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Californian Targeted Individual in Dentist's Office

By K.Y.

I sent in a story to Peacepink a few years ago after suffering since 1971 at the age of 16. This was only the start of my targeting and ongoing MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO. Was it a coincidence that the Stanford Research Institute (SRI)started the remote viewing project that year?

The Stanford Research Institute, 1010 Heriet Street in Palo Alto California, is now PSI Tech. SRI was the start of the remote viewing program, or so they claim (really an implant center) I was taken in for violent nose bleeds, they sat me in a dentist chair and made an incision in my right nostril at the very back, the man then walked over to a table and with a tong picked up a capsule about the size of an aspirin, I said what the hell are you going to do with that, and he said, "if you try to fight, it won't go well for you." He proceeded to push the implant up into the incision with the tongs and put some powder there to stop the bleeding, I went out like a light, and I think he did the other side while I was out, and my life has been hell ever since!

If any one has had a similar experience please contact me,

More on my implants to come.

Many people have been implanted while at the doctor's office, a surgery,
or through shots, here are some links of when & how Search Delgado. Cheney torture bio implants, used by the CIA invented by the Alphard Mann foundation some good links to check out



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