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Whistle Blower in Aerospace Industry with Impeccable Work History

By Edgar Gillham
October 26, 2008

Urgent Health Issue
Urgent Financial Issues
Urgent Security Issues

I became aware of my exposure to Directed Energy Weapons and organized crimes in May 1986.

I, Edgar Gillham, Says publicly the following Testimonial:
I am 73 years old and have been unemployed for 23 years as the result of blowing the whistle on corporate corruption. I refused to sign off falsified environmental test data on electronic countermeasure systems that protect military aircraft from enemy missiles during hostile engagement. These devices are used in more than a dozen countries around the world and will probably be used on civilian aircraft in the future. Failure of this device would place aircraft and crew in imminent danger.

Health Issues:
I enjoyed excellent health until approximately May 1986, when I was exposed to the DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS & ORGANIZED CRIMES abuse and aggression causing my health to deteriorate. My wife and I are subjected to many kinds of harassment as a result, consisting of but not limited to the following: sleep deprivation, tortuous chemical attacks, being dragged in to the legal system on false and set up accusations, having my reputation defamed and being falsely listed as bisexual, thereby preventing me from obtaining a secret security clearance necessary for my line of work, being "punished" for attempting to get legal help and advice by violent retaliation, my telephone tapped and my computer "keystroked," and monitored 24/7. Telephone calls and computer communications are monitored, edited, and often prevented and/or interrupted at important events. I am stalked and harassed 24/7 both domestically and internationally. I have had blood samples taken illegally while I slept and have had genetic samples of blood and hair taken from my home without legal consent or justification. My wife and I both experience a high pitched very painful ultra audible squealing sound we cannot escape, mostly when we attempt to do something of which the perpetrators do not approve. We are also subjected to chemical attacks that produce various painful symptoms such as severe internal bleeding and diarrhea. The ultra sound is making me deaf, my hearing is now down to 20 per cent and dropping fast. Sleep deprivation has caused severe symptoms consisting of a stroke and type 2 diabetes. Not least, we are socially isolated and not allowed employment of even to volunteer for non profit charitable avocations. We are virtually under house arrest and torture. This is facilitated by falsely informing our neighbors that we are hardened criminals. Absolutely untrue, neither my wife nor I have ever been arrested. Nor have we even been questioned about any such crimes. I was implanted in my left hip while sleeping. This was captured on disk and is available upon request. This causes severe pain and inhibits my mobility. I have begun walking with a cane to ease the pain. Two months after being implanted, my doctor found two skin cancer growths and I underwent surgery to have them removed. None was there before the implanting. I now have abdominal pain, possible colon cancer, waiting to have another colonoscopy done. My previous colonoscopy showed no signs of cancer. This "implant" seems to have triggered a number of maladies. There may have been a deliberate infection, the USA government has done that before both domestically (Tuskegee experiment) and internationally (Guatamala).

Punishment for being non cooperative can be brutal. For many years, if I sought help from the sheriff or other authorities, I was punished by a chemical attack that brought on severe bleeding in the urinal tract. Blood formed huge clots and it was difficult and painful to void them. Often they stayed in my bladder for days preventing my being able to urinate while pressure built.

I am subjected to constant unending surveillance both domestically and internationally. During these times I am subjected to all forms of torture listed above. The stalkers go to great lengths to make sure I am aware of their presence while being stalked. I have no privacy, even in my bedroom. Perpetrators use "through the wall" technology to follow me visually from one room to another and shoot pellets and throw stones at that portion of the house. They know not only where I am in my own home; they actually know what I'm doing there. There is no escape, the technology they utilize has followed me deeply into deserted high desert and deep into redwood forests, where I am harassed during the night and not allowed to sleep.

As mentioned previously, vandalism consists of, but is not limited to the following: Chemical attacks causing many illnesses such as a stroke, enlarged prostate, and type 2 diabetes, resulting in unnecessary surgery, loss of hearing, loss of privacy including intimacy with my wife of 55 years, damage to the exterior of our home requiring repainting due to stone and pellet damage, many flat tires on automobiles and motorcycle. International stalking and harassment ruins costly international vacations. On a trip to Ireland, I was not only not allowed to sleep the entire week, but was subjected to all night stoning the hotel room and attacked with chemicals that caused much bleeding. I had to stay in my room to deal with the bleeding, and in one case was prevented from boarding an aircraft for that reason.

Financial Devastations:
I have not been allowed to find work since May 1, 1986. My attempts to find employment are met with total silence, as if I did not exist. I was negotiating to buy a beach front home in Half Moon Bay California when I lost my job. The price of the home was $180,000; now that home would be worth $2,000,000. That, and my income as an Engineering Team Leader in advance development for these 23 years, adds up to about a $3,000,000 loss, a direct result of harassment.

Organized Crime:
The perps are well organized and will funded. They have access to personal information and high tech equipment that only law enforcement and/or Government agencies could possess. They are international; crossing borders has no effect on the harassment whatsoever. Some, including myself, believe this is a covert army funded by International Corporations in cooperation with governmental  agencies to further the morphing of individual nations into the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are subjected to an ultra high pitched painful buzzing sound that is delivered in a way not yet understood. Such notable persons as Chess Master Bobby Fischer had commented on the sound and gave this annoyance as the reason he refused to Defend his championship. We also consider the probability that we are unwilling participants in a "new Tuskegee Experiment."

