Did You Know?

* The U.S. sends $15 million per day to Israel according to Ramsey Clark's organization the International Action Center, in New York City. That's a total of $5,475,000,000 annually. That's why the Israeli government can afford to persecute the Palestinian people.

* President Kennedy wanted to nationalize energy. He also wanted to eliminate the oil depletion allowance because the oil companies were depositing profits in off shore banks thereby eliminating paying taxes on the money. The profits were supposed to be returned into finding new sources of energy according to a Kennedy assassination researcher who has researched that assassination for 34 years.

* Bilderberg members in the Senate include Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) and Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut). See Edition 1 for two others. They are newly elected. Source: The Spotlight

* Bill Clinton ordered a retooling of counterintelligence  efforts with a new top government position -- a national counterintelligence executive charged with overseeing activities between the FBI, CIA, and other agencies and making sure they have enough money.

* Congressman Joe Moakley of Massachusetts was determined to close the School of the Americas because he deplored the fact that people were trained to kill and killed the nuns and priest in Central America. Congressman Moakley was widely respected by all who knew him but he still was unable to close that school.

* After the U.S. defeated Spain in the Spanish American War, the U.S. committed the same atrocities against women and children in the Philippines as it did in Vietnam in the 1960s. Babies suckling at their mothers¹ breast were murdered by U.S. forces in the Philippines.

* The teachers¹ labor union has cleaved unto the government now instead of representing the teachers who pay dues to the organization according to one teacher in Washington state.


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