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Auto Pilot and 9/11

By Arden Gifford
March 15, 2009

Ever since the 1970s planes have had autopilots controlled by NORAD after take off and just before landing.

In flight the autopilots are in control and the plane cannot be hijacked at all because the pilot has no Manual override. Do you recall that really frequent hijackings stopped about that time? That is why.

In June 2001, Dick Cheney ordered that the Generals controlling the NORAD function were taken off Command and reassigned. The command came directly from Dick Cheney’s office from June 2001 to October 2001 When it was returned to the generals previously in NORAD control.

The manifests did not have listed the 19 hijackers and they were not on board.

Recall the plane with 9/11 wife of victim was killed. It was in icy weather over Buffalo NY after seeing Obama and Rahm Emanuel, former MOSSAD agent. It was shot down from Canada by Electronic Bursts that disabled the Onboard computers controlling the plane. She was on her way to USA Fitzgerald to prosecute this matter with The DOJ. Too bad, what an “accident” the MOSSAD Zionists got their cover up.

The terroristic attacks that have occurred are not clearly reported by who the terrorists really were.




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