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lll-Gotten Gains, The Rockefeller War on Drugs, Part 3 of 4

Unlike the prohibition of other drugs, which was pushed worldwide by the Rockefellers, the prohibition of alcohol was specific to the United States only.  There was no effort by the Rockefellers to push alcohol prohibition elsewhere in the world.  However, since the Ford ethanol industries were limited to the United States, there would have been no purpose in pushing alcohol prohibition elsewhere in the world.  Anyone who is interested in reading more about Henry Ford and hemp fuel can do an Internet search using (Henry Ford, ethanol) and (Henry Ford, hemp) in your search engine and see what you can find about this subject.
The prohibition of alcohol lasted for thirteen long and violent years.  We all know about the gangsters who were being killed during these turbulent times. Many thousands of innocent people were also killed during this time. Many of those killed were innocent bystanders who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prohibition of alcohol began at about the same time that the League of Nations was formed.  The Rockefellers also discontinued their use of missionary groups as a front for their financial interests, because there was no more use for them. Now that the Rockefellers had the League of Nations, they had their own personal sacred cow that they could hide behind; the League. Prohibition eventually would come to an end and when President Franklin Roosevelt (1882 to 1945) ended prohibition in 1933 the nation breathed a sigh of relief. However the wretched violence that alcohol prohibition produced would soon be repeated. New violence and bloodshed were soon coming with the prohibition of marijuana. 
In 1930 the League of Nations put marijuana on their list of prohibited plants and began a worldwide campaign of its eradication. The League claimed that marijuana was harmful and was an addictive type of narcotic, which was as far from the truth as anything can be.  Nevertheless, Junior wanted marijuana gone. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, was too much of a threat to the Rockefeller chemically based pharmaceutical companies, which use oil byproducts to make their chemical drugs.  The Rockefellers knew that medical cannabis was a huge financial threat to their monopoly profits on pharmaceutical drugs and they knew this beneficial plant had to be eliminated because of the competitive threat. A devious plan was hatched that was truly insidious in nature. A propaganda plan was devised which was called the Reefer Madness campaign to brainwash people about a medicinal plant. How the devious plotters accomplished this most horrid of schemes truly reveals the deceptive nature of those involved in this plot and the enormity of their lies. By 1930 when strategies began to be put in place about the propaganda campaign to prohibit cannabis marijuana Rockefeller Senior was getting old.  How aware old Senior may have been about what was happening around him is hard to say, but I would guess that when the Reefer Madness campaign was planned, it was more a Junior scheme and not Senior. 
Before I begin to unravel the mystery and deception which surrounds cannabis prohibition, it is important to understand the truth about the benefits of medical marijuana.  The Reefer Madness propaganda campaign that was launched by Rockefeller Junior and his associates, beginning around 1930, was truly a shameful chapter in history. The brainwashing strategies used by Junior and his associates to get cannabis/marijuana prohibited was so corrupt and deceitful that it defies belief that they were even able to get away with telling such colossal lies, but they did get away with it.  It is important to know what is true and what is not true, or people with hidden and crooked agendas will lie to you and you will never know it. Rockefeller Junior did exploit people with his lies, so it is crucial to know the truth about medical marijuana before proceeding. 
The prohibition of marijuana is based on the fact that medical cannabis is about the most perfect natural medicine known to man.  It is one of the safest medicines available. Cannabis has an excellent safety record going back thousands of years and has never killed anyone. That is certainly more than one can say about the chemically produced pharmaceutical drugs, which kill many tens of thousands of people every year. Prior to 1937, before marijuana was prohibited you could find cannabis mixed with various different brand name medicines in liquid form for a variety of ailments. Medicines designed to treat migraine headaches, menstrual cramps, backaches, painful muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal, and nervous conditions to name just a few of the many medical uses of cannabis.  It was a very commonplace and widely accepted medicine that people could just buy off of the drugstore shelf when needed.  No one had to smoke cannabis to benefit from its beneficial properties; they just bought the liquid medicine from the drugstore and took a spoonful when needed. 
