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The arrest of Mr. Taysseer Allouni
is a silence of freedom of speech.

Mr. Jose Maria Aznar;
Prime Minister of Spain

Subject: The arrest of Mr. Taysseer Allouni is a silence of freedom of speech

Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM) is a Canadian non-profit media publication whose mission is to provide an alternative media treating a wide range of issues from local civil rights and politics to national and international politics. APM-RAM is committed to a non-biased media free of any stereotyping and hate, APM-RAM supports peace and justice and defends freedom of expression and civil liberties.

Mr. Prime Minster, APM-RAM expresses its outmost concern and condemnation to the arrest of the well-known Al-Jazeera Correspondence Mr. Taysseer Allouni. APM-RAM is strongly worried that the arrest of Mr. Allouni is purely based on a political agenda that works to silence freedom of speech and freedom of expression and direct threat to the right of population to know the reality by having an alternative view to the events.

Moreover, to have Mr. Allouni arrested in Spain based on mere allegations alarm the advocates of human rights world wide, and shaken the credibility of the democratic system that is supposed to be the reflect of the people's will and defending their rights.

Mr. Prime Minster, APM-RAM urges your government to take courageous steps in assuring the release of Mr. Allouni back to his family, granted due process, and fair judicial approach. Moreover, we would like to underline the reality that, any government allows itself to go against the will of the people will turn to be a real threat to the civilization and democracy and history is the best proof of that.

For Justice and Peace;

Mohamed Kamel, President
Alternative Perspective Media (APM-RAM)
7400 Taschereau C.P. 92037
Brossard, Quebec, J4W 3K8

Spain Ambassador in Ottawa
Spain Consulate General in Montreal

Editor's note: Earlier this year, I made the personal decision to boycott Spain because of King Juan Carlos support for Bush's war against Iraq. Therefore, it was a simple matter to boycott Spain to free Mr. Allouni also. You may wish to do this too.


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