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Fort Knox Gold

by Sherman Skolnick

It may come as a shock to some, but the US has very little so-called "US government" gold bullion in Fort Knox. A brave outspoken journalist, Tom Valentine, in the 1970s, exposed as a fraud that there was world-trade-quality gold at Fort Knox. All they have left are poor quality, orangish-looking, melted down coin metal from the seizure in 1934, of gold coins from America's common people. (The American aristocracy, warned in advance, shipped THEIR gold out of the US) The US government gold is gone. Why? Because it was shipped, under the supervision of a plyable US general, to the private central octopus called the Bank of England, in 1968, to stem a run on that bank which had somehow lost all their own gold.

The organization chaired by Alan Greenspan is a coalition of private international banks, that does not answer to the United States Government. And there is no precious metal warehoused in Fort Knox or elsewhere that backs the money that they issue.

670000 - Large shipment of gold leaves Fort Knox, public does not know that their national gold 'reserves' are being secretly depleted by one-world national socialist agents working in US government.

Gold at Fort Knox replaced with gold-plated lead bars, making it the biggest heist in history. Rockefellers involved. James MacDonald becomes critical of Air Force and the CIA.

Throughout the 20th Century this movement toward a one world government has been marching on. This is not new or recent. In his book Critical Path Buckminster Fuller gives a very impressive sweep of the 20th Century, about the large corporations and their agents and the lawyers who basically control the country far more than the people understand. He talked about how all the gold had been removed from Fort Knox by the1960's.

LE: Where did it go?

Gurudas: It went to the banks. They own the country. Fuller called the CIA, "capitalism's invisible army."


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