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lll-Gotten Gains, The Rockefeller War on Drugs, Part 4 of 4

President Roosevelt was a Rockefeller supporter and ally and he was a big supporter of the League of Nations, so that will tell you whose side Roosevelt was on. For an in-depth look at the Rockefeller influence on Roosevelt please read Franklin Delano Roosevelt, My Exploited Father-in-Law by Curtis B. Dall.
Although Roosevelt was a democrat, he still received campaign funding from Rockefeller Junior during the Roosevelt presidential campaign. Additionally Roosevelt had ties to New York State politics, as did the Rockefellers. President Roosevelt came from wealth, same as the Rockefellers, and both Rockefeller Junior and Roosevelt were considered the upper echelon of New York society.  Old Rockefeller Senior had never been one to socialize, preferring instead to remain in the background and out of sight, but Junior loved the social life, the parties, and events. When Harry was doing his Reefer Madness campaign, Senior was in his 90s and probably not involved in the family business any longer. Senior died the year the Marijuana Tax Act was passed. 

After the bill was passed, Dr. Woodward of the AMA was unhappy about its passage, and started criticizing Harry and the deception that Harry had practiced. Although a physician in a system controlled by the Rockefellers (he most likely did not know the extent of the Rockefellers control over the doctors and the role Harry played in it), Dr. Woodward still spoke out about how dishonest Harry was.  This is when the vengeful Harry started his reign of terror against the doctors of America who belonged to the AMA. Harry began to arrest physicians all over the country on trumped up narcotic charges.  Harry let the word get back to Woodward that the arrests would continue until Woodward stopped publicly accusing Harry of being dishonest. The number of physicians arrested by Harry in the 1930s is hard to say.  I have seen numbers as low as ten thousand doctors and other numbers much higher indicating that it was closer to thirty thousand doctors when the reign of terror was finished. 
Harry had consolidated the police departments in the country so that they would be the primary enforcers for the protection of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies against competitive drugs. This enforcement would be paid for by the taxpayers. Harry never had any trouble getting any kind of government funding and he got whatever money he wanted for law enforcement. 
There is much written that describes the relationship between Harry and the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies and it can easily be found by an Internet search using (pharmaceutical companies, Harry Anslinger). Harry would often attend congressional hearings flanked by his so called experts from the pharmaceutical companies, and whatever lie Harry would tell, they would go along with it. The pharmaceutical companies owned by the Rockefellers were yes men for Harry. They would say yes to whatever Harry said, in order to back up his lies.  Harry was also known to just make up any fake numbers and fake statistics he wanted in order to feed congress and make his Narcotics Bureau look like it was doing better than it actually was doing. 
The years passed and Harry, always up to no good, continued to work on making more punitive laws for those who used Marijuana, as well as other illegal drugs. Harry would always have a close relationship with the narcotic board of the League of Nations.
During World War II, it came to the attention of the US Government that Junior was selling petroleum to the Nazis. The German subs that sank allied ships were run on fuel supplied by Standard Oil.  The German planes that bombed London could never have left the ground without a leaded fuel additive developed by Standard Oil. It was Rockefeller wealth and oil that aided the build-up of the Nazi war machine which led to the genocidal murder of millions of Europeans. The Farben chemical company in Germany (drugs, synthetic fuels, etc.) was majority owned and controlled by Junior. It was Farben that used slave labor from concentration camps. In other words, Junior was a supporter and an ally of Adolph Hitler. The US Government cited Standard Oil twice for violations for selling oil to the Nazis, but the Government did not do anything else to stop Junior from selling oil to the enemy. These actions by Junior were an open secret to the US Government and must have opened the eyes of President Roosevelt to the true and evil nature of the treasonous acts by Junior.

Meanwhile in the United States efforts were being made to debunk the Harry Anslinger reefer madness lies. 

