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General Zeevi, Israeli Intelligence Chief, is advisor to General Casey, US Commander

Bush, under advice from his Neo-con handlers, sent US officers to Israel to train with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) to prepare for Iraq. Now we learn the IDF is fighting within our ranks in Iraq. A number of officers are questioning whether we have a fifth column operating behind the lines. There have been too many sophisticated ambushes, and the enemy seems to know every move isolated patrols make.

Editor's note: From another reading, I have learned that the term Fifth Column refers to a group that enters a country to soften it up for invasion.

After Blackwater Security was ambushed twice, they want no part of any Israelis. AIPAC and JINSA advised Bush on suitable Generals for our Iraq invasion, and our troops are paying the price.

Interlocking Relationships Of Washington Zionist

Interlocking relationships of Neocons
An elite group of zionist Jews inter-marry and infest our government. They called themselves Neocons and their sole purpose is directing US policy. Most are dual citizens and none served in the US military. They want to start a draft for women.

Tommy Franks

What was Tommy Franks doing there?
Franks is a second-generation grandson of Russian Jews. He is a staunch Zionist who oked the looting of the Baghdad museum, barb wiring of villages, snipers, and massive air power.

General Natonski

Gen. Richard F. Natonski, the commander who led the Massacre of Fallujah is a second generation Ukrainian Jew and a rabid Zionist. Gen. Natonski said, "...Fallujah is a cancer. The Muslims use Mosques, and schools, to ambush Marines from. In almost every single mosque, in Fallujah, we've found an arms cache and IED factories."

US Officers trained in Israel

Israel set up two mock cities with mosques, and they convinced Marines that mosques were a solid military target.

Marines storm ashore in Gaza

In joint maneuvers, hundreds of US Marines riding hovercrafts stormed ashore the beaches of Nitzanim, Israel. Arab hatred now focuses on the US.

Imbedded Israelis direct most tactics in Iraq

The shooting of journalists, massive bombing of civilians, checkpoint massacres, etc. Abu Ghraib is a carbon copy of the infamous Iszraeli Khiam Prison in southern Lebanon. Snipers shooting children, Fallujah massacre, assassination squads, are also all Israeli trademark techniques. Israelis advise Marines to use bulldozers on houses, to hide the death toll in Fallujah. Identical to Jenin.

800 IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) fought with US Marines

Colonel Ygal Sharon was rumored to be the commander of 800 Israelis in Fallujah. "Americans tend to be naive about the sophistication of Muslim fighters, and were grateful for Israeli partners."

Mossad backs Kurds

There are 60,000 Jews among the Kurd's leaders, and they want an independent state, Kurdistan, which just happens to sit on the world's largest oil deposits.

The leader of the Kurds, is a Jewish billionaire named Massoud Barzani, who has a massive Kurd militia that is funded by the CIA.

Abu Ghrail prison

Israeli psychological warfare operatives, dressed in US military uniforms, controlled the prison and gave orders to American soldiers working in the prison.

The credibility of the American fighting man and woman, has suffered an indelible scar worldwide, thanks to the control that the Israelis were given at Abu Ghraib.

Editor's note: My thanks and appreciation to Dr. Robert John for the preceding which, by the way, is true.




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