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Success in the ECtHR can be bad for your health.

By Norman Scarth
January 30, 2011

To Mr. John Hemming MP.  (& to whom it SHOULD concern)
Thanks are due to Austin Mitchell for hosting, to Sabine McNeill for organising, to you, the other MPs, Lord Ahmed & Lord Sudely for attending the meeting in House of Commons Committee Room 16 on 25th January 2011.  The 420 mile round trip was made worthwhile for me by one snippet from you (what to do if there has been a ‘breakdown of communication’ with my own MP).    However, please forgive me if I respectfully say that your brief talk on the working of the ’British Legal System’ was superfluous.  No doubt a class of 15 year old school pupils would have learned from it, but you were addressing experts on the subject.   ALL of those present are fully aware of what is SUPPOSED to happen in our courts, but we have vast experience of what happens in reality!   After you told of the route to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) I was hoping to tell you what can happen if you are successful there, as I was (Scarth v UK, case 33745/96). 
Unfortunately, time ran out.  Please allow me to tell you now.  I achieved my success single-handedly, without a lawyer.  Though it concerned only a small civil matter, it brought a vital change in British law, incorporated into the 1998 Human Rights Act.  Not bad for a lad who left school at 13 and, apart from fighting in World War 2 had been a small farmer most of my life?  One might think this would bring some respect from the professionals.  Not so: they do not like ‘trespassers’ on their patch!  Apart from which, the change in British Law brought about by me is much hated by the professionals - & I am hated for it.  
22nd July 1999 was the day on which the ECtHR ruled that I had been the victim of a violation of Article 6 of the Convention.  (It needs to be said here that I had another Application before the ECtHR - MUCH hotter than the one just decided). 
On 8th August 1999, -  JUST 17 DAYS after the ECtHR decision -  there came the first attempt on my life! I was sitting alone at home on a quiet Sunday afternoon, an old man, a WW2 veteran,  doing no harm to anyone. 
Without warning or even the pretence of a lawful excuse there came to my door a mob-handed gang of seven West Yorkshire Police  -  BEING USED AS A PRIVATE ARMY!  They hammered on the door, demanding entry.  Though my head was bursting & my heart pounding (as yours would have been) I defied them & told them they were breaking the law.  They radioed for a battering & riot shields.  The intention was to gain entry & seize the evidence I had for my new ECtHR case, and/or to silence me by fear - a heart attack or a stroke the hoped for outcome.  Few men of my age would not have had one or the other.   Because concerned neighbours had gathered the police did not use the battering ram.  Instead, they laid siege to my home FOR THREE HOURS before backing off, saying “We have decided this is not a police matter”, but adding the sinister words “We’ll be back!”  Those words, & much more, are on tape.  THERE HAS BEEN A NATIONWIDE COVER-UP OF THAT POLICE CRIME, MY MP BEING PARTY TO THE COVER-UP.   With no help from him, will any of you MPs take up this matter?  What you have just read is horror enough, but much worse was to follow.  
During a second attack eleven months later, the police DID smash into my home, & gave me a brutal kicking which put me in hospital.  To cover up THAT police crime, there was a malicious prosecution – for a NON-EXISTANT ‘crime’ & a Kangaroo court ‘trial’, my witnesses & my evidence banned – as were The Press!  Serious perjury was committed to get the conviction wanted.   Others would have been given Probation, Community Service, Suspended Sentence or similar.  For me, a WW2 veteran, for a first ‘offence’ at the age of 75, I was given a sentence to ensure I died in prison – six years, plus four years on extended licence.  Well, in spite of all their efforts in a bewildering number of different prisons, I didn’t die, & after four years (2/3rds of the six) had ‘paid my debt to society’, & was due to walk free.  Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY carted off to a Stalinist ‘Mental Hospital’ (yes, we DO have them in Britain!).  I was NOT a patient, (neither needing nor receiving any treatment), but a captive, just as much as Terry Waite, Brian Keenan, & John McCarthy in Beirut, Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, Ken Bigley, & Margaret Hassan in Iraq.    Though I am neither a criminal nor a lunatic, I never expected to be allowed out alive, but, thanks to an honest psychiatrist (many are not) a miracle happened, & here I am, STILL seeking to expose the corruption which is rampant in our courts.   And STILL the target for physical attack & robbery by thugs acting for those I seek to expose.  
Mr. Hemming,  If my hearing & memory serve me (neither are perfect) you said words to the effect that banking malpractice was not your field, but that you ARE concerned about Judicial Corruption.  If that is indeed so, then you are the man for me, & I am the man for you!  There is cast iron evidence of all the above - & much more besides!   Estranged from the man who is supposed to be my MP mean that I have been effectively without one for the last ten years.  Would you take on that role please?   If it needs the approval of The Speaker, than I will, of course. ask him.

Yours, hopefully,
Norman Scarth. 
PS:  I am also the ONLY man in Britain concerned about crime against the old & vulnerable.  Will you join me in fighting that?  




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