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E coli O104:H4 strain man made

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I The E.coli
outbreak in Europe is BioWar

Out of nowhere a strange new deadly disease has sprung up in Europe, causing an explosion of over 3,500 serious illnesses and 35 or more deaths in at least 10 European nations. There are four scientific indications that this is a case of man-engineered Advanced Biowar, as well as strong circumstantial indications that this is a part of something much larger politically.

Scientifically, the four strong indications of an Advanced Biowar (genetically engineered recombination DNA) basis for this new outbreak are as follows: (1) Multipoint release. That is the disease has quickly come from nowhere and is in multiple locations almost overnight. It is now in at least ten European nations. In writing this article, I have had to change the numbers twice (total illnesses and deaths and nations involved) as the numbers are increasing almost hourly. (2) Multi-drug resistance. Chinese scientists, at the Shenzhen, China laboratory BGI (working with scientists at the University Medical Center of Hamberg-Eppendorf) have confirmed that the new bacterium carries genes that make it resistant to several classes of antibiotics! Patients often have bloody diarrhea, and many require intensive care including kidney dialysis. (3) No cross contaminations. There is no contamination with fecal matter (or possible related infections) as one might expect from an E.coli infection. In fact Germany, which has a large number of cases, has one of the best food safety and inspection programs on Earth. Normally E.coli infections are spread by feces contaminating food and can also be spread from person to person via the faecal-oral route due to poor hygiene. So far these do not appear to be primary vectors for the disease and in fact the primary vector is unknown at present. (4) Recombination of multiple strains/DNA found. World Health Organization scientists have confirmed that genetic sequencing tests suggest the strain, E. coli O104:H4, is a never seen before combination/hybrid of two different E. coli bacteria. Scientists at China's Beijing Genomics Institute say that the new strain is both highly infectious and toxic and that it is similar, but not the same as, a strain (EAEC 55989) isolated in the Central African Republic known to cause serious diarrhea. The new O104:H4 E.coli strain contains the Shiga-like biotoxin from Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli which binds to and damages kidney cells and can cause potentially fatal HUS (haemolytic uraemic syndrome) disease, which causes serious liver damage.

This is the largest E.coli outbreak and the most deadly in known human history. This new enterohemorrhagic strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli (EHEC) can attack the blood, kidneys, liver, and brain. Close to one-third of the cases have developed full-blown HUS (haemolytic uraemic syndrome) disease which is very unusual. Normally in E.coli outbreaks only 10 per cent of the cases develop HUS. Also unusual is that most victims are adult women, where normally HUS affects more children than adults. The severe bloody diarrhea, with often related kidney, liver, brain and blood damage is somewhat similar to a HEMORRHAGIC fever such as Ebola.

The circumstantial indications that this is part of something much larger politically is that it fits into a pattern of political/economic/currency/medical/military/disaster/food shortages events and circumstances that are spreading an ever increasing level of chaos throughout the world. I will be covering these interrelated topics in later posts.

[Tim Alexander, Rt. Hon. The Earl of Stirling]

Editor's note: My thanks and deepest appreciation to Mark for posting this article in cia-drugs listserv, a listserv on June 9, 2011.




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