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A few of the best online sources include Al Jazeera; Reports by Robert Fisk and Phil Reeves in the London Independent; The UK Guardian; The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; The Palestinian Red Crescent Society; and B’Tselem. Regarding eye injuries, an example is: "By May 2001, there were already two hundred people treated for eye wounds at St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem alone." Tanya Reinhart, Israel/Palestine , Seven Stories Press, New York, p. 115
Some of the best books I have read are listed at the end of the article and online at
For more information about the nerve gas being used, see Brooks, James, "The Israeli Poison Gas Attacks: A preliminary investigation", Media Monitors Network , January 8, 2003,
There are numerous human rights reports on Israeli torture, see for example, "Israel Increases Its Use of Torture Practices Among Palestinian Prisoners", A Report Issued by the Palestinian Prisoner Society, June 21, 2002,
Davar , June 9, 1979: Testimony of an Israeli soldier who participated in the massacre at al Duwayma Village on Oct. 29, 1948: "[they] killed between 80 to 100 Arabs, women and children. To kill the children they fractured their heads with sticks. There was not one house without corpses. The men and women of the villages were pushed into houses without food or water. Then the saboteurs came to dynamite the houses. One commander ordered a soldier to bring two women into a house he was about to blow up ... Another soldier prided himself upon having raped an Arab woman before shooting her to death. Another Arab woman with her newborn baby was made to clean the place for a couple of days, and then they shot her and the baby. Educated and welll-mannered commanders who were considered "good guys"... became base murderers, and this not in the storm of battle, but as a method of expulsion and extermination. The fewer the Arabs who remained, the better." For additional information on Israel’s beginnings: Masalha, Nur, Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of "Transfer" in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948 , The Institute for Palestine Studies: Washington D.C., 1992.
Ball, George W. and Douglas B. Ball, The Passionate Attachment: America’s Involvement with Israel, 1947 to the Present , W. W. Norton & Company: New York, 1992, p. 29.
See for example, Amir S Cheshin., Bill Hutman, and Avi Melamed, Separate and Unequal: The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem , Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA, 1999, and David McDowall, Palestine and Israel, University of California Press, 1989, pp. 123-145
Deborah Sontag, "Suicide Bomber Kills 3 Israelis," New York Times , March 5, 2001; it’s interesting to see how this situation was reported elsewhere; for example, the Houston Chronicle carried Sontag’s story under the headline: "Palestinian suicide bomber kills 3 Israelis: Attack gladdens West Bank mourners as conflict grows"
For more information about the attack on the Liberty , visit
Assault on the Liberty (Random House 1980; Ballantine 1986; Reintree Press 2002),;
Neve Gordon & Ruchama Marton, Torture: Human Rights, Medical Ethics and the Case of Israel , Zed Books, London; See for example, Amnesty International Report, "Israel and the Occupied Territories: Mass detention in cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions", May 23, 2002,
For first-hand reports, visit,, or
San Francisco Chronicle , Sept. 10, 1999, A20
See for example, Amnesty International Report, "Israel and the Occupied Territories: Mass detention in cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions", May 23, 2002,
"Hizb Allah leader says Israel tortured him", Al Jazeera, January 27, 2004,; Gutman, Matthew and Tovah Lazaroff, "Dirani to Testify on Rape Charges," Jerusalem Post, Jan 27, 2004
For example:  "Facility 1391: Israel’s Secret Prison," UK Guardian, Nov. 14, 2003,2763,1084796,00.html; "Lebanese group calls on ICRC to prevent Israeli torture in jails," Deutsche Presse-Agentur, March 13, 2000
Enav, Peter, Associated Press, "Militant says he was abused by Israel", Jan. 27, 2004.
"Israel Surrenders A Bargaining Chip," Washington Post , April 6, 2000, p. 1
Jerri Bird, "Arab-Americans in Israel: What ‘Special Relationship’?", June 2002,
If Americans Knew is dedicated to providing full and accurate information to the American public on topics of importance that are underreported or misreported in the American media. Our primary area of focus at this time is Israel/Palestine.
All four of our studies completed so far can be found online at
Information about Israeli and Palestinian children killed in the conflict is available online at
Ackerman, Seth, "The Illusion of Balance: NPR’s coverage of Mideast deaths doesn’t match reality", Extra! , November/December 2001,
The second study is online at
Retro Poll of September/October 2002, online at
Richard Curtiss, "The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs ,, Dec. ’97, pp 43-45,
There are numerous excellent histories that cover this period; two are Sharing the Land of Canaan , Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, Pluto Press, and Nur Masalha, Expulsion of the Palestinians: The Concept of "Transfer" in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948 , The Institute for Palestine Studies: Washington D.C., 1992.  A book list can be found at
Desmond Tutu & Ian Urbina,"Against Israeli Apartheid," International Herald Tribune , 07/02
Mallison, Sally V. and W. Thomas, Armed Conflict in Lebanon 1982: Humanitarian Law in a Real World Setting , American Eduational Trust.
McDowall, David, Palestine and Israel: The Uprising and Beyond , University of California Press (1989): "Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin, shifted away from firearms, telling his soldiers to use ‘might, power, and beatings’... Soldiers armed with cudgels beat up those they could lay their hands on regardless of whether they were demonstrators or not, breaking into homes by day and night, dragging men and women, young and old, from their beds to beat them. At Gaza’s Shifa Hospital 200 people were treated during the first five days of the new policy, most of them suffering from broken elbows and knees. Three had fractured skulls...A government official explained: ‘A detainee sent to prison will be freed in 18 days... but if soldiers break his hand, he won’t be able to throw stones for a month and a half."
For example, "People and the Land", Director: Tom Hayes; "Palestine is Still the Issue", Director: John Pilger.
Personal conversation with filmmaker Tom Hayes, Director of "People and the Land.";; occupied_territories/
"Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons," #16
Mordechai Vanunu, see Mark Gaffney, Dimona, the third temple? : the story behind the Vanunu revelation , Amana Books, : Brattleboro, VT, 1989
Green, Stephen, Living by the Sword , pp. 193-218;; Neff, Donald, Fifty Years of Israel, pp. 279-287,, Donald Neff, "Nixon Administration Ignores Saudi Warnings, Bringing On Oil Boycott," Washington Report on Middle East Affairs , Oct/Nov, 1997, pp. 70-72;;;
Numerous excellent articles can be found at, Israeli media by the way, have covered this aspect openly, eg: Ha’aretz , Friday April 04, 2003: "The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history..."
Green, Stephen, "Serving Two Flags", CounterPunch,  Feb. 28-29, 2004,
Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out , Lawrence Hill Books, Chicago, 1989, pp. 295-314; Democracy Now , Thursday, April 24, 2003, " San Francisco Chronicle Fires Reporter for Attending Peace Protest,"
Phan Nguyen, "Mother Jones Smears Rachel Corrie: Specious Journalism in Defense of Killers," CounterPunch, Sept. 20, 2003 In contrast, Harper’s magazine ran a number of Corrie’s letters. These can be read in full at
Palestine Monitor, "Palestinian Intifada Fact Sheet",


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