Agencies Approached:
I have contacted many individuals and agencies over the 23 years I have been subjected to this torture. These include, but are not limited to the following: state and national Congresspersons, the president of the United States, the governor of the State of California, the local private security patrol, three doctors who treat the resulting medical conditions, legal council, the sheriff's department many times, and numerous newspapers and magazines. Several articles on the subject have been published therein. I should note that every time I contact the Sheriff's department, I am subjected to severe urinary tract bleeding the following day that cannot be explained by medical examinations. This "punishment" has resulted in unnecessary prostate surgery. This has happened more than 10 times. I have been told by the Sheriff to "not call them anymore" even though I gave them and the District Attorney copies of videos of the house stoning.

The Reason For My Being Targeted Per My Experiences Are:
I'm convinced the reason for my being targeted relates directly to my whistle blowing experience. That happened just prior to my 50th birthday. I had no problems prior to that event, and my life has been completely shattered since then.
1. I have been falsely labeled as a Homosexual, preventing me from being able to     secure the secret security clearance necessary to work in the electronics countermeasure field.
2. I have been falsely labeled a sexual offender even though I have no criminal record.
3. I have been falsely accused of stealing classified documents; completely false. No proof has ever been presented and none can be; it just didn't happen.
4. I have been falsely accused of vandalism and dragged into the legal system. All charges were dropped when I proved that I was undergoing surgery at that very same time these offenses were committed.
5. I have been accused of being insane, without undergoing any kind of psychological evaluation having been done and without any chance to hear any charges or accusations against me and without a chance to present any kind of evidence on my behalf.

Under Which Law I May Have Been Accused To Be Categorized Of Criminality:
I have never been charged "officially" with any crime except the vandalism charge that was dropped by the district attorney and never went to trial.

Under What Circumstance I Was Accused of being Mentally ill And Which Agency Is Responsible For Such Accusations:
I have never been officially charged with any misdeeds except as noted above. I have never been found guilty in any court of law in my entire 73 years on this earth. I have never committed any crime except for driving above the speed limit, and that is only an infraction. I have never willfully and knowingly broken any law. The above accusations were made covertly and completely without my knowing at the time. The results were only gleaned over many year's time.

Which Court Of Law I Have Filed And What Was The Out Come?:
No lawsuits have been filed.

The Reason I Did Not File A lawsuit In Any Court of Law:
I have been unable to find competent legal representation. I hired a lawyer to investigate but he spent all his time trying to get me to seek psychiatric examination. He was convinced by the official records that I was insane even though no examination of such had ever been done.

Editor's note: This is more proof that the psychiatric profession is being controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation, because the very idea that anyone who blows the whistle is insane is preposterous.

The Reason I Did Not File Any Official Complaint:
See above.

The Road Map To How We Were Taken From Our Normal Path Of Life and WE Were Forced Into This Never Ending Detour:
My first encounter with the vengeful nation of Corporate America was when I refused to falsify documents relating to aircraft and missile countermeasure systems. I was unfairly blacklisted for life without warning of any kind. I wasted 5 years and thousands of dollars trying to find a position, time and money I could have used far more profitably had I known about blacklisting. I discovered many years later that I had been accused of being a violent criminal even though I am definitely not violent and have never been convicted of any crime in my life. It appears that a social "kick me with impunity" notice was proverbially placed in my record, and kick me they did. I have been harassed into leaving my home 5 times. When I settled here in Lake County, I experienced the same kind of harassment, but had learned that moving was not the answer, I was always followed wherever I went and harassment was only temporarily interrupted. The cost of moving is very high so I decided to stay my ground no matter the harassment. Since there was no escaping it, there was no purpose in moving again. As I withstood the ever increasing frequency and intensity of the harassment the neighbors seemed to grow more and more desperate to force me to move again. This led to false charges as they faked criminal activities and dragged me into the legal system, point being to jail me and force me to sell my home at far below market value. My wife and I have been defamed far beyond measure. Neighbors think we are desperate insane criminals and refuse to even talk to us. We are denied social contacts, volunteer activities, as well as employment. We are subjected to a multitude of assaults of both chemical and electronic nature even though we have never been examined by a psychiatrist or accused to our face of any crime. I have witnessed for our State Congress concerning Gang activities and initiated two laws, both now active in the State of California. I have cooperated with the Mendocino Sheriff's Department in eradicating a massive illegal drug manufacturing operation. My wife and I are presently in the protection program with the El Dorado County Sheriff's department in connection with these Civic and ricky contributions on our part. My wife and I, being 73-years-old, are supposed to be protected under Elder Abuse laws, but these are not done; no help is forthcoming from any of these agencies.

