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Solicitor from Greece Living in the UK is Targeted

By Joanna Iatridou
June 27, 2011

We live in a world of seven billion flesh units= "human bodies". The commanding drive of a flesh unit- is self-preservation and the command drive of self-preservation is to be right, therefore never to be criticized or made wrong or belittled-invalidated-suppressed.
There are four races of beings (being=existence of intention to be fulfilled) hidden under the dense flesh appearance of the seven billion "Homo Sapiens":
The motives and intentions of these individuals show what race they belong to: Arlene wants these TI persecution and torture horrors to stop worldwide: therefore her race is from the Kingdom of Heaven.
The torture squad with the hand-held directed energy weapons (infra-sonic pain shock fields, EMFs-electromagnetic frequencies, high frequency hand held microwaves-range over 6,000 Herz, and ELFs-Extreme Low Frequencies are also Homo-Sapiens but they express their self-preservation by being hidden next door, in other houses at the back of my place, across the street and all corners of this block in North London. Their flesh self-preservation is to thrive on torturing their targets (my ex-partner and me) and their delight is that Police Officers will never raid them and the non-ionizing radiation departments will not allow their segmented computational dosimetry scanners which locate the energy stuck on the flesh body part (head, lungs, lower back etc) to provide the factual scientific proof of these attacks done by beams through walls with a range up to 200 feet. To shoot through walls, they need high resolution through wall military cameras, which they have plus a "law-enforcement" or "retribution-revenge" excuse which is the glue that makes the Local Councils, the Local Police and all the other Authorities stick together in silent but persistent complicity. The complicity concerns four points:
1. Denial that there is a photo database where the TI is vilified with false heinous allegations: the caption under my photo, which is constantly updated is THE WHORE: the subscribers to this photo-database include McDonalds franchises, local shopkeepers, Citizens Advice Bureaus, Public Libraries, Hostels, private security companies, local councils and others. I made several Freedom of Information Act queries on an aggressive database called "security register" which had persecuted Jane Clift as potentially violent. The LGO (Local Government Office) denies knowledge or existence of this database although there was litigation where the Slough Council paid 500,000 GBP in Court expenses plus 11,000 GBP compensation to Jane Clift for being branded-targeted-discriminated-vilified as potentially violent. Yet the LGO and all Councils denied the use of this database. Why?
Because under their human flesh they belong to the snake race and snakes are about extremely narrow self-preservation and rightness. These snakes do eat the same food as we do and wear the same clothes, and live in the same society, but their snake self-preservation dictates that they must keep the secret slander database a secret to preserve their right to brand-stigmatize and destroy anybody they like. Snakes are afraid of their crimes and MUST keep doing them secretly as they cannot hold back their criminal intentions-this is what feeds their individual rightness and self-confidence. So denial of photo-databases continues.
2. Denial that directed energy weapons are being used. This is done by snakes under human flesh first and foremost within the Police as instructed, because their self-preservation dictates to keep the denial going, and being snakes they consider the torturer snakes with the weapons an ELITE because they torture the target safely hidden and double-locked from flats next door.
3. Denial that directed energy weapon attacks can be proven by segmented computational dosimetry and watt per kilo weight electricity measurements by the computers of the non-ionizing radiation departments. The issue is not that TIs will not be believed, the issue is that proof methods are blocked by snake-scientists who want to keep their high salary position in the various Agencies and Departments.
4. Denial by doctors and judges that electronic torture is being done with a variety of weapons and total refusal to even look at evidence.
The demographics of the snake race are the same as the Milgram experiment, at least 65 per cent of the population.