It should be noted that Mayor LaGuardia and President Franklin Roosevelt were political allies and supporters of each other. It is easy to conclude that the LaGuardia report was secretly backed by President Roosevelt, and was his way of debunking Harry Anslinger.
The LaGuardia Report published in the mid-1940s challenged lies by Harry. Fiorello LaGuardia (1882 to 1947), a paradigm of honesty and in-corruptibility, was the Mayor of New York City who organized this landmark research study. Mayor LaGuardia assembled a group of law enforcement, social workers, scientists, physicians, academics and many others to study the marijuana issue. The conclusion of this study said that Marijuana was safe and should be made legal. Harry hated the report and was critical of it, but for the most part, this report was pretty much ignored by the Rockefeller owned media. The reason nothing was done to further legalization efforts was because Roosevelt died the same year the LaGuardia report was published.   
After the war, the League of Nations was given a new name and location. The League was renamed the United Nations, and its headquarters moved from Geneva Switzerland to New York City. During the 1950s Harry did much work with the CIA (Rockefeller controlled) and the military on secret drug experiments code-named MK-ULTRA. This was a secret program using mind altering drugs developed by the pharmaceutical companies to study the science of mind control. These experiments were done on people without their knowledge or permission. These experiments resulted in people dying mysteriously, but it was all top secret so no-one knew. 
Rockefeller Junior died in 1960 and Harry lost his long time benefactor. However another Rockefeller was emerging on the scene that had as fanatical a devotion to the drug war as Rockefeller Junior had ever had. This man was Nelson Rockefeller (1908 to 1979). Nelson Rockefeller was a son of Rockefeller Junior. The tract of land in New York City that the United Nations building was built upon was land donated by Nelson Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller would later become Governor of New York state from 1959 to 1973. Nelson was also the one, when he was governor, who implemented the horribly harsh and draconian Rockefeller drug laws for the residents of New York State, which require harsh mandatory prison sentences for people who are found in possession of illegal drugs, and with especially harsh punishment for marijuana violations.  Nelson Rockefeller did this to protect the family fortune, and when people were persecuted by these bad laws he certainly did not care.  
No president ever stood up to Harry Anslinger except President John Kennedy (1917 to 1963). One report I read said that when Kennedy first became president, he heard a tape recording of Harry ranting and raving over marijuana, and Kennedy said this guy has to go. Harry would soon give President Kennedy the justification to force Harry to retire. It seems that a college professor friend of Kennedy, a man by the name of Alfred Lindsmith wrote a book about the war on drugs called, The Addict and the Law. In his book, Professor Lindsmith was critical of the war on drugs and wanted to see it end. The professor advocated that people who use drugs not be treated like criminals. Harry tried to censor the book because it went against all the lies that Harry used when he would badmouth marijuana. When Kennedy found out that Harry was attempting to censor the book by the professor, Kennedy asked Harry to stop what he was doing.  Harry refused to stop his censorship efforts against the Lindsmith book. Therefore Kennedy fired Harry for insubordination. Officially, it was announced that Harry was retiring, but the facts indicate that Kennedy actually forced Harry to retire, or in effect firing him for his refusal to obey Kennedy. 
There are a number of reports that state that President Kennedy was using Marijuana for the painful muscle spasms in his bad back. According to reports, Kennedy planned to legalize marijuana as soon as he started his second term. Of course that never happened because President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 before he could act. When Kennedy retired Anslinger in 1962 from his job in the federal government, Harry was able to obtain the political power needed to get the United States to officially join the United Nations. When Harry was able to get the U.S to join the U.N., he was then able to get the U.S. to sign the Single Convention on Narcotics and other Drugs treaty. This treaty binds the United States to fight the worldwide war on drugs as the United Nations dictates.  When the treaty was signed, it was reported that Harry gloated and said that now no one would ever be able to legalize marijuana. When Harry left the federal government in 1962, he went back over to his long held position at the United Nations where he was welcomed with open arms. Harry stayed a few more years at the United Nations before retiring. It has been reported that Harry relied on the uses of heavy doses of narcotics to relieve the aches and pain of his old age. It is ironic that Harry, throughout his career punished people for using narcotics and now he was using them too. If anyone is interested about the John Kennedy interaction with Harry, use search engines to look for (marijuana, John Kennedy) and (John Kennedy, Harry Anslinger). 
Richard Nixon (1913 to 1994) and Nelson Rockefeller were allies. In 1972 when Richard Nixon was president, he commissioned a group of various experts to investigate the marijuana issue and report on the matter. The commission, also known as The National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, was chaired by former Pennsylvania Governor Raymond Shafer.  Governor Shafer received great pressure from Nixon to toe the prohibitionist line of the government. The commission issued their conclusion in a report called the Shafer Report. The Shafer Report said that marijuana was safe to use and should be decriminalized. Nixon did not like this conclusion, so he disbanded the committee and threw away their report. Richard Nixon then turned around and escalated the drug war. Nixon also created the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) which is an agency designed to serve the interests of the Rockefeller pharmaceutical companies.
