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Bogus Palestinian Election

January 12, 2005

Palestine! O Palestine! [Confirmation of New Trend Report.]
New Trend’s expert on Palestine stated quite clearly that the election of Abbas [Abu Mazen] was bogus. He was elected by Israel and the U.S.A., not by the Palestinian people who are under military occupation. Such an election is a fraud and is null and void both under international law and under Islamic law. It points to the kind of election planned for Iraq on January 30.
Reports in a variety of smaller American newspapers confirm our report. In its January 8 report, the Daily Press of Newport News, Virginia stated that “... Israeli authorities allowed Abbas to move freely between the West Bank and Gaza Strip while other candidates were blocked” according to a candidate from Fatah itself.
 On January 11, the news ticker under MSNBC reported that 200,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem were not allowed to vote. The Dallas Morning News, from which the Daily Press picked up its report, quoted a Jerusalem man in the street as saying: “It doesn’t matter whom you vote forÆ Whoever [sic] the United States has chosen, he will win.”
While the mainstream TV channels were trumpeting the story of the “fair elections” held in occupied Palestine, on January 11 Israeli tanks once again entered Gaza and started the process of murder and mayhem. The Zionist-controlled media here did not even discuss it.
CARTER’S SIMPLICITY: Former President Carter endorsed the Israeli claim that it was a fair election. Mr. Carter simply looked at the voting at the polling booths. He did not see the cities under occupation. He also ignored the murder of the entire Palestinian leadership by the Israelis before the elections. On January 11, SHARON CALLED ABBAS TO CONGRATULATE him on his ELECTION victory. The same Sharon refused to talk to Arafat for SEVERAL YEARS while holding him under house arrest under TANK GUN POINT.

Editor's note: Anyone who is a reader of this publication, knows that former President Jimmy Carter is a member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission; Carter is now a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well. This is what prompts him to tote the government line.

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