The Journal of History Spring 2003 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Christian Persecution

By Crystal Cartier

Lord it seems that Christians are once again being fed to the lions
But in so many ways we brought it on ourselves
So many wallowing in greed, sin, hypocrisy, corruption, & crime
So much division amongst ourselves
Sadduces & Pharisees are the reigning status quo
So many prosperous wannabees
Trying to control the flow
The music must be this
The sermon must be that
One must dress & act this a way
Or you will be attacked
Appearances are so important
But inside the rot sure stinks
Financial gain & Sex
Destroys the weakest links
While I've managed to evade
Those self serving traps
Lord my belief system & the Holy Bible
Has come under serious attacks
We know inspired men wrote down & published
What You placed in their hearts & minds
Unfortunately chauvanism, racism, & "self" also crept in
Polluting Your Message over time
But to those that seek with sincere eyes
Enuf [Enough] of the Truth clearly remains
To get us all to Heaven
Praise Yeshua's Holy Name
But due to the control freak reputations
Of wicked & hypocritical so-called saints
Making war on your true children
Little respect remains
Atheists are taking over
'[Be]cause religion don't set too well
With folks grown so bitter & hopeless
In a world where everything's for sale
Even the original Hebrew children
Have turned their backs on You
Seeking alternative methods
To chase away their blues
But I will not reject you Lord
No matter come what may
Upon God's Word
I shall Stand
Until Judgment Day

© 7/6/02
Ms. Cartier has given me permission to reprint any of her poetry.


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