In recent years, going back to at least 1974 the government knew that cannabis researchers at the Medical College of Virginia had discovered while researching cannabis influence on the immune system that cannabis contains powerful cancer fighting properties.  When the government DEA heard about this research, they stopped the Virginia research program and suppressed this research information. Years later in 2000, researchers in Madrid, Spain came to the same conclusion as the 1974 Virginia researchers. Both research studies found that cannabis fights cancer. The government tries their best to bury this type of information because it exposes the government attempt to deceive the public about marijuana. Research institutions in the United States are not allowed to do research using cannabis/marijuana unless it is government approved research.  The government urges its own researchers to find something wrong with marijuana and they are the only ones that are allowed to do research on the plant.  To date the government, despite their desire to find something bad about marijuana cannot find anything negative to say about the plant, because it is so safe, so they make up lies to indicate otherwise to justify prohibition of cannabis/marijuana. However despite the government propaganda to falsely portray cannabis in a negative light, slowly but surely the truth keeps coming forward.  For example, just a few years ago, the Scripps Research Institute in California discovered that cannabis also prevents the progression of Alzheimers disease. Also research has found that cannabis is a neuron protector, meaning it protects the brain, especially from certain neurological conditions.  Meanwhile the Federal government Food and Drug Administration (FDA), controlled by the Rockefellers, claimed stance on cannabis/marijuana is that it has no medicinal value. If the reader is interested in learning more about this subject and more, I recommend an excellent book called The Emperor Has No Clothes, written by Jack Herer, which can be found free on the Internet. Anyone wanting to know more about medicinal cannabis/marijuana can do an Internet search on this subject, since there is a lot of helpful information, especially for sick people. 
In 1930 when the League of Nations decided to prohibit cannabis/marijuana on a worldwide basis, the United States was still technically not a member of the League. Since the Senate had never ratified U.S. entry into the League, the U.S. was not bound by League rules like the countries that had already joined were bound.  Rockefeller Junior needed to make U.S. law in accordance with League of Nations edicts and he soon started working on changing U.S. law.  Junior had an agent, working in the government and his name was Harry Anslinger (1892 to 1975). Harry was one of the most crucial tools that Rockefeller Junior had in his arsenal of brainwashing strategies because Harry was a master at lying. Harry also would be used to organize the use of law enforcement so that the police would be the ones who would end up enforcing the laws that protected the Rockefeller chemically based pharmaceutical big profits. Rockefeller Junior hid behind the scenes while Harry did his dirty work at which Harry excelled. 
Unlike narcotics, cannabis was not a necessity to the Rockefeller controlled medical system and therefore was prohibited altogether. The reason for this is because being a plant, cannabis could not be patented for exclusive Rockefeller use. Since the Rockefellers could not have an exclusive monopoly on cannabis, nor was it a necessity, they would prohibit the plant altogether. In other words if the Rockefellers could not monopolize this plant, then they would forbid anyone else from using it.
Harry Anslinger was born in Pennsylvania of working class parents. Harry dropped out of high school and never completed his formal education. It is reported that Harry did take a few college classes at a local junior college before finding a job with the Pennsylvania Railroad. His rise in the company was meteoric. In 1915, at the age of 23, he was given the job of the Chief of Police of the Pennsylvania Railroad. This new and high level job was a huge one because the railroad was so large and vast, and employed many police and detectives. Harry was put in charge of it all. Who elevated Harry to such a high position when he was of such a young and inexperienced age?  Someone with power in high places had to have helped Harry get promoted at such an early age, and to such a high position in the railroads. I cannot prove that Rockefeller Junior was behind his early career success. However, I can prove that Harry, during his long government career was given a lot of power, rewards and promotions and that would not have happened if John Rockefeller Junior was not supporting Harry. I can prove that Harry had a close and corrupting relationship to the pharmaceutical companies, which were owned by the Rockefellers. I can prove that Harry had close and loyal ties to the League of Nations narcotics commission which was in charge of drug enforcement as early as 1925. 
During World War I, it seems that Harry sat on some sort of military ordinance board, but it appears that he never saw action on the battlefield.  After the war, Harry did not return to his Police Chief Job at the railroad.  Beginning in the early 1920s, it appears that Harry worked in some sort of diplomatic capacity for the U.S. State Department traveling to various countries, such as Germany, Venezuela and others. In the mid 1920s Harry seemed to be, engaged in some alcohol and narcotics interdiction for the government, working off of the Florida coast. Harry also had connections to the League of Nations and during this time sat on the Narcotic commission of the League where he worked on strategy to get Marijuana prohibited worldwide. 
