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Gang-Stalking in America

By Sadie Judge

Living as a victim of a particularly terrifying crime has completely changed my life. It's like looking through a mirror and seeing the old world still going on but unable to get in it or access it. Add to this the fact that the detection of the crime is almost impossible, and you have the perfect illegal act happening to millions of citizens on a daily basis.

What is this criminal act that's so deadly that it can actually occur right in front of non-victims without them being aware of it? It's the latest invisible crime called Gang-stalking, Multi-stalking, 24-hour stalking, Organized-stalking etc. Whatever its name it is the same terror day in and day out for the victims who have been given a life sentence, a slow death of physical and emotional harassment.

If you google the name you will find tons of information on this crime; yet most officials will deny that it exists. An international phenomenon that is taking hold right here in America with a frightening intensity. One that has increased dramatically with the advent of the cell-phone and the computer which has allowed organized stalking groups to be able to "track" their "targets"  more efficiently and expediently.

Sounds like a science fiction movie you saw recently? Well, science fiction is now reality and functioning quite readily in our ordinary daily lives. Who is gang-stalked? Why anyone and everyone meaning the possibility of you becoming the next "target" is real. Why would anyone want to stalk you? Isn't that reserved for persons of importance are the questions most people ask themselves. Well the answer is that just as in our society everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame or success, you also now have the opposite opportunity in  the arena of  what I affectionately call "The Shadow World."

These Organized stalking groups like to pretend they have lofty reasons for tagging you. You have been deemed an unsuitable citizen by their less than moralistic standards. They hide behind groups with names like  Neighborhood Watch or Community Watchdog groups; groups that receive funding from the federal government and private sources. At one time many of us may have supported such groups who seemed to weed out criminals who were put into our neighborhoods such as pedophiles. People we had not  necessarily been completely rehabilitated and needed to be carefully watched. These so called undesirable people would be watched every second and followed everywhere in the neighborhood until they got the message "You're not wanted!"

Now the neighborhood watch group is watching you! Tracking down regular citizens for a lifetime of harassment and torture. Your name has been submitted by an anonymous individual and their identity will never be revealed to you, the target. The information submitted to the group does not even have to be verified. The identifier has perhaps reported that you make too many complaints, you're one of those activist/grassroots people, a whistleblower, a family member/friend of another target or even just to simply get revenge on you because you made the "wrong" person angry. Whatever the reason you were selected,  the offense does not fit the torture that will now be doled out to you for the rest of your life.

One day you wake up and find you're being Gang-stalked. There's no mistaking what is happening to you, but almost impossible for anyone else other than the victim to know what is going on because of the "unseen" methods inflicted on the target. Unidentifiable strangers will now feel free to walk up to you and using a particular everyday action
they've been instructed to play out will then proceed to harass you. The type of actions inflicted on the person will be everyday happenings that we the ordinary citizen witness on a daily basis; a cough, whistle, person jogging, accidental loud noises exactly as you walk by, a flashing cell-phone, and the list goes on and on.

Obviously these type of actions in of themselves are not frightening. However if on a particular day there are 10 strangers who cough as you walk by and this happens everyday then you can start to make the connection of the psychological torture inflicted on a gang-stalking victim. Ten coughs a day mean 70 a week and 280 times a month. This includes the other signals; whistling, loud noises etc being executed on your person on a daily basis. A single gang-stalking victim will be victimized easily thousands of times in a single month's period.

After subjecting you to this type of emotional torture for a period of months you now move into the mental stage called "sensitizing." This means that you will become so overly-conscious of these everyday actions that when anyone does these purposefully or not you will now react. Think of Pavlov's Dog that we all learned about in school.

The persons participating in this very ugly crime do not always comprehend the depths of their actions. They may think it is easy money and they are not really hurting anyone if they cough one time as they walk by an individual. They're just helping to identify a 'criminal" or "bad person" not realizing their single action is multiplied hundreds of times by others and they have simply been told a lie about the person to get their cooperation in helping to destroy and decimate someone's life.

The stalking victim will find it virtually impossible to escape the clutches of its "stalkers." You are identified through cell-phone signals and can be located wherever you are. The number or citizens who participate as "stalkers" is staggering. They are located in every our daily lives. This means your mailman, grocer, doctor, teacher, neighbor etc. will be equipped with a phone that will ring at any time of the day that lets them know that they are in the vicinity of a gang-stalking victim. They will then be given specific instructions of an everyday activity they should then mimmick which has been selectively cultivated for the target they are harassing. The individual then performs their specific action and waits to see who will react. They cough and you automatically cringe which  identifies you to them as the "target." They now also proceed to give you  inferior service or treat you in a manner which is different than the ordinary customer, person. You are on the line and it is moving quickly but once you have been identified as a target and get close to the top of the line the service slows dramatically.

The targeted individual is basically a blacklisted citizen. Yes, Americans in this country of the free our government is keeping a list. Once you have been identified you are on the list for life and you will be punished in political, social, physical, and technological ways that result in a slow death. Thousands of people have committed suicide rather than live this daily hell or became mentally ill because of the harsh unrelenting mental and  psychological punishment.

I myself am a perfect example of how Gang-Stalking can decimate a life in a short time. In my case within one year I found myself homeless, jobless, and living in a shelter.

Since it is virtually impossible to convince anyone the crime is happening you do not get support. If you are able to convince your loved ones and or friends this crime is happening then the terrifying aspects of this crime makes them afraid to be around you and many fear with good reason that they may become the next target.

If you try to work at a job, the harassment makes it difficult to concentrate and work effectively. Since gang-stalkers are just ordinary citizens, this means it is highly possible the co-worker sitting next to you is a gang-stalker. There is no escape.

Well, reader I  know this information is disturbing and scary and I can only encourage you to google "Gang-stalking" on your computer to get all the information about this growing, pervasive crime that our Government and authorities say does not exist. Ask your family members and friends about this crime and see how many victims you actually know but were not aware of their gang-stalking status.

We can only stop organized gang-stalking activities from suffocating our culture and the world by (1) telling our governments that we know it is happening and (2)  empowering ourselves and finding out why this secret crime was allowed to flourish and what real role it plays in today's world.

This position will bring a long time societal ill that has existed for longer than most people realize finally, to an end.



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