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*The Truth About Community Policing*

Author Unknown

The community policing apparatus, which employs massive numbers of civilian spies that act as the "eyes and ears of police," and whose members are not only enabled, but "trained" to engage in "harassment" tactics, allows the police to use a person's friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and potentially everyone with whom a person comes into contact to commit acts of torture, not only by proxy, but also by *"remote control,"* without providing for or allowing any extraordinary means or methods of tracing those acts back to their original instigators *"the police,"* and thereby undermining and preventing, not only the *"lawful and just"* actions and compensations for those acts, but the *"complaints"* as well.

Using this apparatus the police can and do turn *"any"* open or closed space into a torture chamber and can incarcerate anyone of their choosing in their own domicile or even drive them from it or their employment *"at will"* and they can also deny the victim the benefit of social services, for the homeless, such as; emergency shelter, clothing, and food, as the police are *"mandated"* under community policing to coordinate or *"control"* these services.

This is not a paranoid fantasy, to which I can personally attest, but a *"fait accompli"* as may always be the case when the administrative capacity of the state becomes large enough, as it does under community policing.

Under *"this"* system the capacity of the public or an individual to resist the *"tyranny of the state,"* even with regards to the most insignificant forms of protest, such as, civil disobedience, or even verbalized dissent, becomes completely undermined, producing the ultimate *"chilling effect"* and creating, not only in essence, but in fact, a *"covert police state,"* of which the majority of the public may never become aware, while maintaining the outward appearances of a democracy.

The *"thought-police"* have arrived.

Comment by: Sophia Magdalena Scholl, May 19, 2010

Here is an article by another source which 'appears' to be credible:

Also, here is a Canadian group based in Montreal Quebec that has similar views:

And here's one of their articles written by *BOBOV* in 1999.

*Gott mir dir, Deine Sophie*

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