In 1930, President Herbert Hoover, a big Rockefeller supporter, appointed Harry to head a Federal Narcotics Department created specifically for Harry. His new job was in the U.S. Treasury Department, but the Treasury Department head had no power or say so over anything Harry did. In fact, no one in government had any power over Harry.  Harry basically was given power to say and do anything he wanted and no one could stop him. This was because his Federal Bureau of Narcotics Department was created to be independent. Harry did not answer to anyone except for Rockefeller Junior who was his real boss. 
Harry's sole authority to dispense narcotics licenses to doctors, hospitals, and clinics gave him tremendous power over the medical system. 
Harry planned to fool the public by referring to cannabis as marijuana, rather than the proper word cannabis. Most people were not familiar with the word marijuana. They knew it as cannabis instead and Harry knew this. The word marijuana was an obscure slang word for the plant used by sailors coming into New Orleans ports. The slang word was originally coined by Spanish speaking sailors who enjoyed smoking the medicinal buds for rest and recreation. The term marijuana was also used by black jazz musicians, who enjoyed the practice of smoking the marijuana buds. Outside of this specific circle of people in New Orleans, no one else was familiar with this word marijuana. That is why Harry always referred to cannabis as marijuana in order to deceive people as to what he was really trying to ban. Harry needed to perpetuate this lie so people would not know that cannabis was the same as marijuana, because everyone knew that cannabis did not make anyone crazy.
Harry was notorious for being a racist who liked to persecute people of color.  When I read anything about Harry, I am struck by how much he sounded like a Ku Klux Klan member. This should not be surprising. For a period of years during the 1920s and 1930s many in the government were members of this frightening cult. 
Beginning in the mid-1930s, Harry rolled out his campaign to prohibit cannabis/marijuana.  His strategy was to convince people that this wonderful and safe natural medicine would drive you crazy if you used it.  No lie was too big for Harry, a pathological liar. 
Harry kicked off his Reefer-Madness campaign beginning around 1934 to 1935 with an orchestrated newspaper campaign enlisting the help of William Randolph Hearst (1863 to 1951) who ran a chain of newspapers which were tabloid in nature. Hearst had never earned any money of his own. He inherited all of his wealth, which he would soon squander, from his parents. His newspapers had a reputation for using lurid details and sensationalism when printing their stories. His newspapers, despite being so well known, were not good income producers and he had to subsidize his newspapers from other inherited assets. Hearst lived like a playboy and had a weakness for showgirls and starlets, whom he would marry and then divorce. 
Hearst was a poor business manager and spent his money as if he had unlimited wealth, which he did not. He had taken out bank loans to help maintain his lavish lifestyle and to build his castle in California. Soon he was on the verge of bankruptcy. During the depression he was so broke that he was reduced to pawning the jewelry of his girlfriend for extra cash. This information can be found on the Internet Movie Data Base. 
This was the state of affairs when Harry Anslinger enlisted the aid of Hearst to do a newspaper propaganda campaign of hate and lies to scare people about using marijuana. During the 1930s the Hearst newspapers began to print reports of sensational and bloodthirsty crimes by people going on senseless killing sprees. The newspaper would allege that the killer was using marijuana. The Hearst newspapers kept up a steady deluge of hateful lies and propaganda during the mid-30s designed to convince people that marijuana would cause you to go berserk and murder others. Harry often used these inflammatory newspaper stories when going before congress, where he would read the newspaper lies verbatim as part of his testimony on marijuana. His whole goal was to portray people, both African American citizens, and Mexican citizens who used marijuana as out of control maniacs. Hate mongering was a Harry specialty.  
In addition to being a racist bigot, Harry also had a killer mentality. On more than one occasion Harry had stated that he wanted to see all drug dealers executed and he wanted to be the one who would perform the execution. 
