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On the brighter side, if such a thing exists, I would advise everyone reading this to look at getting some turmeric. Don’t buy it as a supplement but as the bulk powder from an Asian shop; it’s way cheaper. The MD Anderson Cancer Centre has very recently brought out a paper extolling its virtue as an anti-cancer agent, and for this bastion of chemotherapy to say such a thing is very big news indeed. Along with green tea, _helps_change_gene_function_to_combat_cancer/atrol from grape seeds etc, turmeric works at an epigenetic level to prevent cancer from taking hold

 A responder to what this gentleman posted said:

Is turmeric from Asian shops irradiated? To my knowledge, all herbs and spices purchased in the US except those labelled “organic” are irradiated, which reduces their effectiveness and introduces substances which have never even been tested for safety but which are certain to be,

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