Attachment #1 Perps block my email by a black bar across viewer. Can't read messages
Attachment #2 Paint beat off my wall by pellet guns opening between trees. Where pellets hit.
Attachment #3 Mensa test. Mensa is the club for those who have an IQ of genius level. Ed wrote, "I lost my driver's license after a stroke 5 years ago. In order to get back my driver's license, I had to prove my mind was not adversely effected. I took the Mensa test for my doctor. Perps say we're 'crazy.' I believe this result shows the opposite."
Attachment #4 Varian HELIX ENGINEERING 'OUT-THE-DOOR' AWARD Ed wrote,
"As a senior engineer I headed a team of technical engineers and scientists in designing a sophisticated electronic countermeasure system for US and allied aircraft. Check ALQ-131 on the internet.

Urgent Demands and My Petition:
1. Restore our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America to face our accusers in a court of law, to hear any and all charges and to have an opportunity to present a defense, examine all evidence, and call both friendly and hostile witnesses to cross examination.
2. That Nazi like biological experimentation on unwilling and uninformed subjects be stopped immediately.
3. That affirmative enforcement of United Nations Chartered Human Rights regulations be enforced by an Inspector General with power to make effective changes.
Editor's note: Ed doesn't realize what the UN was established to achieve, or he would not make any demand of it. See for the reason the UN was established.
4. That a "safe harbor" be established for present and future victims beyond the reach of offending Nations and/or Agencies.
5. That the Medical community be informed of the existence and use of bio-electromagnetic weapons, their use, symptoms, and treatment methodologies.
Editor's note: It is my feeling that the medical profession is well aware of these devices, but chooses not to admit it.
6. To extend the freedom of information laws to include all accusations made against a Citizen. If this information is part of an ongoing investigation, there would be a reasonable time limit allowed before releasing this information.
7. To insure "transparency," the lack of which has led to this present financial crisis. The staff of the Inspector General should be substantially increased and placed on notice to investigate all credible accusations and deliver a written conclusion to all concerned. The Inspector General would have authority to direct credible cases to legal entities for disposition and monetary settlements.
8. To file violation of Human rights charges against any and all Governments which sanction, tolerate, and/or encourage biological experimentation on Human Beings without their informed consent. To provide legal council to all credible victims. To investigate euphemisms such as "enhanced interrogation techniques" which is just another more polite and socially acceptable way to say torture.
9. The prohibition against unwarranted search of a Citizen's home, property, and/or personal possessions shall be updated to prevent the use of high technology to do the same. Searches by through the wall, computer Trojans, Spyware, and/or any future technological developments shall be illegal unless authorized by a duly empowered Magistrate. All information thusly obtained shall be held in strict confidence and all information not covered by said authorization shall be destroyed.
10. Any derogatory information about an employee or former employee of any corporation shall be available to said person for scrutiny. The act of "Blacklisting" whistle blowers is contrary to the Public well being and facilitates corporate corruption. Blacklisting is usually accomplished by the devious means of making secret false accusations and character assassinations. Transparency is a most vital ingredient of a just society.
16. To legislate that any Biologist, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist who knowingly participates in Biological experimentation on any Human Being without their informed consent be blacklisted from theirs and any related disciplines. That these persons be financially liable for remuneration as necessary to restore said victim to their former state of medical and financial health. That any pain, discomfort, financial loss, psychological trauma, loss of self esteem, loss of family intimacy, and loss of the pursuit of happiness shall require just compensation. That the commission of these offenses shall qualify as criminal activities and perpetrators shall be tried as criminals for said offenses in a court of law.

Harassment history:
1. Long term unemployment after an excellent work history.
2. Retrained but was expelled from college only weeks before graduating head of class.
3. Finished 3rd in California on civil service test for new job. Didn't even get an interview.
4. High pitched buzzing sound cannot be stopped by ear plugs. Often starts on cue just after rock strikes. An obvious attempt at Pavlov's experiment.
5. Not allowed sleep for 25 years. Nap time and night time constant barrage of pebbles, BBs, and pellets. Pellets hitting my walls 24/7/365.
6. As you can see, constant unending messing with my work on the computer. They constantly rearrange my letters and change formatting while I type. If they find it objectionable, they simply delete all my work sometimes costing me hours to replace.
Editor's note: Ed provided me with the page from which I am typing these items. It proves what he indicated in the above (#6).
7. I have 4 computers and must work on at least one every single day. It leaves little time for doing chores or anything else. Now they just switched me to italics. Ed's note: He is telling the truth. They did.
8. Constancy entering my home at night and when I'm away. They steal and disable my cameras and other detection equipment.
9. I have been poisoned, bugged with what I assume are RFID chips, injected with unknown chemicals, had my drinking water filled with ammonia.
10. All my conferencing calls are interrupted; I'm not allowed to confer with groups of targeted people.
11. My car is bugged; I'm even followed to remote locations where I go to do photography. See, they are at it even now. They have changed my formatting many times trying to discourage me from writing this letter.
12. I just reoriented to write from the left side again; they love to change that to center and right side typing to distract me while I'm working. It is just about impossible to write a c( [see] they just switched me again. I [c]an't get this done, sorry. I'll try to do it longhand tomorrow.

Then, in longhand, Ed wrote: Sorry but as usual the perps will not let me write. I'll have to do it longhand tomorrow.
Ed wrote in longhand, decided to send a statement made 4 years ago for the United Nations.



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