Harry was also responsible for making films like Reefer Madness (1936), which is about a group of naive high school and college students who experiment with marijuana and then supposedly go crazy. One of the students commits suicide and the other one has to be put away in a mental institution because allegedly marijuana destroyed his mind.  This propaganda film of government deceit and deception was poorly made, poorly acted and poorly directed.  Reefer Madness was your classic government brainwashing film. The message of this ridiculous, pathetic, and poorly made brainwashing film was that one puff from a marijuana cigarette (reefer) made you addicted for life and headed you down the path of crime and ruin. Harry especially targeted parents for his scare tactics, frightening them into thinking that the lives of their children were in jeopardy if they smoked even one reefer. Back during the 1960s the film was discovered sitting in some old film archives and was redistributed to be shown in art theaters and college campus theaters throughout the country. College students who viewed the film found it to be hilariously funny because of its absurdly false depiction of marijuana users. It is easy to spoof the film because people now know that the film is as absurdly false, misleading and deceptive as can be.
This film is so false as to be almost like a cartoon and so comical that it is hard to believe that people would actually believe such nonsense. This is because students today know that marijuana does not cause people to do what the film claims it does. However, back in the 1930s this was a film made to make people believe the pathetic and dangerous lies that the government was telling about marijuana. Soon the film became a cult classic. Anyone who wants to view the film can do a search on the Internet for Reefer Madness, where the film can be viewed for free.   
Harry was also known be envious of  black jazz musicians and would plot from time to time to round them all up and arrest them because they were known to smoke marijuana.  Jazz music is very advanced music and anyone who has ever played the piano or any other musical instrument knows that not all musicians can master the art of jazz which requires much improvising of musical chords and scale progression.  Jazz, at least in the musical world, is considered advanced music and you have to have a lot of musical talent to be able to play it with style.  Harry hated jazz musicians because they were talented and used marijuana. He also did not like jazz musicians because they were black, and Harry, racist that he was, could not stand the fact that jazz musicians were so talented. Harry labeled jazz music as satanic music because he was a rabid racist who was so envious of really talented people who happened to be black.
After a period of bombarding the public with these racist and scurrilous lies about marijuana and the people who used it, Harry manipulated the passing of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act (which was actually a prohibition bill) through congress using the most underhanded and deceptive means available. There were no real hearings on the subject of marihuana prohibition. There was a brief fake hearing which Harry controlled completely. During this brief fake hearing, which Harry was conducting, who should appear but Dr. William Woodward, who was both a physician and a lawyer, and also President of the American Medical Association.
Dr. Woodward was not an invited guest to the fake hearing because the hearing was all being done in a very secretive manner. Harry did not want the doctor to be there because Harry knew that Dr. Woodward was opposed to what Harry was doing. Dr. Woodward had only found out about the fake committee meeting the day before and had rushed off to Washington in order to testify at the fake Harry hearing, only to find he was not welcomed.
Dr. Woodward asked Harry why he was hiding what he was doing by holding these secretive hearings. Dr. Woodward also asked Harry why they were calling cannabis marijuana. Dr. Woodward explained that no one knew what Harry was talking about when Harry used the word marijuana instead of using the word cannabis.  Dr. Woodward also told the fake committee that cannabis caused no harm, it was safe, and it was not addictive.  When Dr. Woodward started speaking, the fake committee started to argue with Dr. Woodward. They told him he was not wanted there and asked him why did he not just leave. The committee told the doctor they did not need him. 

A few weeks after Harry held his fake committee hearings, he sneaked the bill through congress. On a Friday evening, when everyone had gone for the day, Harry and a few of his cronies slipped the bill through congress. Two questions were asked about the bill. The first question asked of his cronies was how did the American Medical Association (AMA) feel about the bill? These cronies of Harry assured the questioner that the AMA was in support of the bill, which of course was a lie. The second question asked was if this marijuana was addictive and the cronies said yes it is addictive (another big lie). The bill was never even actually put to a vote but was passed by some sort of parliamentary rule that pretty much gave the bill a pass, without an actual vote. There is a lot of information about Harry Anslinger on the Internet, as well as the shady tactics used by Harry to get the bill passed into law. The senate never voted on the bill, but somehow it found its way to the desk of President Franklin Roosevelt and was signed into law in August of 1937.

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