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A new fraudulent attempt to get money from TI's for impossible litigation

By Bob S, JD, Retired Attorney
May 17, 2011

Warning to all TI's:
Judging only from what Greg G (mothership) has sent, this appears to be a fraudulent attempt to get money from desperate TI's by offering them false hopes of an impossible solution. 

Editor's note: I have removed what Greg G sent as I agree with Bob S that it is fraudulent and will only cause TI's to lose their money.

First, a Canadian law firm cannot represent US Citizens in a Canadian court who have suffered harm in the US from a US federal agency.  The Canadian court does not have jurisdiction over such a case, and Canadian lawyers are not authorized to undertake such representation in a US court.

Second, if the lawyers had agreed to take such a case, they would have written to Greg explaining what they would try to do and for whom.  Greg would send a copy of this letter instead of his own vague email. 

Third, the MK-ULTRA evidence cannot be used to prove CIA responsibility for new forms of experiments using entirely different technology today. We have no way of accessing new evidence of responsibility by ourselves or through an attorney or a private investigator.  It can only be accessed by a congressional investigation or by an appointed Independent Prosecutor.  No legitimate attorney would make the false claim that a detective can get such classified evidence.  If the detective could actually do this by some illegal means, he would be subject to severe criminal penalties.

Fourth, the claims of TI's are far too diversified to be lumped together in a class action law suit.  Any attempt to do this would be dismissed by the court.  No legitimate attorney would claim that a class action lawsuit would be an appropriate form of legal action for the TI situation. 

These are only some of the reasons why this letter is an obvious fraud.  TI's lost $27,000 on a similar fraud arranged by Derrick Robinson with a dishonest attorney who was willing to go out front with the false pretense that he could win in court without having any evidence to prove responsibility for harm.  TI's wasted two years on this legal nonsense before the attorney finally withdrew, admitting what I had told him at the start and what I had told Derrick before he hired the attorney -- that there was no evidence to support a case in court. 

It appears that Greg is acting by himself and not with the authorization of any attorneys in trying to do a repeat of Derrick's fraud.  Hopefully, TI's have learned a lesson from their past major mistake in falling for the phony FFCHS litigation.

If Greg wants to maintain his claim of a legitimate offer of litigation, he must produce a letter from these attorneys stating what they will attempt to do.  If he does this, I will then analyze it further.



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