February 2007, The Set Up:
One night in February 2007, while I was housed at Leabridge House in East London, I went to the nearest A&E Whipps Cross Hospital and reported that: for three days I had no sleep and that there is an external electrical device that aggressively raises my blood pressure to cause me a stroke and that both the sleep deprivation and sudden rise in blood pressure are being done against me with electronics secretly by the American Church of Scientology. I had joined the Church of Scientology in 1975, had served in their elite Sea Org from 1982-84 and was still in touch with the Saint Hill Org in East Greenstead, whose manner was impeccable and therefore I was suspecting the American Church and their OSA=Office of Special Affairs= black operations unit, because I was getting the voices of David Miscavige, Heber Jentzsch, and Guillaume Lesevre asking me questions or making statements straight in my head. (By then I knew the basics and the name of this technology: V2K (Voice to Skull) and pulsed microwave hearing). Other factors that made their involvement obvious was a bragging of American scientologists that they can “remote kill” with their Operating Thetan=supernatural spiritual abilities, plus a list of mysterious and suspicious deaths of Scientologists plus the fact that my Emails, on the average 3 per year to the Church of Scientology in Florida were met with a wall of silence, to make me look like a paranoid-obsessive freak who is harassing the Church because of “delusions”.
My blood pressure was higher than normal but not at lethal or high-risk levels, so I was given 3 tablets of Zopiclon 3.5mg by a psychiatrist to go back home and get some sleep. This was my first encounter with a psychiatrist, my age was 49 then, the Zopiclon tablets were a good quality and well matching medication, and so I agreed to by interviewed and go along with the psychiatrist, because he did not seem to be a threat to my health and safety.
Can you fly to “health, and happiness with Citalopram?”
The interviews with the psychiatrist were an effortless agreement that I am a middle-aged lady from Greece, right handed, articulate, married but separated, who has low tolerance to high blood pressure bouts and feels severe discomfort when her BP goes suddenly high (malignant blood pressure). The psychiatrist, (was he mind controlled, was this a verification test to check if indeed I am being attacked with electronic and directed energy weapons by the side effects of medications or was he indoctrinated by the FTAC?= Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC)
Quote from wikipedia :
In the United Kingdom, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is a joint police/mental health unit set up in October 2006 by the Home Office, the Department of Health and Metropolitan Police Service to assess and manage the risk to politicians, members of the British Royal Family, and other public figures from obsessive individuals. )

The stress factors we had listed were: being aggressively verbally abused as a whore and suffering unemployment, mounting debts and a crash in living standards because of all this and not getting any help from the complaints I had submitted to the Leyton Police already by December 2005 and suspecting the Church of Scientology and electronic devices behind my present “health crisis” and adverse living conditions because of an organized mob revenge verbal aggression and blacklisting as a “Fucking whore” which the Police had used to interview me, to size me up if they could call me crazy, but turned a blind eye to crime stopping it or giving me genuine information they had, to submit subject access requests and obtain all data held about me, to locate which data controller is criminally feeding all electronic databases that I am “THE WHORE” attached to a photograph of mine. This matter is now with the ICO= The Information Commissioners Office, who, of course, is dragging his feet due to a large backlog of complaints. (By now, I know that this covert vilification is called “gang-stalking or cause-stalking, and the goal is to make me suicidal or make me curl up and die isolated, impoverished and hated by society).
The psychiatrist's attitude was: “Why do you keep being tormented by the “whore” accusations, suspicions about the Church of Scientology and frustration about your human rights being destroyed as the Police sit back and says that maybe you are crazy and none of this is really happening to you? Just fly with Citalopram above all this.

With the false security I felt, because I was an outpatient, interviewed by the psychiatrist, no sectioning threats, I agreed to try one course of Citalopram on the basis “ I have nothing to lose, if it proves harmful I can stop it”, it was not an enforced medication.

Now this is why I call this THE COMBINATION CRAFT:

While a data controller is feeding all electronic databases that I am “THE WHORE” which had caused me to be fired from three financial administration contracts ranging between £20-23,000 salary per year and getting my mortgaged home repossessed, and while this data controller's crime against my basic rights of non-discrimination demolishes any chance of me getting back to normal living standards and life, the ICO and the Police and other Authorities keep the criminal data controller hidden and well protected by the fact that I got to search 700 databases and disclosure is not guaranteed if it is deemed to hinder “the prevention or detection of crime”. This data-sharing crime against me had prevented me from getting Legal Aid from Citizens Advice Bureaus, made it impossible to obtain Housing independent of Social Services, made it impossible to hold a corporate job as I used to, and makes my communications hell as it enforces a distorted communication, where the doctors, local MP, housing officers, legal aid, police, home rental and employment agencies, and hospitals are talking to a “secret hooker, half-way prostitute, former prostitute” which might make their corporation or property into a secret brothel. While this crime is still covered in complicity since 2002 when I first complained to the human resources of the corporate permanent post I held, I consented to try a box of Citalopram, to “ignore” it all.

