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Good News

Court of Appeal for Ernst Zündel Regarding Mail

By Ingrid Rimland Zündel

Good Morning from the Zundelsite -

I am happy to report a victory of sorts pertaining to Ernst's legal struggle against the criminally Judaized judiciary in the so-called Bundesrepublik Deutschland, as it is practiced in Mannheim.

Yesterday, Ernst called me twice and told me that a "Landsgericht" had ruled in his favor - and that the ruling from this Court of Appeal is "sweeping."

As I reported previously, JVA Mannheim prison administration officials, no doubt under the knout of their Zionist masters, have arbitrarily withheld a large portion of Ernst's mail since his arrest and conviction for "defaming the memory of the dead" - this odious, utterly undemocratic statute [§130] that punishes any doubts about the orthodox version of the so-called "Holocaust" with fines and imprisonment for up to five years!

The official reason given for this withholding of mail was that Ernst's friends and supporters around the world - as far away as Burma! - admire and support him as a global Free Speech champion and political dissident idol and praise him for his steadfast stance against the Zionist demand to feel "remorse" and to apologize. According to the perverted standards of the obliging "Bundesrepublik," these letters reinforce Ernst Zundel in his "criminality."

I should also state that many if not most of these letters were never even opened - it was inferred by clairvoyance that they must contain harmful praise, thus sabotaging and preventing Ernst's "rehabilitation" as a "felon" !

Can it get more bizarre?

As far as we know, there are still some 1,700+ letters dating back from the year 2005, and a more recent batch of 185 letters, withheld since his conviction after his Stalinist show trial and conviction. Naturally, Ernst fought this illegal and immoral mail seizure, and now a Court of Appeal has remanded the case back to the local jurisdiction, ordering them to SPECIFY EXACTLY, letter by letter, the reason for this seizure.

What that means is that each letter has to be opened, read, and evaluated IN WRITING as to the "harm" that will come to Ernst through the praise of his friends and supporters for his brave stance of having spoken Truth to Power. What a potential treasure trove for future researchers!

Alternately, they can just hand him his letters.

Our guess is that the ideologically warped Mannheim judiciary will stall - or else, dream up another chicanery. As far as I know, this is the first time ever that it has been documented by a higher court how the beholden system works when it comes to the treatment of Zion's political dissidents. If this seems like an odd and rather smallish victory, consider that no trial transcripts were ever allowed to be made in the German Zundel trials, as is the common practice in Anglo-Saxon courts - and that even defense attorneys stand a chance to go to jail if they submit forensic evidence to prove the vaunted "Holocaust" is nothing but a hoax.

These morally degenerate pests in the corridors of power always operate in the shadows, avoiding paper trails. Now they are ordered to provide one for the record - or else, concede defeat.

Stay tuned.

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