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Ten Reasons Why the Holocaust is a Fraud

By James Buchanan

The Holocaust continues to be a blunt instrument used by the Jewish community to bludgeon anyone, who tries to exercise his free speech in regards to the Jews. We are endlessly told that “everyone knows the Holocaust is real.” Never mind the fact that the Red Cross monitored German concentration camps throughout the war and reported that there was no extermination program against the Jews.

The Holocaust propaganda story is significant today because it smears the German people as mass-murderers. In fact anyone who believes in racial differences, eugenics or restricting immigration from the Third World into White nations is also smeared by the Jews or liberals as a “Nazi” with the implication that the brave individual with the politically incorrect views is “a potential mass-murderer.” Virtually all eugenic sterilization of criminals and the retarded stopped in Western nations since this was seen as too similar to what the Nazis wanted to do.

No one today is allowed to speak the truth about racial differences without fear of massive Jewish persecution. Jewish elders make sure each new generation of Jews believe in the Holocaust as if it were unchallengeable truth. The Jewish elders send out these brainwashed Jews to persecute White people who tell the truth about history or racial differences in the same way Jewish elders sent out brainwashed Jews to murder Jesus Christ and to hunt down the early Christians.

Since no one is allowed to speak publicly and truthfully about racial differences thanks to Jewish oppression, no one is allowed to state the many obvious reasons why Third World people should not be allowed to invade White nations or interbreed with White people.

The Institute of Historical Review has a good discussion of the Holocaust.

The Nuremberg "Court" included the same Communist judge used in Stalin’s infamous 1930s purge trials. There was no due process or any of the protections that someone on trial in the US would enjoy. Inconvenient evidence or testimony was banned. Propaganda and lies were admitted, and the conclusions of this rigged court have distorted history for over 62 years.

It is long overdue that an honest discussion was held concerning the Holocaust, Jewish influence on politics and Jewish suppression of free speech.

Ten Reasons Why the Holocaust is a Fraud

1). The Jewish world population (approx. 16 million) did not significantly change from 1939 to 1945.

2). Jewish propagandists originally wanted to claim 18 million Jews were killed by Nazis. Then dropped the figure to 12 then to 6 million.

3). Three million Jews immigrated to Israel and at least two million Jews to US after WW2. How could this be possible if the Nazis killed six million Jews? (Only five million Jews lived in Nazi-occupied Europe. The Soviets boasted that they evacuated two million Jews before the advancing Germans proving once again the strong ties between Jews and Communism.)

4). Half a million Jews survived the war in Paris despite being occupied by Nazis for four years. There was no deliberate plan to exterminate the Jews. Otherwise this very large, concentrated population of Jews would not have survived the war.

5). The Germans were using Jews as forced labor during WW2. Himmler issued an order to “reduce” the number of inmate deaths at concentration camps so that productivity would not drop off.

6). The top Allied politicians generally avoided mentioning the Holocaust in their memoirs, realizing it to be so much propaganda. If it were a real event, you’d think they would want to discuss it in detail.

7). The Germans discovered a real atrocity at the Katyn Forest. The Communists had mass murdered thousands of Polish prisoners. The Germans called in inspectors from neutral countries and the Red Cross to inspect the atrocity. The Allies never made a similar effort. After World War Two, there were starving inmates at many camps and typhus had killed thousands. This was due to the Allied bombing offensive, which destroyed the German rail industry cutting off food and medicine, but there was no organized mass murder as at Katyn. The Holocaust story was entirely fabricated by the victors after WW2. The Germans were never allowed to defend themselves in an impartial court against this infamous Jewish smear.

8). Two scientists, Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf did a scientific analysis of the so-called gas chambers and found no poison gas residue in the walls. Also the "gas chambers" were not set up with proper venting and seals.

9).The original Holocaust story claimed that four million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. This number was eventually reduced to one million, but the total number of Holocaust victims was kept at six million defying reason.

10. The Jews are notorious liars, who control the mass media and political parties in most White nations. They were the ring-leaders behind Communism and responsible for the real mass-murders committed by the Soviet Union. The Jews use the Holocaust to divert attention away from their excessive political power. Anyone who accuses the Jews of controlling the media or political parties is instantly smeared as an “anti-Semite” with the implication that he is little different from a “mass-murdering Nazi.” This poisonous political atmosphere created by the Jews has done more to suppress free speech than any other act of oppression in Western history. 


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