The psychiatrist had clearly stated in his report that I have low tolerance and feel severe discomfort when my blood pressure goes malignant. Citalopram, like all antidepressants raise the blood pressure, it is a standard side effect.
While I felt like a million dollars with the first tablet, I had to stop Citalopram and clean up its residue with laxatives after 14 days-tablets only and go on incapacity as it was causing me random nose-bleeding and forced me to get a CT-scan to check if I had suffered minor strokes.

Phasor Pain Field Blaster
Miniature electronic device intended for personal protection or field research work. Complex sonic shock waves are internally adjustable for maximizing on target subject. Operating frequency is 18-19kHz (right at the edge of human hearing). Effective range of up to 15 feet.
125 db Directional sonic shock waves
4" x 3" x 2" Shirt pocket sized
Operates on a 9 volt battery
Assembled and ready to use $ 94.95

The torture squads are telling the truth that the electronic torture equipment is Police property and Police protected

This shape of ultrasonic (=DEW-Directed Energy Weapon) with its pocket size dimensions is being sold from what I saw when I was attacked with one in a Paisley Park, like a brick mobile: 4" x 3" x2 Fits the description. The Home office should look under ultrasonic, or infrasound weapons in the ILEF (International Law Enforcement) less lethal weapons database. This weapon should be there. If it was omitted, that means that Interpol, which trains the Police Forces in 188 countries has told the national Police forces to omit it intentionally. Therefore, that means that the ILEF database is biased and incomplete.
What else is known about this: this particular model is used by the torture squads for demonstrations when they move in a new area to harass a target. The criminals make it clear that:
1. This weapon is Police property
2. They are Police protected
3. They are telling the truth about 1 and 2
4. The criminals shoot women to demonstrate to them that it causes a lot of intense pain. They also challenge the women to go to a Police Station and complain about it or call 999 and try doing a crime complaint. The criminals warn the women truthfully that if they complain about it to the Police the Police will “WORRY ABOUT THEIR MENTAL HEALTH AND SEND THEM TO THEIR GP WHERE ALL NHS WITHOUT EXCEPTION HAS INSTRUCTIONS TO SECTION THE VICTIM AND ENFORCE ANTI-PSYCHOTICS, SO POISON THEM IN DETENTION (AND POSSIBLY KEEP TORTURING THEM WITH THE SAME WEAPON FROM UPSTAIRS OR NEXT DOOR. THE CRIMINALS TRUTHFULLY WARN THE WOMEN THAT ANY COMPLAINT CAN GET THEM DETAINED AND FORCIBLY POISON-MEDICATED FROM ONE TO SIX MONTHS.
5. From that moment on the women ensure in the community a total CODE OF SILENCE
6. Men are never attacked for demonstration unless they disobey the gang.
The way they find women, is, one or two perps from the gang go out late at night in the park looking to buy sex. Then they demonstrate it on the hookers they chat up. They also chat up foreign women working in hostels, and that is how they secure total silence about it. This feels on the head like a baseball bat with full force and causes dreadful pains at the lower back. The threat of up to six months psychiatric detention secures total silence in any community.

This is an extract from my blog:

The squad surrounding me in Wood Green North London are very trigger happy this evening; they have similar pain shock blasters but shooting at longer ranges, from up to 200 feet away, and they tend to shoot me when I am washing up the dishes or washing my face in the bathroom. Both the through wall surveillance equipment and the infrasonic pain shock blasters should be criminalised with heavy financial fines as they are used purely for gratification torture, "fun-sessions" the disgrace for this goes to the Police who do not warn the public or enforce the Criminal Justice Act. Plus, the Police should have discredited the criminals who claim Police protection and NOT the victims. Segmented computational dosimetry scanners can verify if a victim was shot in the back or head with this, as the energy sticks locally for 24 hours at least, but the non-ionizing radiation departments keep their computers and expertise locked-up to leave the victims defensless and without scientific proof of assault.



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