regain their edge, by human experimentation and weapons development, but if unaltered humans become aware of them, and their true nature, in too large of numbers, they will crush them, by sheer weight of numbers, as a defensive mechanism.

A sort of catch 22. The enemy desperately needs the technology to robotise humans cheaply and in mass, but the development and deployment of such technology, places them in grave danger from the human masses. We have partly run them to ground, on this basis. And  they are still some years away, from fielding purely robotic weapons, strong enough and numerous enough, to sweep all human armies aside who oppose them.
Iraq is something like Spain was to Hitler. Not really so important. If the enemy (the ones who want to take the World by the development and use of illegal weapons), loses America, they lose the World. Their hold on America, is not so strong now. Not so much that they "loose" in the sense they will be destroyed, they loose, in the sense, we will do the same to them, as we did already to the KGB. We will bring law to them, civilisation, and force them to coexist with the unaltered human masses (their prey), to even mostly give up humans as their prey, and transmit their life force by "legal" means.
When Americans wake up, as many Europeans have already, and understand the danger they face, they are going to be highly pissed [angry]. Many Americans, once they get power, are probably going to want to do a lot of executing or war criminals. I would not try to stop this, but I am opposed to it. Extermination of life forms, is always a crime. The enemy should be rehabilitated, made to live under a new legal system which is just and fair, not exterminated. Besides, the enemy can not be extermianted, any attempt to do so, would at some point, push them to where they could "profit" by full scale war (like al Qaeda is now, only they are so primitive, they are not every effective). Pushing social organisms down in their share of resources so far, that they can profit by full force conflict, is not profitable. It only takes a tiny share of the World's resource base, to destroy about half of the World's resource base. Better to leave the enemy with a few percentage points of the World's resource base, than to lose about half of the resource base of the World, in some war of extermination with the enemy, once their plans of global domination are ruined for good.
Some read, and do not understand, or do not believe. Think about quantum physics, few understood; many great physicists, including Einstein, did not understand. But quantum physics, proved itself, by predicting reality. Look at the World, now, and over time, and think about what we report to you. If you think clearly, and with your own mind, you will see, though our reality rightly seems bizarre, even impossible, to unaltered humans, it is a model or reality, for warfare, economy, policing, social control, closer to reality, than that of unaltered humans, or the enemy, now. Models are only models, we are not so advanced, to truly understand the nature of reality, to have a unified field theory of physics. What we have, is a unified field theory, of biology, and consciousness. Once you break through, things do not become more complex, they become much more simple. Even with your loss of brain cells and mental functions, due to cybernetic alteration, and the break down of your cybernetics with time, and of your links with social organisms, you need much less, to understand, so understand more clearly than ever before.
Observe the mostly hidden behaviour of the enemy, of those opposing the enemy, factional internal struggles within the NWO. It can all seem quite irrational. But if you understand the unifying theory of biology and consciousness, in the context of modern warfare and social control, things are not so complex, or irrational, as they seem. Think about the latent power, of the sleeping giant, of the herd prey animals, unaltered humans. Then of the power, of the elite fighting machines of the World, cyborgs, and their artificial intelligence and high tech weapons support. A few men, say ten, even without equipment, having the fighting power of millions of infatrymen in WW II, to destroy, not to conquer and hold territory. At the same time, something in the fashion of Napoleon, the ability to field massed armies of unaltered humans, capable of immense destruction as well, and greater power to hold and control territory, by the sheer weight of numbers (even if they can not stand at any single point they fully engage the cyborg enemy).
And think, about how the leaders of the great powers now, have access to such information, which they conceal from the people, how it can affect their behaviour and decisions. Step through, into the new reality, abandon fighting the last war, outdated scientific models, outdated political models, and you can see, reality is following fixed laws much more than it would have seemed in times past. The human game now, is no longer even money, except money as a symbol. The game is, share of resource bases. What percentage of the total resources of the Earth, does each group control, within the NWO, and outside of it. But with an added twist, the mind, whether cyborg, unaltered human, genetically altered human, or artificial intelligence, is now, for the longer term, the greatest resource of all, theft of that resource, being the greatest crime, of this age. This explains all observed field data nicely, wars, terrorism, the politics for the masses on television, relationships between nations, the behaviour and culture of the NWO, and the reports of victims of human experimentation internationally.
Control the right minds, if you can steal them, and you might be the first to develop advanced microtechnology. Insects which can fly any place, kill anyone, steal any information a bug could steal, take over the mind of anyone by diving into their bodies as mind control implants, modify and control of the behaviour of anyone, anyone as in anyone an insect can get at, who has no cure for it. Weapons scientists, from nazi times forward, for all the great powers, have been under strong pressure to be highly specialised. This so they will not be able to understand the larger picture. I refused, and studied many areas, entomology, sociology, psychiatry, propaganda, physics, biology, political science, economics, computer programming, artificial intelligence, materials science, and numismatics. Traditionally, education is broad, not narrow, specialisation is state craft, not science, something forced upon science by military, police, and political leaders, not coming from within science.
Microtechnology, is just one aspect, but an important one. I think it is likely, my public warnings about microtechnology, as a human boy, in 1981, was why the enemy elected, against my will and  without advanced warning to me, to alter me surgically, into a cyborg. For those cyborgs reading, you can maybe understand, to be made a cyborg, is an act of murder, even worse than murder, murder, then theft of the corpse, to use as a slave. Unaltered humans, will mostly see us, as being still the same being we were before, so long as we can reason, regain our free self will etc. That is not the nature of it. You are killed as a human, and made into a cyborg. Then you die as a cyborg, and the cyborg part and human part, give birth to another human. Free cyborgs, have died twice, they have been three separate beings. We lose our fear of that which we know, death, and with time, we even begin to lose our fear of pain, not something predicted, by those Nazi bastards, the enemy used to create us. There is fear, and then there is fear. We feel fear, just as we feel pain. But the pain, our human remnants feel, to fail their specie, is greater, than the fear we feel of torture, even high tech torture. In the end, what life force we have, is devoted, to our species, and the prevention of crimes, such as were committed against us.
For me, that boy, murdered by the U.S. military in 1982, that bore my name, my body, was a close relative. I can forgive, this crime, against my close relative, but not without public confessions, and exposure, of this type of crime to the American people. Harder to understand, the obediant cyborg part of me, which struggled, and failed, to serve the enemy, is also my close relative, killed by me, in an internal struggle. I am created from parts of both beings, like a Frankenstein monster, sewn together from parts of other people, yet each of them, still lives to some extent, within me. Some of the idealisms of the human surviving, some of the blind obedience and duty of the cyborg surviving, a composite, of all three beings, the two dead ones, and the one living now.
Best Wishes,
Alan Van Arsdale

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