Over the years, right up to the present year of 2010, the destructive, costly and violent war on drugs still continues. The blood that has been shed and the lives that have been so tragically lost are so great that it is hard to imagine. The United States government pours billions of dollars of tax payer money into keeping certain medicines and drugs out of the hands of the citizens because these drugs present a financial threat to the pharmaceutical monopolies owned by the Rockefellers. Especially medicines like marijuana. However, I include narcotics in this too.  If adult people were allowed the legal right to be their own doctor, and if adult citizens were to have the right to treat themselves for pain and other ailments, we would have a much more productive, just, and humane medical system.  If the government prohibition on drugs were to end, adult citizens would be able to use medicines to treat themselves. They could use medicines such as narcotics and cannabis without any fear of government interference or punishment. The war on drugs is not really a war against the drugs (drugs are inanimate), but is instead the punishing of people who use the drugs. Drugs are not the problem; the problem is the prohibition of drugs. It is the prohibition of drugs that brings great calamity to society and should be ended. The next time you hear a callous politician talking tough and taking a punitive approach to people who use drugs, just remember whose financial interests the politician is really protecting. The callous politician is not protecting the financial interests of the citizens, nor has concern for their health. Medicinal marijuana has many uses and is a particularly powerful cancer-fighting medicine and the citizens should not be deprived of its use. It is a God-given right to use this plant from nature and it is a constitutional right also. 
Here is the legal question: Who owns the natural plants that God created? Is it God or the government?  I maintain that God owns all the plants from nature because it was God who created all the plants, not the government. Yet the government has claimed ownership since they prohibit the use of certain plants. Could the government produce ownership papers for natural plants, thus proving they own the plants? The answer is no because the government does not own the plants and has no right to prohibit the plants. God owns the plants. The government has no claim to the ownership of natural plants, and therefore has no legal authority to tell others not to use the plants.
The Declaration of Independence, signed on July 4, 1776 is a cherished document, which established the United States as a separate country from England.  If this founding document had not existed, we would still be a colony of England. This important legal document is celebrated in our country every year on the Fourth of July. On this holiday, throughout the land, Americans plan picnics, attend parades, and view fireworks displays to celebrate our beginning as a nation. Without the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution would have never been written. 
The second paragraph in the Declaration of Independence opens with the words: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 
The fact that the Founding Fathers looked at the concept of God as the Creator of nature is clear to see. In fact, it is stated in the first paragraph of the same document where the Founding Fathers make references to Natures God. It is easy to see that the plants and flowers from nature are God given, since they come from our Creator. The Founding Fathers were not atheists or communists, since they believed in God. 
The Declaration of Independence is the legal document, which gives the people the legal right to use the plants and flowers from nature given to us by our Great Creator, who is the God of Nature. This is why we the people have a God given right, which is also a legal right to grow and use marijuana, opium poppies or any other plant from Nature that God has given to us. The government does not have the legal authority to take away a God given right, no matter what the government says or does. These rights are blessings from our Creator. 
Those people both in private business or government who do not show any respect for the citizens' most basic legal, natural (God given) rights of others to use plants from nature demonstrate that they have no respect for the gifts from our Creator. Nor do they show any respect for the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Those who would knowingly violate the God given rights of others which have been given to all of us by God show they do not believe in the God given rights of others which means they do not believe in God and they are atheists. 
The Declaration of Independence is a legal document and the right of a citizen to use the natural plants/flowers from nature are guaranteed by this document. The Founding Fathers believed that what God has given let no man take away. The government's prohibition of nature's plants goes against the will of God.
Why is it that elected government officials and judges are expected to take an oath to support the Constitution, invoke God in their oath, yet ironically some of them turn around and deny God as the Creator by denying the citizens of their God-given rights and supporting laws that prohibit Nature's plants? Judges in their courts of law require witnesses to take an oath to tell the truth, invoking God in the process, yet some of these judges support prohibition of Nature's plants and refuse to acknowledge God as the Creator of Nature's plants, thus denying the citizens the use of plants which is a God given right. Such a double standard by the government prohibitionists is the height of hypocrisy.

I have covered a lot of information, and researched many years of both the Rockefeller empire and the government.  What I have written in this paper barely scratches the surface, but gives enough information to steer people in the correct direction so that they can do their own research into the origins of the cruel war on drugs. 
I write this document as a service to all the people of the world but to especially help those who have been so cruelly and unjustly persecuted by the drug war laws or will be in the future. My hope is that this document will help to end for all time the cruel and violent drug wars.  Good people working together to end the persecution generated by the punitive drug war, can bring reform to these oppressive laws. People have my permission to reproduce this document, partially or in full, and pass it on to others to read so that everyone will know the truth concerning this issue.

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