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R I P 911 VICTIM a retired Army Viet-Nam
veteran and Purple Heart recipient

Author Unknown
March 20, 2009

Army Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith, a retired Army Viet-Nam veteran and Purple Heart recipient involved in the oversight of the Army's retirement fund was summoned to a Pentagon meeting on the morning of 9-11-01.

"Truth, like the sun, submits to be obscured-but, like the sun, only for a time." Bovee

I think retired Army Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith might have truth seeking friends in a “veterans for truth” group that might find the following post thought provoking.

Seems a retired Army Viet-Nam veteran and Purple Heart recipient involved in the oversight of the Army's retirement fund was summoned to a Pentagon meeting on the morning of 9-11-01.

Co-incidence? Well --- could be.

Thousands of equally strange coincidences are claimed on 9/11.

BUT There does appear to be a pattern forming. Let's find out eh?

Consider Donald Rumsfeld's unequivocally blunt words the very day before the Pentagon attack that casually mentions GSA audits reveal trillions of Dollars of the Pentagon's budget funded solely by American Tax-Payers dollars cannot be accounted for. (military euphemism for stolen).

At 08:48 am EDT the very next morning Mr. Rumsfeld's shocking words were instantly and conveniently erased from the collective consciousness of these same tax-paying serfs by the monstrous sneak attacks of "faceless cowards and terrorists" targeting innocent citizens including women and children.

Still - A retired Army Viet-Nam veteran Army Lieutenant Colonel Gary Smith the head of the Army retirement program and oversight custodian of the military retirement funds was called to a meeting in the newly renovated and upgraded bomb-proofing segment housing a special unit of Naval intelligence investigations.

Just how many investigations were terminated with all incriminating evidence destroyed on 9/11?

The ATF, SEC, FBI, Secret Service CIA NYC police all had offices in the targeted buildings destroyed on 9/11.

Fortunately for the guilty the investigators had no off-site computer data back-up so most investigations were ceased.

Now we have a meeting of the US ARMY retirement fund head in a secret and super-secure Naval intelligence wing of the Pentagon.

We need to find who called the meeting and the purpose as well as discover the meeting's attendees who perished when the Plastic nosed jumbo-jet penetrated the artillery proof exterior fortress wall.

Ugly question -----

Did the treasonous thieves and crooks that purloined trillions from America's defense also help themselves to the soldiers pension funds on the way out the door?

Were the Pentagon murder victims targeted? Were meeting participants neutralized to eliminate embarrassing questions and terminate troublesome recriminations?

I think an entire cadre of 9/11 truth investigators should be perusing every financial winner and loser to help identify the culprits and the targeted victims.

Editor's note: The financial winners have been exposed. It is in one of my relatively recent editions.

Will the missing trillions of Pentagon dollars investigation
terminate like mysterious American and United airline "Put orders" and the anthrax murder investigations targeting US CONGRESSIONAL members considering passage of the "PATRIOT" Act legislation?

Any friends or co-workers of retired Viet-Nam soldier and 9/11 murder victim, or any good Americans care to step out swinging to avenge Gary Smith's execution with the sword of truth ?

Our country's constitution could use the help. pg.2

Monday, retired Army Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith, 55, was laid to rest at Arlington......

On September 11, Smith, head of the Army's retirement program, was called to a meeting at the Pentagon.

Treason and murder ever kept together, as two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose: Shakespeare




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