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Former Teacher and Banker

By Sadie Judge
September 21, 2009

50 year old woman. I have been a targeted individual for 1-1/2  years. I don't know why I was targeted or who tagged me. Actually I don't even think it's important who tagged me or why. I know enough now to recognize that anyone who would participate in tagging, following, or harrassing people in this horrible manner has to have lost all sense of humanity.

The only thing I  do know is how this evil crime has completely changed my life. I was a teacher for 20 years and a banker for 10 years. I have never not worked and always supported myself. I was known in my family as the "independent one." I was also a very social person and very open to meeting people and experiencing new things.

Due to this crime which basically enslaves you by roping you off from legitimate society, I have become homeless and live in a shelter in New York City. That is how devastating this crime is.

Every single day of my life I am watched, spied upon, harassed and physically tortured by electronic equipment. I am basically a tool to be used by all levels of this "secret organization."  The everyday, low level perps get to harass me, the gangs get to follow me and set up crime around me, the police get to use me and try to frame me, the higher government gets to use me to see how their spying ques work, and ultimately on the highest level I am used to practice mind control and electronic equipment on.

I can't begin to explain what this crime does to your psyche along with the damage to your physical health. You must have a very high spiritual level along with a complete picture of exactly what is happening to "deal" with this daily hell of an existence. This crime against me and millions of other victims is about a new world order that is trying to be established.

I want others to understand that they are the next "target" if they don't stand up now and take action and find out really what is going on in this world.

There is no real help out there in society for me or other victims. I have reached out to almost everyone you are suppose to go to when you are a victim of a crime; police, public advocates, agencies etc but imagine when you find out that the very groups that are suppose to assist you have been infiltrated and offer minimal assistance.

I intuitively know that this Organized Gang-Stalking will not survive much longer. All of its activities go against humanity and universal laws. They will implode and die. This gang-stalking  I am convinced became very out of control with the inception of cell-phones and computers. It made it easier for stalkers to follow and locate you as well as increase the number of people who joined in harassing their fellow citizens. 

I am doing everything in my personal power to expose this crime and these people. I encourage others to do the same and I look forward to the day when we will all live with peace, respect, and love for each other.




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