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Hello all,

I'm in a torture program. I didn't ask to be. I have no life and am ill  and on the move all the time. It is getting worse. Let's see what  happens today or when you no longer hear from me. Please  investigate Ken Lee. He works for HUD in Loris South Carolina  with a woman named Carol. Who can I trust?

We need to hear that from someone else. They follow me no matter  where I go. I can't sleep because I feel something is not right. Please  help me. Pray I am wrong.  You will not believe the things they do to you  and other people when they seek truth. I have been homeless since 2006.

Last month I tried to live in the home of a so-called Christian man named  Ken Lee. I'm still in danger. I need safety. Something in this milk ain't clean.  I had to get out, and fortunately had help to do so. The women who told me  to go live in this man's home, wanted me to go to victims of abuse. I wanted  nothing but to get out. I know nothing about South Carolina, and did I want  anything to do with what I was set up to expose which was this man. He had  another woman locked down there, but he put her in HUD housing and had  her calling me in New York. 

I can't trust those who have been chasing me all over the country since 2006.   Women must be warned about South Carolina CHRISTIAN MAN SICKO, Ken Lee! 

Some of the women, who wanted to bring him down using me, took his side when the other women complained about him, a Christian man. He takes  over women; has his way with them, and calls himself a TI. A few of the women wanted to bring him down and wanted to use me to bring him down.  So they told me it would be safe to let him help me. After all he sent me a  HUD Application for South Carolina when I stayed in New York, and sent a  little money to help me out. I told him don't like the south, and didn't want to go but had no place else to turn. The women said he was a good man and can be trusted. If nothing goes wrong I will write about it later. I can't now; I'm in shock.

Ken Lee filled out my paper work for food stamps without my seeing the  application. The food stamp office denied me; said I was married and under  60-years-old. I am 60-years-old.

Ken Lee was putting his hands on me in the wrong way. I told him I wanted  to go into HUD Housing. He wouldn't let Carol put me in HUD housing.  She  told me she had a $400.00 apartment I could go into. He stopped it by saying I had no money. I'm disabled. Someone would have helped me get in. This  story is a nightmare, and just keeps following me no matter where I go. Long story. 

I feel danger again. The man is dangerous. Please help me make sure all stay  well. People don't trust the groups.  

He also took my medication.


The night before last I was looking for something in my bags. Remember, I said he took my medication away. I found a note from Ken. It reads Goal Land & freedom. He knows about the land in my family also that both my grandmothers where Cherokee.

My mother's mother name was Martha Jane Taylor Williams. The land is in Florida. My grandfather's name was Joe Williams. He told me what to do to get the Deed in my name for my share of the land. I need help with that. My family is bad; he gave me rules 1 to 4, of which 4 is:

4. Live happily ever after with family. I pray that could happen. This is how I got myself out of this mess and by calling the women in the group. They calmed Ken Lee down, and had him take me to the airport. I have two case numbers on this issue. And I spoke to Officer Harden; he told me his name was in Loris County. This man will do this again. Remember there were others before me I was told, but his side was taken it seems. So I think this is why I was used, but all I wanted was out.

Don't take my word; please investigate.

Thank you,




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