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Hue-Man [Human] Holocaust

By Crystal Cartier

10.... 10,000 or a million
To each victim
Genocide is a holocaust
How many hue-mans [humans] have to die
Before we respect their loss?
European Zionists have stolen Holy Land
Pretenders to the faith with a financial plan
Wielding the so-called Hand of God
Hurling bombs like lightning rods
What right does anyone have to exterminate
The natives of any village???
Seize their homes and enslave them
Turning them into dehumanized victims
God's Chosen were selected to lead by example
Not create selfish economic systems
God's Way is the Way of Love
Not all wealth comes from corruption
There are many prosperous children of God
Of every creed & color...
In every culture of every race
There abides Love & grace
Every life is precious
Every life should count
Every spirit should be free & happy
Enjoying Life is what it's all about
Still... Children of Cain just don't get it
They're determined to keep Abel chained on his knees
Slaving for minimum wages and gratefully eating welfare cheese
Health Care is for only the wealthy
Those without money to pay
Become wards of The System
Controlling their lives day by day
Genocide is not the solution
You'll end up cannibalizing yourselves in the end
Man's ego can never be satisfied
Man's greed can never be quenched
But suffering bugs are retaliating
Not all will let Love be their Boss
For every Son of Dollarmite Cain that is killed
Abel's Children suffer a Holocaust.

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