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We all dread getting that phone call late at night from the police officer telling us that a loved one has passed away from injuries sustained in an auto accident. But do we always hear the true facts about what happened?

The families of William Thompson and Don Trevor Adderley were notified by Hampton police of the deaths of their sons and told that paramedics had done everything possible. The facts couldn't be further from the truth.

In Hampton, Virginia, Medic/Firefighters are deliberately withholding and delaying care to minority patients who call 911, causing serious injury and death.

The evidence in this case is overwhelming and the investigative work by the Hampton police is a total disgrace. The state of Virginia office of Emergency Medical Services is actively investigating this case along with several other similar cases.

On Thursday, May 17, 2001, in South Hill Virginia, at the South Hill Police Department beginning at 1300 hrs., there is a meeting set to hear testimony on the practices of the Hampton, Virginia fire department and its poor treatment towards minorities that have caused deaths.

I am actively searching for members of the news media, activists and civil rights organizations to attend this meeting. The facts on these cases will be presented and with your help they will be exposed and others can be warned of the dangers that may be lurking in their home towns. Other paramedics and fire fighters from around the country have emailed me with responses of observing the same activities where they are employed.

Please view the following web site and see some of the facts from the case to be discussed. Please email me your comments if you can't attend the hearing and I will read them to the investigators. Without your support this will continue in America.



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