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NIST Report on Building 7


"NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] claims their computer model can account for the observed phenomena, so let's look at NIST's model -- except we can't. The software they used to do the modeling is available, but their model actually consists of all the numbers and measurements and assumptions together with any tweaks to the system they might have used to get it to come out the way they wanted. If that information were released, their results could be checked by anyone with the appropriate skills and software tools. But NIST has not released the numbers. All we have been shown are some of the selected animated outputs they were able to get their model to produce... the very fact that NIST has not released their model strongly suggests they don't want their results checked. In other words, their results are intended to be taken strictly on faith."

Non-falsifiable findings requiring faith to be accepted as true are the very definition of non-science. By purporting to conduct a scientific investigation but making its finding non-falsifiable, NIST committed scientific fraud. This fraud is a strong indication that NIST's intention was to cover up the demolition of Building 7.

Editor's note: The portion that is in quotes was written by a high school physics teacher named David Chandler, and was provided to me by AE911Truth <>. Website:




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