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Privatizing Medicare and removing
existing prescription drug benefits

They are coming after Medicare just like they did with overtime pay. This week the Bush administration and its allies in Congress are targeting Medicare--just as they have targeted overtime pay and good jobs. Behind closed doors, a final proposal to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare is being hammered out--and tragically, the deal being hatched is a trick proposal that would radically change Medicare and harm more than help America's current and future retirees.

The proposed changes in Medicare would:+ Privatize Medicare and put seniors at the mercy of insurance companies.+ Leave millions of seniors with huge drug costs despite a 50 % Medicare premium increase. + Threaten employer-provided prescription drug coverage--4 million retirees who have coverage now could lose it. + Increase future premiums by 25 percent if you stay in the Medicare you know with the doctor of your choice. + Prevent our government from reining in prescription drug prices. Half of all seniors won't save any money on their drug costs. Isn't a prescription drug benefit supposed to save seniors money? Every retiree should have prescription drug coverage under Medicare.

You can take action to stop these cynical changes before they become law. Please take one minute right now to send your US senators and representative a fax Letter I am writing to express my grave concerns about the prescription drug legislation being hatched behind closed doors in Congress right now. It is a tragedy that Congress would take advantage of the urgent need for a prescription drug benefit to come up with a plan that would do more harm than good. Millions of people will be saddled with even higher drug costs, and the Medicare system that has been such a success for our nation's families will be terminally undercut. Congress should take NO measure that causes any employers to drop coverage for retirees. It is outrageous that so many seniors must pay so much for the prescription drugs they need. I hope you will do the right thing and only vote for prescription drug legislation that makes things better, not worse.

Editor's note: This is the beginning of the end for the American people if they don't wake up. The Illuminati want them groveling in the streets fighting one another for a morsel of food; the problem is that most of them just do not realize it, and may not because they do not listen to people like me who know the reality. The woman who initially sent this out is one of the people who told me to remove her from my list and became angry with me when all I was trying to do was teach her the truth and put her in control of the US government.


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