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Bilderberg Group: 2011 Meeting


Bilderberg Group: 2011 Meeting
George Butler
June 6, 2011


The Bilderberg Group - the secret society with not-so-secret plans for world
domination - took its name from having met at the Hotel de Bilderberg, in
the small Dutch town of Oosterbeek, Netherlands in May of 1954. This group
is the single most powerful international power bloc in the world. They meet
once a year in secrecy and set an agenda of goals that primarily deal with
world management. The membership consists of kings and queens or their
emissaries, world financial officials, internationalists of all kinds,
colors, and stripes.

This group functions to make or break world leadership and its functions in
dominating world finance, trade and business. Their psychological warfare
techniques are to keep loose canons in line with their policies and plans,
so whenever a world leader does a step out, they start psychological
operations against the errant leader - such as they did against J.F.K.

Another example of destroying individuals is their concerted attack on
Joseph McCarthy led by White House official C.D. Jackson (Charles Douglas
Jackson), who was serving at the time as Special Assistant to President
Dwight D. Eisenhower. Jackson also headed up the American contingency at
that first Bilderberg Group meeting. The C.I.A. financed that first meeting
with subsequent meetings being financed by The Ford Foundation. C. D.
Jackson was also a was psychological warfare officer for the Americans
during W.W. II.

Joseph McCarthy (now vindicated through release of the deciphered VENONA
intercepts) was a target of The Bilderberg Group and had his investigation
been expanded and continued it would have led to their network being
exposed, thus revealing their secret rule.

This year, the Bilderberg Group met June 9-12 in St. Moritz, Switzerland at
the Hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz where a member of the EU Parliament
was struck as he tried to enter the premises of the meeting. He was not able
to enter.

Editor's note: The latter portion of the previous sentence was taken from Alex Jones,
Prison Planet. My thanks to Mr. Jones for exposing this information.

In addition, another secret meeting may occur in Geneva while the main meeting
occurs in St. Moritz. The members will convene to discuss the most pressing
and dangerous situations of the current crisis. The current crisis has been
building but has finally culminated in a credit and banking collapse that
was saved by the American Federal Reserve System creating dollar credits.

The goal? To save the failing financial institutions which had dominated
money and banking for much of the twentieth century and into the
twenty-first. The Europeans and Americans had over-speculated in the
derivative markets, which threatened the total collapse of their financial
corporations but the Federal Reserve System saved the day by creating
credits out of thin air to save them.

The only problem with that is that these credits are just beginning to be
translated into inflation, so the American people, through escalating
prices, will end up paying to save the very concerns which have strangled
the lifeblood out of American economy. These concerns took much of the
American industry offshore, thus threatening our job market, leaving us with
low-paying service jobs.

We are informed by insiders that this week's meeting will dwell on the
looming European Union Collapse, which some says seems to be imminent. Bob
Chapman, founder of The International Forecaster, has predicted for several
years the dismise of the European Union. Bob spent several years in Europe
in American Counter Intelligence, he speaks several languages, and has been
very reliable in his predictions, with insider-type precision.


A Bilderberger surprise may be the backing of a Texan for President. Texas
Governor Rick Perry is rumored to be on the Bilderberg Group's short list
for President of the United States in 2012. In 2007, Governor Perry attended
the Bilderberg Meeting - in direct violation of the Logan Act.

Jim Tucker, Alex Jones, Charlie Skelton, Tony Gosling and Daniel Estulin
have covered these meetings for years. Jim Tucker is especially in-the-know,
being the senior member of this investigatory loose knit group of
independent investigative reporters.

The Bilderberg Group uses all kinds of ideas to maintain their rule but
their system of rule can be summarized in the following saying: "Superior
Force Orchestrating Money-Mind Sorcery."

This group always seeks a superior position of force, today that is a
superior nuclear force and delivery system, in addition modern economics is
the mechanism around which much of their world mind-wash techniques are
centered to continue what I call Money-Mind-Sorcery.

Ideas are the third technique used to control peoples' minds so a plethora
of ideas are employed to seduce billions of minds into thought slavery. Thus
a world slave state is being created and maintained - and more people are
waking up to it every day.

Bilderberg Predicted Agenda - Items

1. Bailout of EU failing states PIIGS [Ed's Note: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, & Spain]
2. Iran - Continued Attack Planning, always lobbying for attack
3. Recent uprisings in North Africa and Middle-East - are we in control?
4. The imminent Demise of The European Union
5. The Dollar - decline - we used the Fed last time, but how about the
6. The China Syndrome
7. Fukushima - Radiation sickness for all
8. E-Coli - is it real - they know
Editor's note: We do also. See
9. Take oil higher - to break economy for world integration

The Bilderberg Group has been all powerful in the past; perhaps this meeting
will define a diminished capacity to rule, to dominate, to mind wash - the
alternative media is watching, waiting, reporting.


George Butler is the talk radio co-host of The The Secret Truth, which airs
every Saturday evening, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. CST on GCN. Or
listen On Demand anytime. Butler is also a playwright, having written the musical
drama Give Them A Chance, which debuted in Austin, Texas in June 2007.

Prominent Swiss Politician Calls For Arrest of Kissinger at Bilderberg
June 6th, 2011



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