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Letter To Deborah Barrie On CCA Wood from Australia

Dear Deborah,

Just thought I would drop you a good news email. My children's school recently sustained some fire damage in the Victorian Bushfires. Fortunately we had already removed all of the CCA from the playground equipment and most of the school grounds. During the fires, a ramped walkway from the carpark to the school, which had CCA treated timber barge boards was completely burnt, left a twisted pile of metal and a lost of ash. The school was closed to students for the next week, but 2 days after the fire, I spoke to the principal, expressing my concerns about the burnt CCA treated timber. Fortunately we had done an audit of CCA in the school grounds some years ago, so were aware of exactly where it was located. The Principal then contacted the contractors in charge of the clean up, the area was surrounded by secure barricades, covered in water to stop the ash flying around, and the ash and a considerable amount of soil was removed. The area was then covered with gravel toppings. The area is still inaccessible, as construction of a new walkway will start shortly. This is just a great story of clear communication and responsive community that I have to share it with you. This can all only happen if communities on the ground have access to information and people. Thanks for the great job you continue to do.

Cheers Linda Fabb

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