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Successful Business Woman Bankrupted

Provided by
Paulette Cooper (no. 9)
Paulette has not only been bankrupted but her thriving company was also fraudulently liquidated.

This is one of the properties she owned.
Here is a one-page forensic analysis of her trials and tribulations.
And here’s a list of what she has experienced:
a fraudulent liquidation forced by false accounting, causing losses of £2.5 million
a ‘phantom hearing’
Court Orders as ‘forged instruments’ – used by Richard Savill Liquidator to extort money, stocks and properties from her six properties that she owned in Nottingham were vandalised and tenants driven out incredible violence by an ex-partner forcing her to sign whatever he wanted, in collaboration with accountants and solicitors – including a shotgun in her face Nottingham police ignoring her pleas for help for 12 years Lincolnshire police doing exactly the same 10.5 years later petrol bombing of a van of hers eviction and possession thanks to a ‘mob of 9 on camera her insurance company refusing to cover her because is bankrupt an Insolvency Practitioner purporting to be a Trustee in bankruptcy and taking the rent from her tenants being exploited by four Insolvency Practitioners: Richard Savill – partner in Begbies Traynor Actons solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners Geoff Carlton Kelly of Baker Tilly London CRG Insolvency – Charles Ranby Gorwood, Lincoln & Grimsby.
Here’s the list of individuals and organisations who have contributed to the financial rape of a millionairess, either by fraudulent actions or by not taking responsibility for justice, remedy or compenstion and burying evidence or passing the buck instead:
o Rogers / King (thieves)
o White / Savill (fraudsters)
Local Company
o Davenham Trust plc
Solicitor Firms
o Acton’s Solicitors, Nottingham
o Brown Jacobson, Nottingham
National Insolvency Practitioners
o Baker Tilly
o Charles Ranby-Gorwood
Local Institutions
o Nottinghamshire Police
o Nottinghamshire Police Standards
o Nottingham Official Receivers Office
o Nottingham HMCS Crown Court
o Lincoln Court
o Judge Cooper
National Banks
o NatWest
National Insurance Companies
o Zurich
National Institutions
o Land Registry
o Independent Police Compaints Commission (IPCC)
o Inland Revenue
o Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
o London Metropolitan Police
o Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police
o London City Police
o The Legal Ombudsman
o Office of Fair Trading
o Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
Paulette writes: “I think these are pretty important things which show the extent they go to in order to destroy your life.” She is now worried for her mum and her daughter as the next level of violence the “authorities” may be willing to “rise” to.
Paulette’s case is no. 9 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

Forensic Analysis: Paulette Cooper (PC) – Tel. 01400 231473

1.1999: Fraudulent Liquidation of Mansfield Scaffolding Ltd. (1990 – 1999)
The Process: Ex-partner Rogers and former Contracts Managers King strangled the company’s cash flow (£1 million turnover, £333,000 net profit) by holding back the billing on major jobs, causing £2.5 million losses in 1999. The intent was to re-bill those works for which wages had been paid, through their new companies. £1 million of steel stocks went missing and liquidator Savill only realised £60,000 in the liquidation which he sold on paper to Rogers.

2.1999: Extortion of Properties through Blackmail and false charges
The gang of Rogers, accountant White and solicitors Acton’s colluded to transfer properties to Rogers with the aid of the Land Registry and a false Affidavit. Acton’s Solicitors used forged legal instruments and Nottingham Crown Court was used for a hearing that was never recorded. Rogers used violence, incl. gun, and broke in nine times to steal papers. Notts Police was informed but never investigated. Alan Radford of Browne Jacobson transferred property which had been extorted from Paulette, to Rogers’ new wife, when Rogers died intestate. After discussion with Savill, Radford perpetuated the fraud ensuring she couldn’t recover her properties. White’s company Dobb & White was bankrupted, allegedly to prevent victims from recovering compensation, and White was imprisoned for fraud. Rogers committed suicide and Paulette was advised to recoup properties from his wife. In her words: “they took it in turns to hold me down whilst the other financially raped me.” More on
The Accused:
1.Baker Tilly, Insolvency Practitioners, London were given £10 million for compensation claims, but never paid Paulette. She has a claim as accounting creditor of Dobb & White, but they say that any monies should go to liquidator Savill. They were always aware of Paulette having been defrauded and Savill was party to this since she first made her claim, but still insisted that monies go back to Savill, in order not to have to pay her.
2.Acton’s Solicitors & Insolvency Practitioners, Nottingham, for forging legal instruments
3.Richard Savill, Insolvency Practitioner, now a partner in Begbies Traynor, for committing fraud
4.Savill instructed Paulette to go to Sentley Wilson, solicitors, now in prison for fraud against miners, in order to sign to convey her property to Rogers and to sign for the sale of her home Inkersall Manor, the proceeds from which went to Savill without Paulette ever seeing a penny
5.David Rice, Nottingham, accountant, for losses from Revenue & Customs
6.Alan Radford of Brown Jacobson Solicitors, Nottingham who executed Rogers’ intestate estate.
7.NatWesst for not releasing bank statements.

