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Did You Know?

Spanish Flu

The "Spanish" Flu was started by vaccines given to soldiers at Fort Riley Kansas.
Provided by Pat Aiken in WA state

Barry Seal/George W. Bush/Billy Graham/Leo Wanta/Oliver North/Chip Tatum/Charles Hayes

Though I am somewhat VAGUELY familiar with the role of Leo Wanta/Oliver North/Chip Tatum/Charles Hayes in all of this, I do have first hand knowledge that in another fundraiser, someone blew Barry Seale's Accountant's head off with a shotgun in Texas, after obtaining the pin number, and removed more than $1.5 billion from Barry Seale's personal bank account at Fuji Bank, Cayman Islands, after Barry Seale was murdered. I also know for a fact that Barry Seale's widow Debbie and her two sons did not receive a penny of the $1.5 billion dollars. Just who removed the $1.5 billion? This should be easily tracked down...Governor George W. Bush then rode around in Barry Seale's airplane while he was governor of Texas....Of Course Billy Graham sanctioned all this, because he gave the prayer at Governor Bush's inauguration. From July 25, 2005
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Harry Dexter White

Harry Dexter White is in actuality Harry Dexter Weiss, the man who instigated Bretton Woods, a treason designed to cause the United States to go from the world's largest creditor nation to being the world's largest debtor.  Overnight.  Were Weiss' real loyalties to the US or elsewhere?  Did he perhaps set up America for the economic catastrophe in which we are now involved?  Communists were good at long-range thinking, as are capitalists. 
FDR opened the doors to communist infiltration in Washington city.  The first of three Red Cells established in our USDA in the 1930s was the Ware cell, named for its leader Harold Ware.  It was a small group of Jewish lawyers, planted there to do the bidding of the USSR, not the USA.  During the war many went into temporary agencies like WPB and OPA and such.  After the war they were planted in more meaningful agencies, the new subversions that were created wholesale.  Some became our very first GATT negotiators, trading away our ability to control our own industrial economy with price tariffs.  That was the beginning of the end of American industrial hegemony.  Another well-known member of the Ware cell was Alger Hiss, who, before being jailed for perjury, was the primary author and first Secretary-General of the United Nations.  And then there was Harry Dexter Weiss.  Anyone who would imagine he really represented the US at Bretton Woods is kidding himself.  All these people worked for the USSR, not the USA.  Fulton Lewis, Jr. authored a great pamphlet on this called A GATT IN YOUR RIBS. 
I think we all need to take a good look at the policies of John Maynard Keynes.  The huge frauds like derivatives trading, hedge funds, buying and selling non-existent commodities, massive Dollar creation and distribution as a means of controlling foreign economies must stop immediately.  Banks must be pared back to single institutions, limited in scope to within-county functioning, not allowed to expand beyond county lines, let alone state or national boundaries.  They used to be like this.  Usury should be completely eliminated but perhaps that must wait for our next civilization (along with Exodus 18:21 governmental form).  Money should have no intrinsic value - including being in the form of commodities, or having interest added, or used for any but its sole legitimate purpose as a medium of exchange.  Universal prosperity depends upon the ability of money to flow.  Otherwise it creates divergent classes of people, rich and poor.  The concept of "limited liability" in corporate law must cease, and anything else that promotes irresponsibility and fraud in and out of government. 
So take a look at the policies of Lord Keynes.  There must be a few modern heirs to his thinking in positions of influence.  They must be encouraged to stand up for the survival of our civilization.  Any who oppose, we can do without. 
Provided by Bob Taft


The Menorah is an ISRAELITE symbol, not a Jewish symbol.  The Jews stole it from us in order to pretend to be Israel.  The Pharisees had access to the Temple and the catacombs underneath.  This is probably where they got the geometric shape of the "Tree of Life," from which they made up their phony Cabalistic ritual magic.  This is also where the Knights Templar got the Architecural Wisdom that enabled them to build the Gothic cathedrals.  It was the Knights Templar who built those cathedrals, not the Catholic Church.

Provided by Pastor Eli James

Osama bin Laden

Richard A. Clarke claims that the Saudi royals are crypto-Jews:

Clarke suggests that the Sauds are actually Jews living in Saudi Arabia under complete secrecy and under the cover of being nominally and outwardly Arab. Although it might sound like a contradiction in terms, Clarke also suggests that Osama bin Laden [d. 2001]is a Saudi Arabian Jew. So is Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi Intelligence, Saudi Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, and Bandar's father, the Saudi Minister of Defense, as described in Richard A. Clarke's books, Against All Enemies and The Scorpion's Gate.
 And finally:  At least 2,000 Crypto-Jews live in Saudi Arabia, while the Israeli State PRETENDS that "No Jews are allowed in Saudi Arabia."

Editor's note: This explains a lot as I have always wondered how Osama could carry out the deeds of the CIA as a Muslim since Muslims are peace loving people as opposed to Jews, the leadership of which, are anything but peace loving people.

Lady Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister, was overthrown because she opposed the wilful hand over of British sovereignty to the European Super State designed by the Bilderbergers.

Al Gore, Jr.

Al Gore Jr. is one of the 100 members of The Club of Rome which is the "think tank" founded and controlled by top Committee of 300 member David Rockefeller. It is the Club of Rome which spawned the fraud of "global warming" and the carbon credits cap and trade multi trillion dollar worldwide fraud controlled by the United Nations and pushed by Marxist Al Gore Jr.

Provided by Tim White

Lord Rothschild's Connection to the Trilateral Commission

Charles Ronald Llewelyn Guthrie (Lord Guthrie, Baron Guthrie of Craiglebank), is N.M. Rothschild & Sons representative to the Trilateral Commission.

Provided by

Freemasons and Shriners

Freemasons take an oath to destroy Christianity. They wear red fez hats that symbolize hats formerly dipped in the blood of dead and dying Christians. They also worship many other false gods and goddesses and it is an Arab freemason group that prays to and worships allah.

Shriners are high level masons that definitely know they worship Lucifer.

The History Channel, and all the channels they own, promote freemasonry, a Luciferian organization masquerading as a fraternity, mainly to get ahead in business, and they also try to mask their evildoing with things they do to make themselves look good, such as the shriners' hospitals for burn victims.

Provided by Melissa on an online radio program called The New World Order Disorder on July 29, 2009 in the Chatroom. Part of this is from Cathy Burns' book Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated.

Please tune into Melissa Roxanne's show called New World Order Info on The American network which airs on Mondays from 6 to 8 pm PT. The Web site for The American Voice radio network is


Pasteur was paid to use a faulty model! He was wrong from the start.
Provided by Pat in WA state

Bush and Clinton

Bush-Harriman protege Bill Clinton was brought in to cover for the shutdown of the Iran-Contra investigation before it asked what did George H.W. Bush know about Boland Amendment violations and Mena cocaine and the Arkansas Train Deaths and GHWB's private office phone number with the assassinated CIA drug smuggler and JFK assassination co-pilot Barry Seal, and when did GHWB know it.

Clinton scandals were a dust cloud to permit the shutdown of the Iran-Contra posse, despite boxes of CIA drug smuggling evidence and government agents and investigators standing in line to testify.

In order to manage the Clinton scandals, to keep that fire from burning too hot, the Designing Women TV show had to be taken over. Bill Clinton's brother Roger was brought in to oversee the changes, a new director was inserted, the strategic script was changed to take the focus off of Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers, his mistress.

Apparently as quid pro quo partial repayment for this favor, the Thomassons were given the White House travel agency business.

Provided by Bob Dodds on cia-drugs listserv on May 27, 2007




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