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Creeping NWO: Issue 3

by Dr. Beter

Topic #3--Perhaps you are wondering why I have chosen to talk today about preparations for our new American Constitution and maneuverings for a new Asian war all as one topic. The reason is that both are parts of the larger Rockefeller plan for world conquest and one Rockefeller-world-government, as outlined in Hoffman Nickerson's Rockefeller-authorized book THE AMERICAN RICH published in 1930.

On previous occasions I have alluded to the fact that Japan, since World War II, has been substantially under the thumb of the four Rockefeller Brothers, and in particular of John D. Rockefeller III. It was John, as I explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 3, who helped pave the way for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor through his spy ring activities under the cloak of the "Institute of Pacific Relations."

If you had any doubts about what I have told you of the Rockefeller control over Japan, I hope you paid close attention to the recent visit by Emperor Hirohito to our country. From start to finish with scarcely a break, he was in Rockefeller company on Rockefeller turf, from the Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia tourist attraction owned by the Rockefellers, to Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller's Japanese-style house at Pocantico Hills. Our figurehead President Ford and other officials hardly even counted!

Nelson's brother John, who is heading the publicity campaign for their own new Constitution under the banner of a Second American Revolution, is still up to his old tricks in the Pacific too. On September 15, 1975, a significant article appeared in the Vancouver Province newspaper describing a hush-hush meeting that was not even reported in the United States. The article was entitled, quote: "ROCKEFELLER'S BRAINTRUST MEETING ENDS" and reads in part as follows, and I quote:

"An informal conference of some of the Pacific Rim's most influential political and economic thinkers convened by financier John D. Rockefeller III ended here Saturday; and only then was the list of participants released. The 43 guests invited to the 'Williamsburg Five Conference' from southeast Asia, Australia, and North America met for four days in off-the-record sessions representing only themselves, not their organizations."

Still quoting:

"Participants included George Ball, former United States Undersecretary of State; Derek Davies, editor of the authoritative Far Eastern Economic Review; Newsweek editor Osborn Elliott; Exxon chairman C. C. Garvin; United States Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott; Mitsubishi Research Director Morihisa Emori; and Khoman Thanat, former Thai Foreign Minister. Other guests included top-level experts from Asian and United States companies, publications, banks, universities, various ministries, and presidential circles."

In a news conference after the meeting, Robert Barnett, director of the Washington center of the Asian Society, was asked what effect the discussions would have on the foreign policy of various countries, and he answered, quote:

"I would say the probability of direct influences, very small; and the probability of indirect influence is very considerable."

It is mentioned that the conferences began in Williamsburg, Virginia five years ago to discuss, quote, "the then-new breakthrough in United States-Chinese relations."

The Rockefeller Brothers are maneuvering rapidly to bring on the Asian war, which they plan to ignite in March 1977 as their target date. Their goal is to take over India, the former crown jewel of the British Empire, which is rich in iron ore, precious metals, and various other natural resources as well as cheap labor. Already 1,000 or so inhabitants of a small island in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, are being involuntarily relocated elsewhere to make room for the rapid build-up of a U.S. Naval Base in preparation for the coming war in that area.

Henry Kissinger's new controversial Sinai Accord, involving 200 so-called civilian technicians to be placed in no-man's land between Israel and Egypt, is also a part of the global preparations for Asian war by the Rockefellers.

The primary focus right now is not the Middle East itself, but Asia. Israel is, in effect, to become our advanced base for American military operations when we are drawn into the Asian conflict on the side of Russia and India and against the Sino-Japanese Axis which, through Japan, will also be under Rockefeller influence. Huge amounts of arms are being pumped into Israel, with much smaller token amounts promised to Egypt.

Israel is being used, while the Arabs are being placated for now to keep the region's oil supplies secure for the planned war.

Those so-called civilian technicians will be civilian in name only. They are actually the advance command nuclei of the American military build-up in the Sinai that is already going on in secret. The whole purpose of this is not fundamentally to protect the Israelis and Egyptians from one another, but to keep open the American supply line to the East for war in India. Should India fall through subversion before 1977, the war now brewing will no longer be necessary. In that event, the Rockefeller plans will revert to those described in my AUDIO BOOK No. 1 released a year ago: WORLD WAR III, with America the primary nuclear battlefield, beginning just a little later than the war now planned. For that purpose, the Rockefeller Brothers have as their ace in the hole the Panama Canal. It is already targeted by atomic missiles in the Republic of Guyana in Latin America; and while negotiations proceed to return partial sovereignty over the Canal Zone to Panama, the United States is negotiating to retain the right to defend the Canal indefinitely in case of attack. The Panama Canal will thus be the new Pearl Harbor, and we are to be dragged into nuclear war in its defense under that contingent war plan of the Rockefeller Brothers.

Meanwhile here at home the Rockefellers are already making war--propaganda war, economic war, and political war--on us, the peasants as they call us. As I explained in my AUDIO BOOK, "THE SECRET NEW CONSTITUTION FOR AMERICA," the Rockefellers have several contingency plans through which their new Constitution may potentially be put into effect, and they are keeping all of them alive. The primary plan is still for us to accept it by the national referendum in the midst of economic chaos a year from now; but earlier this year, for example, House Concurrent Resolution No. 28 was introduced calling for a Constitutional Convention to be called and complete its work before July 4, 1976! Under this resolution, one of the co-chairmen would be the Senate president pro tem--that is, Nelson Rockefeller.

Meanwhile the piecemeal dismantling of our Constitutional Rights is continuing. One of the more notorious examples lately has been Senate Bill No. 1 sponsored by a whole flock of Senate stars when it was introduced, ranging from Senator John McClellan, who ought to have known better, all the way down to Nelson Rockefeller's waterboy, Birch Bayh.

Senate Bill No. 1 is a two-inch-thick complete revision of the Federal Criminal Code with some hair-raising provisions carefully buried all through it. One of these would amount to an official secrets act, imposing criminal penalties on anyone who might dare to publicly expose errors or misdeeds by government officials. Another provision which ties in with the increasingly shrill cries for gun control to disarm us prior to our enslavement, would effectively remove your right to defend yourself in your own home! But these are only proposals so far.

Editor's note: Have we seen this happen? Yes, we have.

Other things are taking effect now. For example: another portent of Rockefeller's proposed Electoral Branch of government is present in the Justice Department which is usurping local authority over the conduct of elections all over America through tools provided by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. For a sobering account about this, I refer you to the front page of the September 29, 1975 issue of the Daily News Digest, P.O. Box 27496, Phoenix, Arizona 85061.

And speaking of the Justice Department, Attorney General Edward Levi recently took the unprecedented step of placing the FBI under his direct, immediate control. There exists no more dangerous Rockefeller agent in our entire government than Levi!

All of these things are very clearly spelled out in the secret new Rockefeller Constitution; but they are only the beginning, my friends. The 10-year multimillion-dollar study that produced their horrendous new document was funded by the Rockefeller Brothers through their controlled Foundations, and no clearer statement of the evil philosophy that motivates the new Constitution is possible than the one given by McGeorge Bundy, the Rockefeller insider who is president of their controlled Ford Foundation. He has been quoted as saying:

"It is better for man to build his own heaven on earth than to seek heaven in Heaven through blood on a cross."

This, my friends, is the true philosophy of the Four Rockefeller Brothers. They strive for their brand of a heaven on earth for themselves, even if that means hell on earth for all the rest of us.


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