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Addendum to the Previous story


Winterthur, 24th March, 2010

Two weeks ago something very suspicious happened to me. Always I come home from work on the same commuter train  (S-12 from Baden to Winterthur) at the same time (17:15), so it is easy to find me there. I enter the train relatively early (3rd station from the start) and most of the passengers come in later at other stations. On the seat directly in front of me (and facing me) one young woman sat down. Ten or 15 minutes later, tired after a long day of work, I fell sleep. Suddenly I felt a quick, very strong impact into my solar plexus. It was like somebody poked me with a finger (or a pencil). It was too strong and painful to be by accident. I opened my eyes and saw the woman quickly putting away an electronic device into her purse looking like a mobile phone (or rather larger like a Blackberry). What could I do? I am sure it wasn't a physical attack – the train was full of people, some standing perhaps 20-30 cm from us. She would not dare to touch me. Half an hour later, at home, I checked my skin in this area. There was no bruise, not even pink skin. Clearly nobody touched me physically. It was some kind of energy sent into my body. But for what reason?

Editor's note: Even with a packed train, people would not become cognizant of an attack on a Targeted individual because people are not aware of targeted individuals for the most part and are also more interested in their own problems than they are of others.

That evening I had blood in my stool. This does not happen to me at all – it must be connected to the attack. My intuition tells me that somebody tried to kill me. Perhaps the burst of energy can cause veins to break. Perhaps she was aiming at the heart and because of the train moving and shaking she missed.

Please let me know if you have any information about the aforementioned device (weapon). Perhaps I am not the only one who has had this type of “accident.” Any feedback, any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share my experience with everybody. The more people know, the safer I would be. Also, the more people who know, the lower the probability that the “Blackberry” will be used again.


Sincerely yours,

Andrzej Suda
Guggenbühlstrasse 2
8404 Winterthur



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