3.October 2009: Fraudulent Bankruptcy and Possession based on a non-existing debt
The Process: a non-functioning alarm system was used as a pretext for a non-existent loan or debt which then was used as a reason for bankruptcy and possessing the property of her B&B. Lincoln Court and Halifax (HBOS) refused payment of the ‘warrant fee’ which would have prevented the possession. See Also behind the fraud that White fronted – a Ponzi scheme called Vavassuer, which he as imprisoned for 7.5 years for in 2007/8.
The Accused:
1.Davenham Trust plc who claimed first a hire agreement and then a loan of over £10K when she has never received any goods of any value or any money.
2.Judge D.J.Cooper, for pronouncing bankruptcy without checking the evidence and refusing to give a legal reason for keeping her in the fraudulent bankruptcy, giving her properties to HBOS.
3.Charles Ranby Gorwood, Insolvency Practitioner, Lincoln, oversaw the current bankruptcy, knowing it’s fraudulent, purporting to be Trustee without producing an Appointment as Trustee as required by law.

4.Two insurance claims: totalling £100K
1.Zurich, insurers of Savill, turned claim for £20 million with 11 years loss of earnings into legal case.
2.UGIS has reneged because she started a case without informing them.


Dear Tim

Please find below a form that Paulette was sent by UGIS to submit a claim for legal costs. She thinks it’s worth trying it again, even though somebody claimed she started on it without informing them.

You will see from my A4 summary that the case is not only drawn out over many years, but also includes quite a team of ‘players’. And what is worst: the main culprit killed himself, two are in prison and the key accountancy company has been bankrupted – to avoid paying out compensation for another major fraud that is very well known to us.

What is especially bad for you is that not only two solicitors’ firms but also four insolvency practitioners were acting fraudulently, besides two courts and a judge! So, do you want to go for the ethical fight and find ‘compensation money’ to put it where it is due?

One of the key victims claims that only the culprits should pay for compensation and not the government. But it seems that the government does need to act as the ‘compensator of last resort’!

Viewed from the monetary angle, the government believes it needs an ‘austerity budget’ which I have contested here. According to its Coalition Programme, the government wants to take white collar crime seriously and wants to set up a single agency to complain to. I put all this together in 4 pages on Watching White Collar Crime which I also attach. You may want to read that as my ‘policy statement’ of where I want to go with victims under the ‘stable currencies’ umbrella. I am working on four more forensic analyses for presentation to the Ministry of Justice.

The ultimate white collar crime is of course the national debt that we have been contesting ever since the Forum was set up, without calling it that though. Repudiate this lie is about the strongest I’ve read.

I had thought that the Big Society Bank could be used for compensation monies. But since it was announced to become a wholesaler, the time may have come for the suggestion that the money should be provided by the Treasury as M0, i.e. interest-free Cash.

Because Paulette’s case is complex, but I’ve gained a certain degree of insight, I am happy to act as filter between you and Paulette. She is full of all the details you may require, but it does take a while to attribute them to the right action, and even more the right claim! Here’s how she formulated the proposition:

There is as you know a huge loss from 1999 of £2.5 million and in addition 11 years loss of earnings and aggravated damages, all of which combined amount to over £20 million.

I need a solicitor, a barrister and a forensic accountant to present my cases and am willing to give 50% to them of the proceeds (to include all their costs and court costs) if they will do the following utilising insurance cover on costs where appropriate:

1)Get the CRO (Civil Restraining Order) set aside and overturn the current fraudulent bankruptcy caused by Davenham Trust plc, suppliers of faulty alarm system.

2) Take a case against Davenham Trust for a million or so (which would put money into the pot from a 50% - 50% split to help finance the remaining case/s).

3) Pursue my claim and court case to its conclusion against fraudster liquidator Richard Savill and his insurers the Zurich, for my losses and 11 years loss of earnings and aggravated damages which amount to more than £20 million. The proceeds of this would again be split 50% - 50%.

4) Claim against Baker Tilly for them withholding my compensation to the point where I end up bankrupt when they knew full well that I had been defrauded in 1999, that all the so called court documents were false and that the hearing was in fact a phantom hearing, as was the Alan White bankruptcy case! So there should be some serious damages to be claimed there too.

They need to have the services of a forensic accountant, a solicitor and a barrister and an honest judge who is not a member of Lloyds or an underwriter!

£10 million plus is a lot of money for a legal team to earn but it is there for the taking if they can present and pursue the cases and claim properly, which would have to be at their expense as I have obviously been stripped of all my money and assets at this time through these frauds and am subject to the CRO so therefore I cannot represent myself.

Paulette adds that I should go for at least 1% of the net profits that you make from the cases. But let’s get the money on the table before we distribute it, shall we?

It occurs to me that I could ask Professor Prem Sikka at Colchester whether he or one of his students could do the forensic accountancy job. He’s always been most helpful and outspoken in the Guardian.

Looking forward to your comments.
Editor's note: In a private email, Paulette informed me that the medical profession has caused her paralysis. That appears to be the way that she has been targeted.



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